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  1. Success at Sprouts!!! For being such a little store, they had a lot of stuff. I found raw goat cheese for my boy with allergies. He was so excited! I found compliant kielbasa that was pork free so all of us can eat it! Cajun sausage potatoes and green beans is back on the menu. Compliant bacon and compliant deli meat! I even grabbed a couple RX bars to try. I’m Thinking they will come in handy next weekend 5:00 stopped to meat hubby 35 minutes from home to eat and change baby, but the place was way to crowded so hubby decided we should go ahead and drive back to our little town to
  2. 6:10 Up and at em. Another busy work day ahead. Phew I can do this! 7:30 M1: scrambled eggs with garlic powder basil and oregano cooked in coconut oil. Wilted spinach, roma tomato, 1/4 avocado. Tossed it all in a plastic container and had to eat on the road. Mornings are my nemesis, but I determined to see this through. So take that mornings! It feels good to be taking care of me. Also not spending $20-30 at restaurants on days we have to be on the road is a NSV I did not anticipate! Trying not to get anxious about next week. I have to travel with my hubby to help with b
  3. 7:00 hit the ground running. Today was our homeschool tutorial day. I love this day, even so it is a very demanding day. I got lunch packed up and snacks for the boys, books diapers, teaching supplies and even remembered to grab my breakfast. 8:00 M1 eating in the truck LO pineapple pork with Primal Golden BBQ sauce (this stuff is da bomb) apple and almond butter I tutor the younger kids ages 5 to 8 and phew do I get a workout. I keep my class up on their feet and moving while we learn. I think my favorite movement today was blasting off like rockets as we listed the names of so
  4. @heb2014 ah this southern girl feels all that southern love and hospitality! Thank you for taking the time to read it. I so appreciate the support I have found here at the forums, it’s comforting to know that I am not alone in this journey to my metamorphosis.
  5. @Amy_Michigan thank you for your kind words. I’m glad my story has inspired you. Sometimes i take for granted how significant an impact certain events have had in my life both positive and negative. This food experiment has been an amazing opportunity for me to unpack a lot of what has taken place in my life and how food has played a large role in it. Even now I press on toward the mark!
  6. 6:15 rise up and hit the ground running. Welcome back to the bump and grind. Wednesday’s are hard physically and mentally for me. I drive 1 hr and 20 min to the big city to meet with clients all day. It’s a good day just demanding. The boys get to spend their day with grandparents so they look forward to Wednesday’s and are always helpful to get everything done and out the door. I got up 30 min later than planned, darn snooze button. I panicked because I wasn’t going to have time to fix breakfast. As I was packing up lunches I asked myself what advice would you give to someone in my po
  7. I am working like a madwoman today. It’s my busy day. I had only 15 minutes between meetings to eat! Thank goodness for my little workhorse Hot Logic Mini it has my food hot and ready perfectly cooked when I was ready to eat. Put food in plug and go. It heats it up keeps it warm doesn’t overcook or burn. I’ve been using 3-4 times a week for 6 years. I use it for everything from left overs to cooking a meal with fresh or frozen ingredients. It can hold enough food to feed me and my three boys when we are all needing a to go lunch together. All the claims of what it is capable of that t
  8. I have this little workhorse that i have been using at least 3-4 times a week for 6 years to prepare lunches when I’m away from home for meetings, classes, conferences, etc. it’s called the Hot Logic Mini. You put in your left overs and plug it in and it heats it to the perfect temp and keeps it there until you are ready to eat, plus it doesn’t overcook or burn your food. It also does a great job cooking fresh or frozen ingredients into a meal as well. I’ve tossed frozen chicken breast or salmon with frozen veggies and a dressing and had a delicious meal to sit down to at lunch time. No f
  9. Day 7 - The Struggle in the Duldrums 8:00 awake and baby awake. I’m just not feeling with it. Baby is cutting a molar and he is just not feeling it either. I think part of it is my stomach. I think I may be blocked up. I am not hungry, the thought of food makes me want to run and hide. So I am drinking some lemon water while I try to get my bearings on today. 11:00 S1: Granny Smith Apple and Almond butter. I am still not hungry but I figured I should put something in my body before I get to point critical and eat all the things. This was tasty, but I kind of forced it
  10. Ah thank you. I was looking back at my pics and since you said that I’ve noticed they have made into a lot of my pics lately... maybe that should become a thing because they are pretty cute.
  11. Yes I just use my phone. I work on my computer and the last thing I want to be doing in my “free” time is sitting at a computer.
  12. I enjoy cruising through everyone’s log for this very reason, inspiration. It’s fun to see the different recipes and combinations of food people are doing.
  13. Trying to squeeze to much into to little time is me all of the time, it is typically the reason I’m always late. Trying to get all the things done and making kabobs in under an hour had us running out the door with a plate of hot kabobs. Lol my son and I were probably a site chowing down on the kabobs while going to pick up the other son from his class. We thoroughly enjoyed the Asian kabobs, wow were they delicious and messy 2:30 M2: venison and chicken Asian kabobs with peppers onions and cherry tomatoes. Did I mention how amazing these were? https://www.wholekitchensin
  14. @JessFind ha ha I really didn’t mind. This is my thing, not his. So I have no expectations for him to tip toe around me. Just that he doesn’t complain too much when I make the house smell of garlic lol.
  15. Its Day 6 Y’all! Warning I cried writing some of this! 6:40 up and at em! I have to get My 13 yr old son out the door to his class that is an hour away. I got me dressed baby up and pottied and dressed. Helped My 13 DS get his lunch together. I grabbed a banana and my water for a snack to hold me over the until I get home to make breakfast. I know it’s not an ideal snack, but I figure it’s better than going to BK and getting a double croissant sandwich which was my custom a few months ago. Lol oh me! Hubby called just before I was about to turn on our road and asked if I could
  16. Day 5 8:20 - rise and panic! I totally overslept! Baby had himself half undressed and jumping around like a crazy person in his crib laughing and carrying on. What a lovely start to my morning! The scale was left in the middle of the bathroom again. But it’s okay because it lead to an interesting conversation with myself and one of those big ah ha moments. Me: wondering what harm could it do if I just peak at the numbers, I really don’t care either way I’m just curious Also me: self, really! are you really even contemplating the scale? I thought this experiment wasn’t about
  17. In a pinch if I need a quick source of fat to add I just take a spoonful of coconut oil with my meal. Having enough good healthy fat really makes a difference for me in staying full and satisfied until the next meal.
  18. The sun will rise tomorrow on a new day, a new dawn, a fresh start, a day that has not been tainted. It is yours to make of it what you will. Mercies are new in the morning. I believe every “failure” brings us one step closer to success because it is from the fall that we learn the most. Chin up! Tomorrow is new day!
  19. Day 4 cont 12:30 M2: getting ready to go shopping and I know better than to not eat. So I’m feeding baby and me even though I had a late breakfast 1c protein salad with chicken (mayo, apple, carrots, celery) 1/2 cucumber, 1/2 naval orange 1:15 baby was in desperate need for a nap, so if I finished my shopping list and then laid down for 45 min. Got up got baby pottied and diapers in the wash… now to brave the people and go shopping. Finally made it out the door just before 4:00pm… 3 stores in 3 hours with the baby, plus My 17 yr old bonus son. He surprised me by asking if
  20. Confession.... I still haven’t been to the grocery store. I’ve been doing the whole 30 with what I had in the house. It’s almost become a game. However I really really want some salad. So I’m going shopping today, for real for real this time. 7:30 Baby alarm went off. Got him on the potty and then fixed his morning drink and got him settled in so I can work out. 7:45 Exercise: Day 5 45 min - Shoulder Repair Yoga 14 min, Restore Repair Yoga 30 min. I was so sore last night! I soaked for an hour in an epsom salt bath, which helped some, but I wasn’t sure I could make it through
  21. 7:30 M3 grilled chicken breast and baked potato with ghee. that hit the spot! My legs are getting very stiff. Soaking them in Epsom salt bath before bed in hopes they loosen up so I can walk tomorrow. I’m glad to know that little workout did some good, but geesh! i survived day 3! Tomorrow will be a good day!
  22. 4:15 woke up with baby from nap, and I am ravenous! I could eat all the things. OMG dinner time seems so far away. My hubby said eat! It’s close enough to dinner time you should eat if your hungry. Wise words from a wise man. so grabbed the shredded chicken I made earlier this week along with mayo I made, carrot apple celery and a lime. And made a chicken salad. I added some salt and pepper and basil and it wasn’t half bad. 4:45 S1: 1/2c protein chicken salad cucumbers and 1/4 apple sliced. I topped the cucumbers as if they were crackers with my chicken salad and enjoyed the
  23. 7:30 M1 3 eggs with Italian seasoning garlic powder salt and pepper cooked in coconut oil, cucumbers and 1/2 a large naval orange. Surprise a knock on the door delivered a beautiful fruit basket from my hubbys Aunt. There were two non compliant condiments that were put away for later, but the rest was filled with organic apples pears oranges grapefruit along with dried bananas and cranberries. Such a nice pleasant surprise! We got out the door a little late, but the dishes were done! Several roads were flooded so it took even longer than normal to get to the meeting today.
  24. 6:45 rise and shine. I have to be out of the house early today for a meeting. So I’m up extra early to get my exercise and my breakfast in. Totally not me! 7:00 exercise 30 min post natal yoga on beach body. I can tell when it’s nearly done, because that’s the point I want to quit. I made it through with a few minor mods due to my shoulder. Time to get dressed and get breakfast going and lunch for everyone packed.
  25. Ann unfortunately I do not. I used my vita mix blender to make the Mayo. The first go round I had added the 1/4 cup of oil in with the egg and probably didn’t drizzle the rest of the oil slowly enough. After watching a few YouTube videos, I decided to not add any oil in with the egg and added the lemon juice at the beginning as well. After the egg and lemon was mixed I slowly ever so slowly drizzled the oil. It took close to five minutes, but it turned out lovely! Using it for chicken salad today. The grilled pears were delish! I had never made them before. Yes they would be a beau