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  1. Physibeth

    Why does this seem so stressful?!

    You might want to try easing back a bit on the fat and upping your protein and non-starchy veggies. Are you snacking because you are hungry or because that is what you are used to? Hungry being you would eat anything...even something boring and bland. If you must eat between meals try to make it a mini meal. Are you using the meal template to compose your meals? The early phases can be rough as this is when our hormones are shifting. It does often (but not always) get worse before it gets better.
  2. You could certainly attempt a vegetarian style "Whole30" which isn't really a true Whole30 because it makes allowances for some off plan foods. I'm not expert on this version of the program. This article might help you with being able to do a proper Whole30: Overall your meal composition looks good though your meal 1 lacks veggies. I try not to eat carby things in the morning because I've found I have better energy and hunger cues if I don't. A post workout meal should be lean protein and some carby veggies - 2 hard boiled eggs has enough fat to delay getting the protein to the muscles. Another suggestion that you might not like - if you are dealing with anxiety and stress and insomnia running might not be the best thing for your body. That kind of cardio can be viewed as stress to your body and just make things worse. As far as the "meat just doesn't agree with me" you can get allergy tests done - some people have allergies to say poultry. However, our bodies are designed to eat meat but not eating meat for a long time makes it hard to start up again because your body has stopped producing the enzymes that break it down. Hope some of this helps...I know its a bit rambly.
  3. Physibeth

    Why does this seem so stressful?!

    Can you give us a better idea of what you have been eating. Based on the one meal you posted I can make a couple of suggestions. I would increase your protein by adding another meat or more eggs. A serving of eggs when it is your only protein is as many whole ones as you can hold in your hand without dropping them - for most that is 3 or 4. I personally find that having starchy vegetables/fruit later in the day vs meal 1 works better for me energy wise. That is something you can experiment with. Everybody is different, hang in there.
  4. Physibeth

    Cooking with wine

    My mother who is allergic to alcohol can definitely back this up. Any dish cooked in any form of alcohol for any length of time makes her bright red and itchy.
  5. Physibeth

    Rabbit poos

    It's very hard to give advice without more details about what you have been eating and drinking. Lots of things can affect his.
  6. Physibeth

    Early Bleeding

    I would go see your doctor. This could be something that just happened to happen at the same time as Whole30...those things happen. Yes Whole30 can mess with your cycle, but that seems a bit extreme. My last Whole30 brought my period about 2 days early after being 3 days late for about 4 months in a row but my cycle length was still the same. I'm not on hormonal birth control though. It's possible your dose may need adjustment or something else is going on completely.
  7. Physibeth


    Have your fixings on top of a lovely salad maybe with some homemade plantain chips. It doesn't have to be hold able to be delicious.
  8. No worries...that is what we are here for. And thanks.
  9. Physibeth

    Protein powders

    I can't see the ingredient list so I can't say if it is compliant from that stand point or not. Here is the official word on protein powder and Whole30:
  10. You've gotten great advice and I have nothing to add. Moving this to the Troubleshooting section of the forum though.
  11. The panic attacks could be food related or related to the after emotion of the reintroduction binge. Regardless my advice would be to hop back on Whole30 until you feel as good as you did on the last day and make a well thought out plan for careful reintroductions. This will help you answer your question in a much more scientific way. You had way more then gluten/wheat in those items so it's hard to know what caused the panic attack.
  12. Physibeth

    2nd whole 30 and gained weight

    From what I've read I think adding the gentle walking can't hurt and if you do it outside on a lovely day can do wonders for your stress level. At 5'5" and 150 lbs I wouldn't be so concerned with weight loss. Change your mind set to fat loss/muscle gain. Lifting heavy weights is important and has all sorts of benefits so definitely keep up with that. For all other activity focus on things you enjoy. I love to dance so I take dance classes. Be gentle with it with bursts of energy from time to time. Does that make sense?
  13. Physibeth

    2nd whole 30 and gained weight

    May I ask how tall you are? Are you giving yourself a full rest day in between weight training sessions (assuming they are full body focused). What specifically are you doing in your sessions? Light cardio or HIIT can help your body use fat for fuel as long as you don't fuel those session with carbs beforehand (which it sounds like you have a handle on). Chronic cardio (like distance running) can be a hindrance to fat loss. Personally I don't give a rat about the number on the scale, I'm more concerned about my body composition and how my clothes fit. Going from 0 exercise to 3-4 strength session a week may make your body freak at first, but if you are training smart change will happen. I teach group fitness so I understand the challenge between under/over training and what balance is best. You need to give it some time though for sure. Enjoy a relaxing walk everyday if you can though and maybe add a HIIT session in once a week for cardiovascular improvements.
  14. Stay the course ladies! I understand so much what you are feeling. Remember the fat on your body is not your identity. It is a condition that you are fighting for your health but it has nothing to do with WHO you are. Focus on internals. Focus on enjoying healthy nourishing food. Focus on having a full enjoyable life. Take a walk in the sun. Dance to your favorite song. Celebrate being alive! I teach group fitness so I totally get the feeling fat...I'll let you in on a secret...every single one of us (down to the most fit people I know) feel this way. Society has trained us to hate our bodies. Don't believe the lie. You are alive! Celebrate the body you are in and what it can do and keep challenging yourself. Little by little, bit by bit, that is how to regain your health.
  15. Physibeth

    Coconut Milk - Do I only use the cream part for the Sunshine Sauce?

    I don't have an answer for you - but I'm moving this topic to a more appropriate section of the forum so hopefully you will get an answer.