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  1. Wow! Can you post a picture?? The majority of the nutrients of the egg are in the yolk. Egg whites are good for post workout meals when you don't want fat but otherwise eat your yolks!
  2. Those are just suggestions. The best thing to do is introduce something you might actually want to eat again though be careful that there are no cross contaminating ingredients. I did sourdough bread for mine because that was what I was interested in.
  3. The point is to test things as isolated from each other as possible. On the flip side if you have an extreme reaction to something you might want to add more than 2 days of compliance before you introduce something again to ensure you are feeling as good as you were when you started. You really want the best data possible so you can make well informed decisions in your post Whole30 world. Also for many that don't have immediate reactions there can be a build up over time reaction. Take me for example. I had no obvious physical issues to anything I introduced (except when I've accidentally had soy - makes me angry). However I know that if I were to put gluten back in my diet on a regular basis I would start feeling foggy in the afternoons again. I also have found out that eating non-gluten grains regularly makes me feel pudgy and sluggish after a while. Knowing these things helps me decide if something I might eat is worth it or not.
  4. Yes that is correct. Just to further clarify on day 4 legumes is the only non-Whole30 item you have. On day 7 alcohol is the only non-Whole30 item you have. In other words you don't have dairy (or legumes or alcohol) again (even if you are fine with it) until all your reintroductions are complete.
  5. So I ignored my poor little scoby (sitting in a good amount of liquid) for too long and it has mold on it now. I really need to toss it and start over. I know the gal that grew and gifted her to me used herbal tea...sounds like this might have helped it mold or is it just that I left it unattended for so long?
  6. I would start with 4 and then see how you feel.
  7. Oh I missed the part about this not being your first Whole30. I didn't do formal reintroductions after my 2nd one, but I also didn't go to a big party in my honor either. Did your other Whole30s mess with your cycle? As for the BC it is a tough call. What I didn't say in my post is knowing what I know now I wish I hadn't done it, but I know plenty of people are fine with it. So hard to know.
  8. Unfortunately this is something really hard to predict. Everyone's body and context is different. I totally feel for you. I got married before I started my real food journey and we had planned to go on the pill anyway and I made sure to start it in such a way that we wouldn't have to worry about such things during the honeymoon. I will also say that eating Whole30/Paleo style the majority of the time is the only thing other than the pill that has made my cycle regular. All that said...I would strongly advise not doing Whole30 all the way up to your wedding day but taking some time before the wedding to reintroduce the things you will be encountered with during your reception. I would hate for you to either not to enjoy your reception by avoiding foods or feel awful during/after because you introduced everything at once. Do the 30 days and then spend the next 15 deciding what will be worth it.
  9. Lots of people eat lots of things other then eggs for their first meal. Anything you want. Stop thinking of breakfast foods and just look at it like another meal. That said I love eggs and I usually eat them every morning. But that is my personal context.
  10. Yes that is your serving. You are better off getting a variety of protein over your meals because different protein sources have different benefits, but I've been known to eat 4 eggs at multiple meals in a day when I'm pressed for time. I don't know the answer on 2 palm-sized portions of eggs. Because eggs have a higher fat content they are quite filling...when I eat them I generally don't need more than 4 but if I eat chicken I often need 1.5-2 palm sized portions. Good questions maybe another mod will chime in too.
  11. It could be. First see how many eggs you can hold in your hand to see how much of a serving 2 eggs is for you. For me it would be half a serving. So if I used 2 eggs and leftover meat I would use at least a palm sized serving of the meat.
  12. Well you are allowed to have 2 servings of protein if you need it. This would be a question for the top dogs in all seriousness. I'd be scared I'd drop one of my very expensive pastured eggs trying to build a pyramid. And my floors are not really clean right now...and I would scoop it up and eat it anyway.
  13. You most certainly can. Also remember that you can't always trust your hunger signals while things adjust. But if you just can't eat anymore saving it and eating it as a mini meal is a great option. Your body will adjust.
  14. I am! I think one more would tip the ship. I remember reading in something Melissa posted that Dallas can hold more eggs when he is very hungry though.
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