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  1. @Amy_Michigan when I’m feeling like a need a little extra help in the fiber department I fix a mug of hot water with juice from half a lemon and two tablespoons of chia seed. I let it sit for 5-10 min to let chia seed swell and then enjoy it while I relax with a good book or bubble bath before bed.
  2. RI Day 4(2/3) - compliant day 4:30 am up with sick baby. Had to give him a bath x 2. He finally asleep around 8:30 so I went back to bed. 10:30 awake and really not feeling it today. I put on my big girl britches and got up anyways. Decided to work out while baby was still sleeping. 10:45 exercise: 45 min - 30 min Beachbody post natal yoga; 15 min Natalie Hodson stronger together 12 week week 1 blue 3 circuits 10 reps bicep curl 5lb 10 reps standing row 5lb 10 Counter height push up 10 triceps dips with foot support 60 sec plank on knees I’m glad I worked
  3. @lizziehall thank you for the kind words. I struggle with seeing the improvement over seeing how far I still have to go. But one thing I’m learning is to let it go, focus on my choices and my body will take care of the rest. It wasn’t stepping on the scale, taking measurements, or comparison photos that made the difference, it was my choices and my choices alone! @Emma ah I’m so glad we shared a smile! It was a great day. Today has been harder with the baby being sick, but I’m still smiling! Go figure!
  4. RI 3 (2/2) cont I’ve had a terrific day! I’ve had this smile that just won’t stop. Maybe it’s the gorgeous weather, maybe it’s because I feel good about me, maybe it’s because I feel in control? Whatever the reason it’s good to feel happy. I took all the kids at church to the park across the street during lunch. It was nice to play in the sunshine for a little while. The baby loves being outside. I need to be sure as the weather improves I make it a point to get him outside often, which will get me outside too. The weather also made a good training day with my martial arts stud
  5. I’m so glad my simple message helped! Finding a place you feel wanted and cared for really does make a huge difference in all walks of life!
  6. RI Day 3 (2/2) - Fasting 7:00 rise and shine and get baby up. I didn’t sleep well last night but that is normal with hubby away. Get lunch going for church get breakfast going for boys. Today is my fasting day for personal growth spiritual and physical. I’ve been looking forward to today for spending time with my sacred church family and also for the rest that the new sabbath brings. I love Sundays and being with all my people. I also get to spend time with my mom on Sundays which is nice. I may go skate tonight and that would be fantastic. 8:45 Exercise: 30 min Beachbody Po
  7. @Emma it’s probably more like crazy momma bear blood I do feel 99% better than I have in a few years. Welcome along to this crazy journey. I’m just trying to keep it raw and real. I have learned a lot about myself and have reopened doors to allow further emotional healing through all this food stuff.
  8. RI Day 2 (2/1) - compliant day 8:00 baby alarm went off and I’m up ready to face the day. Got the baby pottied and dressed. My face is looking so much younger and my skin is radiant. It’s a weird concept and feeling as I make my way through the kitchen this morning. I see the chocolate oatmeal cookies and my first reaction is I can’t have those because and I stop myself and tell myself you are an adult you can have anything you want. Then I ask “do you want those right now?” I consider it and say not really because they don’t meet my very immediate and specific goal right
  9. R.I Day 1 - cont 5:45 GF Banana muffin with a little smear of clarified butter and a couple pistachios I was getting hungry and we are in the middle of a big project. So I decided I would give that muffin a try. It was wicked sweet like way too sweet. I savored it. GF and egg free baking always has a heavy moist texture. So definitely not something I would want to have every day. 7:00 that muffin feels super heavy in my stomach and I have a very faint trace of heart burn. 8:54 M2- compliant beef stroganoff over spaghetti squash, mixed green salad w/ ranch and cor
  10. Keep on trucking and I’m with you on not stressing over the gum. My chiropractor once told me it’s not the one piece of cake that will kill you it is the accumulation of all the things all the time over time, but it does all start with the “one little bite won’t hurt me”. Put the piling of info better choices in the NSV list for sure!
  11. Welcome back @Emma I think that is what has struck me the most about this program is the whole 30 reset is there for you whenever you need it. It’s not that you failed some how but that you are looking to buckle up and strengthen those things you’ve already learned about yourself while setting some of your habits back on the course that will effectively and efficiently meet your goals.
  12. The first few days are hardest as you figure out how much food is enough to keep you full and satisfied. Not to mention figuring out which hunger cues are real hunger or thirst or boredom or the sugar dragon. You’ve got this and whole bunch of people on the forums cheering you on. If you like cucumbers I found slicing up a whole cucumber into rounds and eating my chicken salad on top of those helped get a lot more veggies in for me.
  13. R.I. day 31 - cont Gluten Free grains/sugar 9:30 woke up and got baby up and fed. 10:00 exercise- 30 min beach body prenatal baby yoga. 2:00 M1: sweet and sour chicken with onion peppers broccoli pineapple and 1/2c jasmine rice This recipe is amazing! My kids love it. I added steam broccoli at the end after I thickened the sauce. My kids willing eat the broccoli when mixed in the sauce. The rice - it was okay I would have enjoyed it just as much with the the rice cauliflower but it was nic
  14. Reintro (RI) Day 1 - Gluten Free Grains and some sugar (if I eat a banana muffin) The whole 30 has been completed and satisfied. Today begins the re-introduction of the unknown foods. Also the logging of scientific measurements of change as well as an inventory of NSV Whole30 Non-Scale Victories! Physical (outside) Fewer blemishes - my skin on my face neck arms and back have cleared up almost completely including black heads on my nose and chin. I had only on pimple show up on my jaw line during ttom Glowing skin - my face is so soft and feels tighter and looks more youthfu
  15. @lizziehall Yes I do plan on journaling my reintro on the forum. Cheers to us this morning for completing 30 days to reset our health, habits and mentality surrounding foods.
  16. Day 30 cont 1:20 M2: hamburger and fries! Let me explain after all I have made it to day 30 without giving in to cravings or sneaking into the pantry late at night so I figured I was owed an indulgence. I made these delicious thick burgers and sandwich them between some iceberg lettuce “buns” and accompanied it with a thick slice of a beef steak tomato, along with whole 30 compliant mayo and ketchup from recipe stash. I cut up a small potato tossed it in some olive oil, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning
  17. Day 30... someone pinch me! I am shocked that the end of Whole 30 is here, and I’m on the threshold of my Food Freedom! 6:45 up with baby alarm. It was tempting to just change him and go back to bed, but I think I shall stay up and give myself the gift of loving movement (exercise). 7:20 Exercise: 30 min Beach Body Post Natal Yoga. My exercise this morning did not feel as daunting as when I first did that work out at the beginning of the month. I would say that is an NSV. 8:15 M1 - 2 eggs with salt and pepper and basil, cooked in bacon grease, topped with a little W30
  18. Day 29 ... a lot of thoughts and emotions 6:00 rise and shine it’s Wednesday and that means a busy day! I got up 30 minutes earlier then I normally would so I won’t feel rushed with my morning routine. Even though I went to bed way to late I still feel rested and alert. The boys got up willingly and was a big help getting everything out the door. They are excited to see my mom Yani as she’s been out of town for a week. Can I just say I feel terrific today. I’m smiling for no reason and a bit bubbly and overly chatty. “You are so much more than the results of your strug
  19. Most people ask for oil and vinegar but I’m not a huge fan of vinegar to put it on my salad strait. But citrus fruits hit the spot for me. So I’ll ask for lemons, limes, and even oranges if they have them. Even if they don’t have olive oil the citrus fruit helps with the enjoyment of the salad. yes on when the kids love the food. My 11 yr old with the allergies LOVES food, so he’s always up for trying new recipes. When my extremely picky 13 yr old eats the food we know it’s an amazing recipe
  20. Day 28 and I’m feeling great. 5:55 got up changed baby, went back to bed 9:30 baby alarm went off again. It was nice to sleep in a little. Now to get the day going. I made the boys oatmeal for breakfast, and had to be mindful not to taste it to test hotness while I was feeding the baby. 10:00 M1: Pederson sausage links and a mixed green salad with the “chick-fil-a” dipping sauce as a dressing. I intended to make an egg, but ended up being satisfied with the sausage. Getting work done = baby destroying most of the house 4:00 M2: venison sheet pan fajitas. W
  21. Day 27 cont We had to take my hubbys truck to the big city to drop it off for a repair. So we decided to make it a semi date night. Before we left I got dinner made for the boys and got the baby fed. I am finding part of my issue is I put things in my mouth mindlessly. It’s like I’ve been stuck in the Duldrums from the book The Phantom Tollbooth and the Whole 30 is helping me escape by thinking because obviously thinking is what is required to escape the Duldrums. I keep catching myself going to be mindless and I feel like Tock the watch dog is yelling at me “Think! Think! Think!”
  22. Wow yes sounds like you are in need of designing your own reset to really determine the foods giving you such issues. Definitely check out the food freedom book as it teaches you how to create your own reset of if the whole 30 doesn’t work for you and your dietary needs. It even has a section on doing a reset with low FODMAP foods
  23. Day 27... wait did I read that right, how did this go by so fast! 6:00 up and at em. It felt good to go through my morning routine not rushed. My skin is really beginning to shine. A few NSV my pants are very loose. The pregnancy mask is almost completely gone. I notice faint markings still but I doubt any one else will. I have very little redness left in my T-Zone, just some pink near my nose and on the end my cheek bone. Pores are tighter and 80% of the black heads on chin and nose area are cleared up. I only had one raised pimple on my jaw line with the onset of that TOM. Als
  24. Yes on the tastebuds it’s like they woke up from a long slumber. Food is finally interesting again.
  25. Day 26 cont I survived, sort of. The boys ate all the left over roast and I was so slammed with number crunching I didn’t stop to eat. I asked them if there was any food left, their answer was yeah I think there is some of the meat left… I checked and it was microscopic pieces at best. Oh well at least they enjoyed it. 5:00 M2: sirloin steak and steamed broccoli with some olive oil salt and pepper. My hubby picked us up from dropping off my brothers car and asked where I could eat. I picked a place I know we all enjoy. When we sat down and once I had baby settled the hubb