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  1. Giving up wine for W30

    I shared my train wreck experience on a different post......but it it so pertinent to this thread. I finished my Whole30 on Saturday and proceeded to drink 3 glasses of wine and eat pizza.....long story, but it was in direct correlation to stress from a personal situation with a friend. (Can you say "emotional eating!!!") The next day I felt like crap - not only that I had crashed and burned. But also physically! Woke up with horrible headache + nauseous + yucky. Not the hangover type symptoms, but very different. So, even though I wanted to introduce wine back into my world, I now see it so differently. Wine is now something that makes me feel physically depleted and run down. My heightened awareness received a culture shock. So I'm back on track and going into a new Whole30 to repair my weekend damage. One of my goals this time? To reevalute (again) the role that unhealthy choices plays in my well being.
  2. Day 30 Train Wreck

    Thank you to all!!! Such great support, which I new I could count on when I post my "confession" of my end! I'm back on Day 1 and starting strong. I just keep thinking "I don't want to feel physically yucky after experiencing the great feeling during the last month." Here's to all of us being on the right track! :)
  3. Day 30 Train Wreck

    Oh yea, forgot to say I just poured the rest of the wine down the drain so I'm not tempted tonight.
  4. I LOVED my first Whole30! Yesterday was Day 30. I feel better than I have in years - and achieved pretty good results. Lost 9lbs, 1" off biceps, 2" off "jelly belly", and 1.5" off each thigh. Clothes fitting loose, and I was able to wear a pair of jeans yesterday that I couldn't even zip 3 months ago. Then....I crashed and burned. My emotional eating/drinking demon woke up on the couch and said "are you kidding? You can't hide from me!" I had planned a girls night with my good friend who is a Paleo eating guru. Was planning to enjoy 1 glass of wine as a "i made it" celebration. (should note here....I have planned on staying compliant post Whole30 with only a reintroduction of a small amount of sugar in coffee, and 2 glasses of wine a week). Then....I received a hurtful e-mail from a good friend that is upset with me. I was floored. That on top of a stressful day looking for a dog to add to our family - and I caved. Had 3 glasses of wine, then came home and heated up a piece of cheese pizza that was in the fridge. Ate the pizza standing at my kitchen counter at 9pm then went to bed. This morning, I woke up at 5am, couldn't sleep, feel nauseous and have the worst headache. (Not to mention I feel like I'm doing the "Walk of Shame")! I obviously cannot be trusted to ride my own bike quite yet. Not even with training wheels. So I am going right back into a second Whole30. Can't say I'm extending since I made such stupid choices last night. Bummer.
  5. Commitment = Success!!

    Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing a fantastic journey!
  6. Day 26 and disappointed

    Gskupaka, I forgot to mention that I have the same eczema issue and had it since I was a kid. It got much worse week 2 of my Whole30 and then has cleared up. I suspected it might be a food allergy or sensitivity, I was eating alot of Well Fed's Chocolate Chili because it was my quickie meal "go to". It has fire-roasted tomatoes. So I took tomatoes out of my diet, and the eczema has clear up. Might help you to look at foods that you are consuming in larger quantities during your Whole30, that you might not have been consuming pre-Whole30. If you search "eczema" in the forum - there are some good posts relating to this issue that might help you, too.
  7. I have typed several responses and not posted them - as I want to remain calm and not confrontational. But now, I have to speak out. Those of us that (1) feel that our weight is unhealthy for ourselves, and (2) choose to make weightloss one of many goals in our Whole30 are sharing our own feelings and experiences. Pomme, you feel judged and that we are hitting your triggers by discussing our very personal and painful feelings?? Then don't participate in this thread. It is just like me not wanting to read about cauliflower recipes because I hate cauliflower and it makes me nauseous. You have a choice to participate or not - please don't sling mud as you walk out the door. It's ok. We won't judge you for not wanting to participate. We are all mature adults that have a life full of feelings about health, weight, and body image. We all deserve to have our own feelings. Am I 60lbs overweight? Yes. Does it bother me? Yes. Do I know that my husband doesn't find me attractive anymore? Absolutely. But these are MY feelings. I could care less if anyone else is 60lbs over where they want to be? If you want to say "it's ok to be fat" then do it. I don't even know you or what your concept of "fat" is. I do know that I started a Whole30 because I felt unhealthy, bigger than I wanted to be, and so irritable that I was not being the mother I wanted to be to my children. So I am going to support Suzy, Lauraska, and anyone else on this thread and others that are opening up with some VERY personal feelings. Because I have a choice to stay on a thread, or not. We all have our "triggers" who is anyone to say that my triggers aren't as important as their own? The irony is that you are judging the rest of us. And the moderators have done exactly what they should. We don't need babysitters, here. We are all adults.
  8. I am completing my first Whole30 in a few days. I have LOVED it and plan on staying on plan with the exception of a bit of sweetener in my coffee. I don't want to go back to the high-calorie sugar free non-dairy French creamer that I was consuming at least a 1/4 cup of a day! I love the primal creamer I've been making and just want to add a little sweet to it. Otherwise, no sugar for me. What is best for this? Stevia, Raw Sugar? Thanks for the advice!
  9. Day 26 and disappointed

    Gskupaka, I, too, am on Day 26. I remember a great post in the forum (but can't quite locate it) that said be patient with yourself. You can't slay all of your food related demons at once - or all in 30 days. The fact that you have seen and felt changes is FABULOUS - and you are putting yourself at the top of your list. Each day for the past week, I have gone from euphoric and feeling the next day feeling pudgy like I haven't seen enough results and somehow I have been letting sugar sneak into my food choices. But at the end of the day - I am thrilled that I made it almost 30 days without giving in to cravings and picking up a wine glass (a huge step for me). I'm 5'9" and at the start of this adventure needed to lose 60lbs to be at a healthy weight for me. So I know your struggles! But my body doesn't ache like it used to and I'm sleeping better and I feel fabulous. I'm nervous about Day 31 - but realize it is all in my control. I don't want to go back to feeling the way I did before. Embrace your success and give yourself more time. We are here to support you and feel free to lean on me as we both end our Whole 30!
  10. Sunday Meal Prep / New Recipe Ideas

    I am so excited that Well Fed 2 will be out this Fall!
  11. Sunday Meal Prep / New Recipe Ideas

    Do you have the Well Fed cookbook? I am cooking may way through it and did the Pad Thai on my Sunday cook-off. It is FANTASTIC!!! I added red pepper and will try it with shrimp next time. Heats up beautifully for lunch. Here's the link:
  12. Giving up wine for W30

    Thanks, Ann. That is what I'm afraid of - that slippery slope! I am in the catering business, so I am around wine every single day. It has been easier during my Whole30 because it is an all-or-nothing situation. There is no way I'm going to work so hard to be healthy and have to restart for a glass of wine. But I'm not a great bike rider! And social situations are very tough for me. In fact, I've been staying away from social gathering all together during my Whole30 because it is just not cemented in my body to not indulge quite yet.
  13. Giving up wine for W30

    I'm with Brad, I plan on continuing to keep eating in a whole30 way, but adding back only 3-4 glasses of wine a week and a teaspoon of Stevia in my coffee. Has anyone introduced wine and found that they kept losing weight and feeling great? What I know for sure is that I don't want to go back to feeling sluggish and tired every day.
  14. Dear CAK911, I feel that this thread is very supportive and accepting. Weight is a truly personal matter and I believe each person has their own struggle with their body image, and we should respect that. I don't feel that anyone here (or on this forum as a whole) is putting out blanket statements that being "fat" is bad...we are all commiserating and sharing our feelings about how we feel about our bodies. What "being fat" means to each of us is for us to decide for ourselves. I am on Day 22 and the past 3 weeks has completely changed my outlook for the better. But do I still feel like I'm carrying 50lbs extra weight and I hate it? Yes. Do I still feel unattractive to my husband? Yes. But only I can choose what that means for me. It's not about a number, it is about how I feel about myself.
  15. Dear Suzy, I am amazed I found your post today of all days. I am on Day 21 and I have had no whims to "cheat" until today. I want to go home and eat bad food so badly. Nothing really bad has happened today - I just want to cheat and give up. Even though I feel better than I have in years - and my clothes are a bit looser - I am already worried that the scale won't show as much progress as I am dreaming. So of course, the old me would say "you not going to succeed, so eat a cupcake with a glass of chardonnay anyway!" I think it is because I have only been getting 5-6 hours of sleep - and what a difference it makes. I love that my Whole30 is helping me understand what I need. You post was incredibly inspiring. I printed it so I could put in on my fridge tonight to ward away the eating late demon!