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  1. Whole 30 and weight loss

    I wonder if portion size could help? Like-still stick to the template but just reduce everything by a little (maybe 10%)? Not so much that you notice and get hungry after 3 hours, but maybe that you get a little hungry after 4-5. I have noticed that I am not always hungry even 5 hours after a meal, so I was thinking that I might be eating just a bit too much. Just a thought. But it sounds like you are doing great. You don't mention if you exercise, but I know that even if my scale doesn't move much, my clothes fit better when I am working out and eating well so that is my gauge rather than the scale.
  2. Tazo Dessert Delights Tea

    The vanilla bean macaron flavor is really good! I add some vanilla nutpods-YUM! Haven't tried the others yet!
  3. Deload month?

    Curious if you kept working out or if not, have you restarted? Any tiger blood yet? I kept working out and always had decent energy but I'm not sure I ever really got tiger blood, and I have not seen anything drastically different/better in my athletic performance...maybe my diet was already pretty good? Idk.
  4. Day 31 - Amazing results!

    That is amazing! Those inches lost are fantastic! Congrats! Now it's a week later, how's it going? I finished on Jan 30 but am still eating almost all whole30...some reintros and a couple of beers...I am nervous about slipping back into old habits (nightly beer or wine, ice cream or something else 4-5 times a week, snacking at work) but I think knowing I can go back to eating like this and it isn't *that* hard is reassuring.
  5. We did it!

    Congrats! You look so happy! It is quite a great feeling to have completed the whole30, isn't it? It's awesome that you have found you don't need that sugary coffee drink! You will save $$ too! Have you started reintroductions? My boyfriend and I finished on Jan 30, and have tried wine, dairy and gluten-grains. Still need to test non-gluten grains and legumes. So far, I think I can eat all of those things, at least in small amounts, without issues, though we are eating whole30 pretty much 100%. We did have a beer the other night, and split a coconut butter cup (OMG so good). We are still working on our food freedom, which is, oddly, actually harder than the whole30 in my opinion
  6. quick breakfast ideas beyond eggs

    Applegate has some compliant hot dogs, both turkey and beef, I have seen them at Whole Foods and Kroger. I'm sorry you can't get the Aidell's (not Applegate) chicken sausages-they are a staple in our house. We get them at Costco but they have them at Kroger and Target and Publix-have you checked your local grocery stores? Maybe you are not in the US..?
  7. quick breakfast ideas beyond eggs

    I love the Aidell's chicken apple sausages and they go well with sauteed greens (spinach is easy and fast) or steamed broccoli. You can make this in less than 10 minutes. I add half an avocado and it's all I need for meal 1. I also usually make a batch of cauliflower rice over the weekend and eat that some mornings as my veg. Compliant turkey hot dogs work too if you can't find the sausages.
  8. Whole30 Ketchup Recipe

    This is the recipe I used over the weekend (Well Fed 2) and it came out very tasty. Only 2 dates, and it makes a lot. 2 tbs apple cider vinegar. 1/2 cup does seem like a lot of vinegar to me. I usually mix it with my homemade mayo and it makes a sauce that is good on almost anything!
  9. I am pretty sure that weight loss is not supposed to be the primary motivation for the whole30, but eating fat and protein will provide you with fuel and should not cause you to gain weight. I agree that you aren't eating enough at your meals. If you are finding that you need a snack to get to lunch or dinner, it means you aren't eating enough fat, most likely. I throw in a quarter to half an avocado with meal 1 and meal 2, and that has helped me to stop being hungry between meals. My favorite veggies in the morning are sauteed greens (spinach, kale) or steamed broccoli. I finished my first w30 in January and am still eating w30 meals (with some reintroduction days) because I love the way the meals make me feel afterwards and throughout the day. I don't have to snack anymore-so liberating! I lost a couple pounds too, and never felt hungry after the first week of learning how much I needed to eat. You have to find the amount of food that keeps you satisfied until the next meal. For me, adding fat was key-don't be afraid of it Good luck!
  10. How bad is it if...

    No expert but I think I have read that a small amount of sugar is 'less bad' than dairy or soy or grains. If you only had a bite, I think you'd be fine to keep going. (I would!)
  11. Making Whole 30 my Whole Forever

    You sound a lot like me! I am reading Food Freedom Forever right now, and it sounds like exactly what you are talking about. Eating mostly really healthy (whole30-ish), indulging on some less-healthy foods/drinks on occasions when you decide it is worth it. I am just a week past my first whole30, still doing slow reintroductions, so I am no expert for sure, but I think the idea is that after you figure out how different foods affect you, you can consciously decide if that burger, or wine, or ice cream (yum, I too, love ice cream) is worth it, even if it has any negative consequences (physical, psychological etc)...and if you decide it is worth it, you enjoy it without regret or remorse, and then go back to eating the things you know make you feel great. I think sugar is a hard one though, it is just so darn tough to stop once you start. But it sounds like you have many good habits, so hopefully that will help. I have not had any 'treats' yet, it almost seems easier for now to say no to it all instead of allowing 'just a little', but this is not sustainable forever. So at some point this month, after my reintros, I will likely encounter something I decide is worth it, and hopefully I'll enjoy it and it won't wake my sugar dragon. Good luck to you (and all of us) on this journey.
  12. Day 2

    Wow that is a rough way to start-I am sorry about your breakup. But I think this journey will help you so much! I just finished on Jan 30 and found it really empowering to be in 100% control of the food I put into my body. I think having some healthy carbs every day (sweet potatoes are my fave) will help with mood and with cravings, at least it does for me. I was hungry in between meals the first week, partly due to getting used to not snacking and partly because I wasn't eating enough fat. Fat (coconut, homemade mayo, avocado etc) is your friend! Just tell yourself you will succeed, no matter what. As we like to say in our house: Do or do not, there is no try (credit to Yoda, maybe?) I think this mindset is important. Good luck! This forum is a great resource!
  13. Best easiest veggies ever

    Yes-try it! I LOVE my spiralizer! I use it mostly for zucchini (easy to spiralize) and sweet potatoes (a bit more challenging due to hardness but still doable), Zucchini I like to have as a cold salad (any dressing works, I like one with almond butter and rice vinegar & sesame oil), and sweet potatoes sauteed w coconut oil or ghee-YUM! Better than french fries. I could never get a carrot to work but want to try cucumber to make a thai-style salad.
  14. Impressive! May have to try this, I spend waaaaay more than 30 minutes on my meal prep, and do not get 10 meals!
  15. Making Whole 30 my Whole Forever

    This is me almost exactly! I am on post day 6...and did a wine reintro on day 1 and dairy on day 4 but otherwise am eating all w30. I have little desire to stop because I feel so great and healthy! But I know I will eventually want to eat a slice of pizza with my kids once in a while, and have some ice cream/wine/chips and salsa etc when I really want. My partner and I are planning to do w30 for the rest of the month (with planned reintros) and then work on our food freedom forever plan. He is still fighting his sugar dragon on a mostly daily basis so I think he needs more time. I have very few cravings for food, my real craving is for someone to cook and clean whole30 meals for me LOL!