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  1. I've been loving this recipe for a light breakfast or lunch! Sounds like it should meet most of your criteria. https://www.lifeisbutadish.com/open-faced-tuna-apple-sandwich/
  2. So tomorrow in my reintro is Gluten Free Grains Day! I am not understanding the deal with oats. As far as I understand, they don't really contain gluten but cross-contamination is so high that they are considered a gluten grain. Which is why people who have celiac don't eat them. Right? But then... If I'm just looking for a few different grains to try tomorrow, shouldn't the gluten which is probably not in the oats be negligible enough? Why is it that all of the oats and oat products I have at home are labelled as "containing oat gluten" instead of "may contain wheat gluten"? (M
  3. A few thoughts as Day 30 is drawing to a close... It seems that the Whole30 wasn't for me. It was a good try. I will go over the NSV checklist tomorrow morning to see what I can find and then do the reintroduction properly. But I'm feeling way less amazing than I would have thought. I wonder if I would do better if I had my stress a little more under control, and I also wonder if I may have a small FODMAP issue after all. But right now I really don't have the energy to try again. Maybe in a few years. Once my reintro is finished, I may go vegetarian for a few weeks. I've really had w
  4. I'm starting my reintroduction in 2 days and I'm trying to understand the quantities I should be eating of the "new foods". The examples given in the book are a little at a time, a few times a day. Does that mean that it shouldn't be the main part of a meal? For example, tofu stir fry is normally one of my go-to dinners, so I just figured I would make it for dinner on Legume Day. Would that be too much soy? Maybe I should reduce the tofu and add some chicken? Also, do people really seriously stick to the "no sugar" rules for the whole reintroduction? I'm thinking I might relax a
  5. So, here we are on day 26. I'm feeling completely normal. Not sick or under the weather in any way, but not mind-blowing amazing tiger blood either. Since I see lots of experienced folks over here, let me go back and tell you a little more about myself and my experience to see if anyone can offer any advice. My normal diet is relatively healthy. I am a huge dairy eater, plus lots of grains and some legumes. I like all things sweet as much as the next person and tend to "need" a little something after a meal or with my coffee, but not in an overboard way. I've literally never bee
  6. Thanks! It was just an attempt to get rid of some leftovers but it turned out quite photogenic I finally succeeded in making good mayo today! I did end up using Mel Joulwan's recipe as well and it's kind of mind blowing when it works. I used EVOO even though they say not to and when I tasted it I understood why. I just didn't feel like buying another bottle of oil until I was sure it would work (I don't know what the case is in the US but here you really can't find olive oil that's not extra virgin. Afterwards I went and bought a bottle of light-tasting EVOO so I hope that will work bette
  7. Wow, thanks so much for the advice! I will check it all out! I never heard of golden milk but it sounds great! I may actually give it a try. Do you have a good recipe? I did make a batch of egg muffins to have on hand and they turned out rather unappealing. They are still stashed in my freezer for when I need some extra protein. I did manage to fix some of the bad batch with an immersion blender but I haven't made more because I haven't needed it. I will definitely try again with the immersion blender even though I don't really understand why that's better than a regular b
  8. This was actually really insightful, thanks for sharing! I'm on day 16 and I ate generally well pre-W30 (though my diet was very different) and I would have thought that I would be feeling AMAZING by now. I'm feeling fine, but just fine. I know that it's too early to judge and I definitely plan on sticking out the 30 days and then doing the basic reintroduction to see if I can pick up on anything. But thanks for helping me understand a possible reason why I feel the way I do. Still looking out for that tiger blood
  9. Update: Day 14 Shabbat #2 was much better than the first. I made an effort to make special yummy compliant food and it was so worth it. One highlight was a recipe for meat-stuffed eggplants that I happened upon in one of my non-Whole30 cookbooks (read: one of my cookbooks that isn't The Whole30) and it is always so exciting to discover a recipe that is just naturally compliant with no modifications required! I also relaxed a little regarding sweet tastes (staying well within the rules of course) for Shabbat only- I had been following @LadyM's advice on that but it was good to have a break
  10. Also, I totally share your frustration about lack of info on the intersection of Judaism and W30 and challah in particular!! I'm thinking I might post something here or elsewhere online about various Jewish/W30 insights when I'm done.
  11. Hi!! I am right there in the same situation! I am in the middle of my first W30 so I can't speak much about the benefits but I eat gluten free oat challah, since it was made pretty clear in the rules that gf is better than regular challah. I would definitely recommend consulting with your Rabbi about the exact minimal amount you need to eat- my Rabbi said I don't need to have Seuda Shlishit so it's only twice. He also told me how to measure a kzayit, which is important because it looks different in different types of bread, especially oat bread. I was pretty stressed out about t
  12. Thanks for this! I needed this reminder, I had a bad headache last night.
  13. So you're saying that maybe what I was feeling wasn't just the feeling of too much fat but rather the feeling of something that wasn't good for me? Interesting, I'll think about it. I am still trying to figure out both the coffee situation and the plated fat situation, it's a lot of trial and error. Thanks!
  14. Funny story: dealing with major food boredom and being sick of leftovers, I combined my leftover chicken soup and Cholent for the most Jewish soup ever. I threw some spiced nuts I made for salad on top and it was great. Still struggling with cravings. Not giving in yet. And that apple juice is still in the fridge.