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  1. Physibeth

    Mayo help!

    Oops, chopped off the C in my copy and paste, but that is the official word on Canola Oil. You can find brands of mayo that are much better and making it really isn't that hard.
  2. Physibeth

    Mayo help!

    Make sure your avocado oil is clear not green. If it is green your mayo will not turn out well. I use avocado oil for mine when I get someone to get me the good stuff from Costco.
  3. Physibeth

    Failed Mayo 101

    I never bring mine to room temp and I never drizzle oil. A lot of it has to do with your process and how firm you like it. I did note my friend who did the Well Fed mayo process had much thicker than mine, but mine is plenty thick enough for me.
  4. Physibeth

    Failed Mayo 101

    I have a cuisinart stick blender with just a low and high setting. Oil depends on my ability to get to Costco where I buy light Avocado Oil on the cheap. I'll use light tasting olive oil or light walnut oil too. I would recommend starting with light tasting olive oil because it is inexpensive and experiment with other oils when you get the hang of it. Watch the video and measure everything carefully.
  5. Physibeth

    Failed Mayo 101

    Before you give up maybe give this one a try. The only time I've had it fail on me was when I had the blender on too high a setting. You want to use the lowest possible setting.
  6. Physibeth

    Bullet Proof Coffe During Whole30

    Have you seen this thread I posted?'m 5'4" and have small hands and I'm holding 4 large eggs. Plus if I'm understanding your post correctly you are losing the white and just using the yolk so you are getting almost no protein in this. We don't recommend bulletproof coffee as a meal replacement...for best results you want to follow the meal planning template 3 meals a day 4-5 hours apart. It is ultimately up to you...but we are trying to help you get the best results from your Whole30.
  7. Physibeth

    What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like

    Wow! Can you post a picture?? The majority of the nutrients of the egg are in the yolk. Egg whites are good for post workout meals when you don't want fat but otherwise eat your yolks!
  8. Physibeth

    The crazy things people say

    LOL! I really hope you looked at this friend and said with a straight face something like "tasty tasty animals".
  9. Remember that you don't have to eat eggs for breakfast. You can eat anything you would eat for any other meal for breakfast!
  10. Physibeth

    Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule

    Those are just suggestions. The best thing to do is introduce something you might actually want to eat again though be careful that there are no cross contaminating ingredients. I did sourdough bread for mine because that was what I was interested in.
  11. Physibeth


    Can you post a few days of your food intake including serving sizes. Also include water intake, activity level, sleep, and stress. It is very hard to help without knowing specifics of your context.
  12. Physibeth

    Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule

    The point is to test things as isolated from each other as possible. On the flip side if you have an extreme reaction to something you might want to add more than 2 days of compliance before you introduce something again to ensure you are feeling as good as you were when you started. You really want the best data possible so you can make well informed decisions in your post Whole30 world. Also for many that don't have immediate reactions there can be a build up over time reaction. Take me for example. I had no obvious physical issues to anything I introduced (except when I've accidentally had soy - makes me angry). However I know that if I were to put gluten back in my diet on a regular basis I would start feeling foggy in the afternoons again. I also have found out that eating non-gluten grains regularly makes me feel pudgy and sluggish after a while. Knowing these things helps me decide if something I might eat is worth it or not.
  13. Physibeth

    Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule

    Yes that is correct. Just to further clarify on day 4 legumes is the only non-Whole30 item you have. On day 7 alcohol is the only non-Whole30 item you have. In other words you don't have dairy (or legumes or alcohol) again (even if you are fine with it) until all your reintroductions are complete.
  14. Physibeth

    Seattle Whole 30 places

    I don't know any off hand but I've found lots of places with well sourced ingredients (on the Eastside) and I'm sure in Seattle too that make it easier to order to Whole30 standards. Would love to know of any though if others know. There is a paleo food truck in Bellevue I've heard, but not had an opportunity to try it yet.