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    Tired on day 27

    thanks @ladyshanny! seems so obvious when you list it out and take stock of everything going on and how it adds up i'll monitor--was planning on extending a few days past january 30th regardless--hopefully i'll feel some of that good old tiger blood show up.
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    Tired on day 27

    Hi guys! I Echoing the above. I'm on day 24 of my 3rd or 4th whole30 (accomplished my first back in 2013). This is the first time I've just felt tired throughout. I can barely keep my eyes open much past 9/10pm, and once I hit the bed, sleep pretty solid (maybe wake up once during the night) until 8am. When the alarm goes off, I cannot rise and shine for the life of me--I still feel groggy and wanting to sleep more. I eat pretty well three times a day and overall feel pretty satiated--there were a couple instances of rogue added sugars to my iced coffee's almond milk (didn't read the labels as close as I thought), but other than that haven't had any major deviations from the plan. Have a couple of hypotheses of what's going on: 1. Got a pretty nasty cold during week one 2. Have an underactive thyroid/Hashimoto's so maybe I need to increase my dosage? (currently waiting to get bloodwork results back--this is work in progress with doctor) 3. Just started my period (I'm on day 2) I welcome any other feedback--usually I'm walking on air at this point but this time around just feel totally wiped out...