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  1. Megifl

    What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like

    I do buy these (the W30 approved flavors only) , and promptly cut them in 1/4ths. I'm past my W30 and about 2 weeks into my next W60, but have a to say that when I need that sweet, I have a 1/4 bar and it fits the bill. A whole one is way too much now, (happy to say sugar isn't a demon for me!) but a 1/4th really is an answer. Frozen too, is a great way to store them because it takes longer to eat a 1/4th, satisfying that urge.
  2. Megifl

    Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    So, I used to be a baker for large Embassy events. My brother's birthday was last weekend so I baked 80 cupcakes and a cake for him as he's in an assisted living facility. I'm on day 28, passed the cravings, etc., and wanted to say this... I was mixing the last bowl of mix and admit I was using a boxed mix (it was 8pm already) and a bit splashed up and hit my lip when I leaned over to multitask. I swear it tasted like metal. Remember when your fork got near your silver tooth filling (if you're old like me!) ? It was that taste. I'll never skimp on my baking again nor will I eat a cupcake or frosting.... I can still taste that as I write. Uugghh. Sweets be gone!
  3. Megifl

    Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    Worry not about your kids... They'll eat the food because you can make almost anything you make now, just with different fats... I made stir fry tonight. I ate the stir fry, made additional rice for my husband. He asked if I had ordered in! He made rotisserie Boston butt yesterday, smoked pork chops and fish over the weekend, and more. I make sides. We eat like a royalty. It's not as difficult as you think it will be... Be bold! Success is yours!
  4. Started Jan 24, day my doc said liver at 80% non functioning. She's also on it... Excited week 1, 2 sugar withdrawal days, but now at the end bored so I read the what you do if your bored page. Asked 'what to do with leftover chicken'. Found a stir fry recipe, realized I was almost out of coconut aminos. Now I know what being in withdrawal could be! Immediately ordered more. It's my go to for any leftover protein in fowl or fish category. Easy program overall. So I'll just make it a whole 90. Liver doc is thrilled. Do I need to say more about how happy I am? Lost 10% of my weight per doc request... 20 lbs. As an apple, I've lost 8"off my waist. Shock! I can touch my toes! Many times! In a row! Have always hated water, but now drink a sink full. Happily. My brother's birthday was yesterday. I used to bake for embassies, so I made 80 cupcakes and a regular cake. Not even a twinge of desire.... THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR WRITING UP THIS PROGRAM!!
  5. Megifl

    What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like

    All my leftover veges from the night before are resauteed, l then determine 2 or 3 eggs. But also add 1 homemade pork sausage so usually 2. All good fats, protein and veges for breakfast. And I never felt so good just eating eggs...