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  1. Glad to see Wole30 approved foods at Walmart. However, some of these bowls only have 180-220 calories per bowl. Would such small servings and low calorie count provide sufficient nutrition?
  2. Hockeygram

    How much reintroduction food?

    Thank you! I was wondering why so much as there was no way I would eat that much dairy in one day. By the way, the reaction to dairy was a very bad one. At least I know now.
  3. Can someone please tell me if when reintroducing a food if it’s necessary to have some form of it with all 3 meals. For example, yogurt with breakfast, cottage cheese with lunch and cheese with dinner. I would never eat dairy with all three meals normally.
  4. Hockeygram

    Cooking wine and sherry

    Is it ok to cook with wine or sherry?