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  1. samalope

    Day 14 and ready to be done

    This approach helped me so much this time around! It helped me relax and feel more in control... if that makes sense.
  2. samalope

    Dark Chocolate Cravings

    I love sugar so when I would start fantasizing about it, I would try to distract myself and find another way to self-sooth rather than focus on the craving. When do you want chocolate the most? Is it after a stressful day at work? Lonely? (That is my case) Look at those situations and be prepared for when they happen. IF I am feeling stressed and want something to comfort me... THEN I will take a hot relaxing bath (maybe with a fancy bath bomb) ...THEN I will take a walk to the park ...THEN I will paint my nails my favorite color ....THEN I will soak my feet and watch an episode of my favorite guilty pleasure The key I have learned is to NOT eat something in place of it. That is just reinforcing that same bad habit of going to food for comfort.
  3. samalope

    What kind of green tea is recommended?

    Yes it is ok to drink According to the ingredients: Green Tea, Natural Lemon Flavour with Other Natural Flavours, Lemon Pieces Green tea does have caffeine in it, but caffeine is ok on Whole30 unless you are avoiding that in addition to the Whole30 guidelines.
  4. samalope

    Compliant Deli Ham

    It looks like the only way to find out Ingredients is to call them according to their website: Their website says there are "sugar free" options but still doesn't list the ingredients unfortunately. Makes me suspicious when even their website conveniently hides the ingredient list.
  5. samalope

    Feeling Discouraged

    There is definitely a learning curve! I know I meal planned really strictly the first Whole30 and I was in and out of the store throughout the week. Eventually you will find there are some easy recipes that you just have stuff for - like Shannon said, frozen stuff is great. One of my go-to items if I am in a hurry is 3 fried eggs + canned green beans and a frozen veggie. Apple Gate All Beef Hotdogs + canned/frozen veggies are also a great go-to meal. You should definitely at least complete the 30 days and evaluate from there. It is an interesting process to look back and reflect upon.
  6. samalope


    It is really up to you if you want to add more time. Also I am pretty sure silicon dioxide and calcium silicate are fine.
  7. I have been kind of curious about this, thinking about life after Whole30 Let's assume that through reintroduction, you didn't notice any real issues with any food group. What should your meal template look like if you want to add those things into your daily life? For example, a slice of bread. Would that be in addition to the suggest meal template of meat, veggies, fat? Keep the same amount of everything else and just kind of tack on whatever you want? What about something like cottage cheese? Would you be able to replace your "fats" with the cottage cheese if it is full fat? What about black beans? Would they replace a serving veggies on the plate?
  8. samalope

    Hot flashes decrease/increase on Whole30...

    I have night sweats because of medication I am taking, and they basically stopped within the first week of Whole30.
  9. samalope

    Intimidated by veggies... some help finding variety

    I MADE SPAGHETTI SQUASH AND MEAT SAUCE! And it was delicious NSV !!!!
  10. SO I know it is bad, but I kind of forget about Easter dinner. Ha! My mom loves making huge amounts of delicious food (could feed a small army for an evening with 10 people) I offered to make a pot roast (with potatoes, celery, carrots) and some green beans with compliant bacon. She said she would also have some fresh fruit for me to enjoy. Do you guys have plans?
  11. I can relate to your post a lot! It is hard to get through the first part of Whole30 for sure. My recommendation is to use this forum's log, too: It is a great way to keep track of what you are eating AND feeling. Also, if you go a through 10 days and still feel terrible, you can go to the troubleshooting forum and ask for help, and link your food log. The mods are great about looking at your food log and saying "Oh, you should definitely be eating more fat!" etc etc You also said you started anxiety medication, when I started taking Lexapro for depression I really did feel ravenous! So I think it could actually effect your appetite. I seem to have gotten used to it over the year or so I've been taking it, so I think that part goes away when you get the full affect of it after a month or so (that is assuming you're on something like Lexapro that takes a month to kick in). Another note: this forum community is great! When you start on April 1, def start a log and meet some fellow Whole30ers who are starting with you I am sure there will be others beginning on that date. They can support you and give you advice, food ideas, inspiration, share their woes and listen to yours. As for the scale... is there a way you can take it to a friend or relatives house for the 30 days? It is so important to focus on how you feel rather than how much you weigh.
  12. So I really haven't had much variety in the veggie department. I am kind of nervous to try something new - what if I put effort or money into making something and it turns out horrible! I've noticed these are the veggies I like and have been eating regularly : broccoli, carrots, green beans, potatoes I also like these raw: carrots, celery, chopped greens (a cabbage, kale, lettuce mix) Green peppers are ok, but only if I don't really notice them or in very small amounts. Some veggies I have tried to like but just can't: sweet potatoes (don't like the flavor), zucchini and squash (the texture and taste bug me) I bought a spaghetti squash last month but never got around to cooking it D: That is something I would really like to try and not be afraid of ruining it I feel like I might be missing out on some nutrients or other healthy benefits... any one have a suggestion to force myself out of my veggie comfort zone?
  13. samalope

    Easter Instant Pot Smoked Ham

    where?? how???
  14. I love this rule for sugar! Most of my binges on sweets come when I am alone. And my husband doesn't like sweets much so there is no excuse with getting him to join me! lol
  15. I wanted to say since I simply stopped eating bananas and upping my water intake the constipation has gone away. Wonderful!