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  1. hotwheels

    Energy Balls

    I'm guessing mods will say no. These do not sound like a good idea. They are mainly sugar (dates) and nuts. Both of which are supposed to be limited on whole30. They don't fit into the meal templates either (although they sound tasty lol). Best saved for post w30.
  2. hotwheels

    Compliant Deli Ham

    I have not found any deli ham to be compliant...I looked at a ton of labels. best to stick to turkey and roast beef. Those are easier. Boars Head is not a great brand for whole30.
  3. hotwheels

    Compliment BBQ sauce

    There are no compliant BBQ sauces at my Kroger. I get Tessemae's ketchup and BBQ sauce at Whole Foods.
  4. Good news! I recently found Nutpods (almond and coconut) coffee creamer at 2 of my local Kroger stores. They were in the refrigerated dairy case near the non-dairy creamers. And they are even on sale for $3.00! Yay! I use them in my coffee and sometimes in my tea. I already had a bunch from my last Thrive order but I want them to keep carrying them so I bought more. Hopefully this isn't a repeat, but I couldn't access the search bar to check.
  5. Sounds totally normal to me, I think it is hard to switch the way we think about portions. Sometimes, the whole30 meals I made seemed huge, and previously, I never would have felt so free to eat that much. But when it is all good protein, fat and veggies, you know you can eat it and still not feel gross afterwards. In the beginning, it can be challenging to find the right amount of food that keeps you satisfied for 4-5 hours. It took me a week or so of experimenting to know how much I needed. I realized for me, it was the fat I was missing if I got hungry after 3 hours. Plan on maybe having some hunger in between meal 1 and 2 and again between 2 and 3 and have some compliant options if you need them--you are not supposed to feel hungry. But be wary of snacking too much, even if it's compliant. I had a few nuts between lunch and dinner during my first week but after that I was fine and didn't have a snack after that unless it was a pre or post workout mini-meal (not considered a snack). I go to the store 3-4 times a week because I like having fresh produce and lots of variety but if that's impossible, you could have some frozen veggies on hand in case you run out of fresh. You will eat a lot of veggies! Good luck!
  6. hotwheels

    Alternative to dates as sweetener???

    Yikes! I have seen recipes that used figs or dates. You could try fruit juice for some recipes.
  7. hotwheels

    Rx bars

    I have only had 1 whole one (I had sampled bites of them at Kroger) and I had cramping/bloating I am not a fan. Idk if this is common.
  8. I hear ya-that was the hardest part of whole30 for me, all the prep! It does sort of become less cumbersome as you get used to it, but it is still a lot of work. (And I just noticed that you wrote this a while ago-sorry I just saw it). You are getting so close! I love the produce at TJs. I get the cruciferous crunch (slaw type mix of kale, brussels, cabbage) and it is so good (and easy) to just saute it in some coconut oil or olive oil. They have other bagged salad type things that are good, too-like pre shredded brussels, baby spinach, cauliflower rice, kale etc. I tried the sweet potato ribbons and they were just ok. Not worth the $ for me since I have a spiralizer and I like them better that way. They also sell some TJ brand sausages and a couple are compliant (check labels), I think I have had the spicy italian ones, a nice change from the Aidell's (which I love, too). I get my organic coconut milk there, it's a great price. At Costco, we get the Aidell's sausages, Angus burgers (frozen), and they are actually really good-and easy to heat in a skillet. And there is a frozen vegetable mix (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower) that is pretty good (and a great value). I roast them for 20 min at 450, so easy. The bag is huge and lasts a long time-as long as you can fir it in your freezer! Those are my go-to easy-to-make compliant foods. I tried some of those lists, and yes, sometimes the items are not available anymore, and think what also helped me was just setting aside an hour to wander the aisles and read some labels.
  9. hotwheels

    help with snacks

    I think like purplepadres said, snacking is not encouraged. If you exercise, you can do a small pre-workout (fat and protein) and a post-workout (protein and carbs) mini-meal. The goal is to have meals that keep you satisfied for 4-5 hours in between, so snacking isn't usually necessary. After week 1, my snacking desires went away, but the first week was hard as I was figuring out how much to eat at each meal.
  10. That is a great idea. I do need to work on my own rules. Thanks!
  11. Hey there-I am not a veteran, as I have only done one whole30 (January) but I am totally there with you. I was so happy at the end of January, and then in February with my reintros, staying mostly whole30...and now I feel like I make too many bad decisions (usually alcohol and sweets, most other things don't tempt me). I still eat 90% really well, healthy, etc, and I exercise regularly, but I sometimes don't feel in control of what I am eating/drinking. I am definitely struggling with food freedom, and think I may need another whole30 to get back on track. I was telling my boyfriend that it was easier to be on w30 because the decisions were out of my hands, I just ate compliantly, every day, because that was the rules. Without the rules, I don't feel as much in control. Clearly I need to work on this. So no real advice for you (sorry), but I can offer my sympathy and you are not alone!
  12. hotwheels

    Unintentional cheating

    I had a very similar experience with making a dinner dish for my kids. I was warming alfredo sauce and somehow a drop got on my finger as I was serving it, and I licked it! I realized immediately and spit it out. I say don't be too hard on yourself. Keep going!
  13. hotwheels

    Whole 30 and weight loss

    I wonder if portion size could help? Like-still stick to the template but just reduce everything by a little (maybe 10%)? Not so much that you notice and get hungry after 3 hours, but maybe that you get a little hungry after 4-5. I have noticed that I am not always hungry even 5 hours after a meal, so I was thinking that I might be eating just a bit too much. Just a thought. But it sounds like you are doing great. You don't mention if you exercise, but I know that even if my scale doesn't move much, my clothes fit better when I am working out and eating well so that is my gauge rather than the scale.
  14. hotwheels

    Tazo Dessert Delights Tea

    The vanilla bean macaron flavor is really good! I add some vanilla nutpods-YUM! Haven't tried the others yet!
  15. hotwheels

    Deload month?

    Curious if you kept working out or if not, have you restarted? Any tiger blood yet? I kept working out and always had decent energy but I'm not sure I ever really got tiger blood, and I have not seen anything drastically different/better in my athletic performance...maybe my diet was already pretty good? Idk.