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  1. I do buy these (the W30 approved flavors only) , and promptly cut them in 1/4ths. I'm past my W30 and about 2 weeks into my next W60, but have a to say that when I need that sweet, I have a 1/4 bar and it fits the bill. A whole one is way too much now, (happy to say sugar isn't a demon for me!) but a 1/4th really is an answer. Frozen too, is a great way to store them because it takes longer to eat a 1/4th, satisfying that urge.
  2. All my leftover veges from the night before are resauteed, l then determine 2 or 3 eggs. But also add 1 homemade pork sausage so usually 2. All good fats, protein and veges for breakfast. And I never felt so good just eating eggs...