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  1. This week has been the longest year. This is the first time in 9 days that I have had the time alone along with the mental and emotional ability to check in. I am exhausted. I’ve not done a good job caring for me, because all of my energy has been thrusted into taking care of literally everyone. My husband broke his right humorous above the elbow on a Sunday night before Memorial Day. They put him in a splint and sent him home. He literally could do nothing without extreme pain. He needed help getting in and out of bed, getting dressed, even plugging in his phone. On top of that I had
  2. Congratulations on hitting your 30 day goal! That is an awesome accomplishment!
  3. I second what @Brewer5 said. Fat and salt are your friends to help. Even a magnesium supplement can be helpful with the carb flu. Or Epsom salt baths. I am so proud of you for completing day 1. I remember my first round my day 1 meals were sad and lifeless and flavorless, but I began to adapt and explore and stretch myself to reach out to spices rather than processed foods to add flavor and excitement to my meals. You will get there too just keep on keeping on. Just remind yourself that a slip isn’t an option and you are totally worth the effort. You can do hard things, after all
  4. @scoakley13 I currently have a Taco Bell staring me down as I sit in an ER parking lot waiting on the hubby. It’s not even that good but it was always my late night go too, mainly because it was opened and I hate McDonalds and Krystal’s. Sigh I’m not going over there it’s not an option not tonight!
  5. @SchrodingersCat i want to come To the dinner and I am requesting grilled Kangaroo.
  6. Day 9 5/24 - and the hits just keep on coming. When I said we needed to catch a break this is not what I had in mind. 7:15 up with baby. Get our day going. I got his breakfast served up and then we headed to the bathroom to get me ready. Lol he was into everything this morning and a short fuse to boot. I was grateful when hubby got up and took over and I think baby was too. 8:30 M1 - LO sweet potato apple breakfast bake. Probably should have made efforts at having a salad or something but I was doing good to get that down and out the door. I was so excited
  7. @Blueautumn so excited for you! Starting and eating that first compliant meal is a big deal because it takes you over the threshold of “Im going to do this” to “I am doing this.” You have a whole section of cheerleaders here to encourage you every step along the way.
  8. Day 8 5/23 - a much better day 7:10 up with baby. TMI- Oh glorious day I pooped! That helped immensely! I have a lot to get done and need to get out the door, but I’m not skimping on breakfast as that seems to set the tone for the day. 8:00 M1 - LO sweet potato apple breakfast bake, 1c salad greens, 2tbs citrus vinaigrette (mandarin juiced, 1/2 lemon juiced, basil, parsley, splash of balsamic vinegar, olive oil) The breakfast bake heated up lovely in the air fryer, tasted as good as when it was straight out of the oven. I knew I needed some greens but wa
  9. @ShadowInTheKitchen here’s the recipe... oh and cream would be lovely in this as well as a splash of vanilla
  10. Mmmm apples! I love apples, my favorites are pink ladies, honeycrisp, and organic Granny Smiths!
  11. 5/22 Day 7 - pushing through not because I want to, but because I need to. Bleck 6:00 up with baby. Got through his routine and fed him breakfast. Feeling ick my stomach is churning and I have a headache pretty certain it’s hormones. 7:30-8:30 rest 9:00 M1 - banana and lemon epic bar Did not have the stomach to eat but I did try to get something in my stomach before the grocery store run. I made a Hardee’s run for hubby and boys. There was a slight temptation because a plain buttered biscuit sounded like it could make all my ick go away. But I know it wouldn’t.
  12. Day 6 5/21 - I miss sandwiches 7:30 woke up on my own. After getting dressed and going to get baby up I discovered he was already up. My 13DS informed me he had been up since 6:30, but he changed him and fed him and entertained him because he figured I needed the sleep. I’ve got some pretty great boys! 9:00 M1 2 eggs scrambled in clarifies butter with basil and oregano. 2 pieces of NS Bacon. 1/2 c Home fries air fried with garlic powder and paprika. 1c snap peas sautéed in clarified butter seasoned with Montreal steak seasoning. I was still feeling off and my tumm
  13. @ShadowInTheKitchen I use my local grocery store’s brand, Kroger. It’s ingredients are vinegar water mustard seed salt and tumeric. They also make an organic Dijon mustard that is compliant (no wine). I also discovered this week they make a compliant organic deli roast beef. I’m really grateful to discover they offered a lot of compliant options as we live in a small town with no fancy health food store. We have Kroger’s and Walmart and that’s about it.
  14. Yes! This! Numbering days for the days the path was good mentally physically and emotionally. What foods do you feel need more restriction beyond the guidelines of whole 30 to help you achieve the good path? Are the foods outside of the whole 30 that you might consider also to be part of that path for you? I think being able to ask ourselves these questions and answer them honestly and freely is part of that foundation for the food freedom forever where we can live inside a set of regulations that provides us freedom and our best life. I also think the answers may change and we should re-e
  15. @Blueautumn DONT Binge!!! It makes it soooooo much harder. Rather try reframing your mindset. Instead of feeling or thinking like you won’t eat these things for an eternity remind yourself it’s only 30 days and they will be here when I’m finished if I want them. Rather than thinking about all the things you won’t be eating try cruising Pinterest or Instagram for exciting new recipes to try throughout your 30 days. Doing this made me really look forward to this journey rather than dreading it when I did my first round in January. I kept meals simple the first few days until I was like I h
  16. @Brewer5 welcome back to the dark side where there are no cookies. Bwahahahaha. Seriously though welcome back to reclaiming control. I have a question for you to chew on. Now that you have completed 30+ consecutive compliant days (ooh alliteration and I didn’t even try) what does a successful day look like for you. If having a whole 30 compliant day is no longer the goal, so what is? Is it being mindful of every bite, being purposeful in your choices, eating whole clean food (what does that mean to you). These are some thoughts I have personally rolling around in my conscience so maybe w
  17. @Blueautumn I think stress and prego hormones have something to do it with it too. I make my deviled eggs and egg salad pretty much the same only I don’t toss the whites into the mix for the deviled eggs. I just kind of eyeball it but I’ll estimate about the amounts i add 6 eggs 1/4-1/3c of mayo 1 - 2 Tbs spicy brown mustard 1-2 tsp yellow mustard salt and pepper to taste paprika optional chopped bubbies bread and butter pickles. (I don’t include these during a whole 30 because they have sugar) bring pot of water to a boil there should be enough
  18. 5/20 Day 5 - not one of my better days but I survived 6:30 up with alarm baby woke up shortly after me… so much for a quick workout. Get all the boys moving to get out the door. Feel very foggy and like I’m moving at a snails pace. 8:00 M1 - handful of venison jerky (compliant). Apple and 1 Tbs NS almond butter So I was proud of me for getting lunch packed and was really looking forward to it until I realized on the road I forgot my main course! Ugh and my veggies I was going to eat for breakfast was tossed in the back with my lunch. Clearly my head is not on straig
  19. 2/3 of the way through, that is awesome. Keep up the good work!
  20. I find if I’m skimping on the plated fat I get hungry between meals. Good fat has become my friend to help keep me satisfied between meals.
  21. During your journey I would highly recommend Food Freedom Forever book and any of the other Whole 30 books. Also Melissa’s podcast especially the earlier ones really help me unpack a lot of garbage my first whole 30.
  22. @Brewer5 peanuts! It starts and ends with peanuts with some peanuts in between... hmmmm a source of convenience or is it something more okay I’m done horsing around. Revisit your goals set some new ones if need be and give yourself some credit... you didn’t have McDonald’s all day everyday. You didn’t run off with bowl of cookies cackling they’re mine all mine... it could have been so much worse. Give you’re next week some definition what do you want it to really look like? Do you want it to look like a whole 30 with some compliant ingredient treats mixed in, do you want it to look
  23. Day 4 - harnessing the inner toddler 7:15 up with baby although I was conscious probably 20 min prior. I got the baby through his regular routine and fed when my 11DS came out of his room and said mom you look tired, go lay down I’ll keep an eye on the Tasmanian devil. I took him up on his offer. 8:00-9:15 sleep 9:30 M1 - LO 4 deviled eggs, LO no pasta salad, 5 blackberries Baby wanted to try my eggs. He is fascinated with chickens and eggs right now. He climbed into his high chair saying “egg egg egg”. So I offered him a bite and he took a big one and immediately it co
  24. There ya go again getting fancy in the kitchen... seriously you need to have a blog or better yet a you tube channel!