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  1. Starting 2/26/18 - First timer - Can you say determined?

    Hello all! So curious if all of you could stick to the program? I got my Whole 30 book today, yay! It is the '30 day guide to total health and food freedom' book. Hopefully will learn a few things. I'm on day 23 today and feeling good . Lots of energy and less hungry. I have discovered some new recipes and they were all so yummy. @DIversity so good you sticked to the program despite you couldnt have those nice tarts! @Amy Rose what is your breakfast casserole recipe?
  2. Starting 2/26/18 - First timer - Can you say determined?

    @ShannonM816 thanks for the info. I sleep very well. In the evening around 9 my stomach starts to growl, so for me it is my body telling me I'm hungry. But you are right, it is a habit too to eat multiple snacks in the evening. I will try to eat some protein and veggies then before going to bed when I'm hungry. I bought the Whole30 book today online and it will arrive on day 29, so that might be a sign it will help me to go further after these 30 days Anybody some food inspiration for me? Tomorrow is prepping day and I can always use some good recipes!
  3. Starting 2/26/18 - First timer - Can you say determined?

    @jmcbn @DIversity I also found Brenda Heske in Holland, in The Hague! Well, it is day 20 for me today. Still eating whole 30. I must have lost a few pounds in this short time, people are asking me if I lost some weight. I'm struggling these days, thinking about how to go further after the whole 30. I dont want to gain weight, but also dont want to be obsessed about my weight. On the other hand I'm a bit bored by eating like this. I still miss eating a snack in the evening. I'm going to bed hungry most of the nights if I dont eat anything, even after a big dinner. Thinking about buying one or two books about whole30, maybe some more information will help. How are you all doing? Having a good weekend?
  4. Starting 2/26/18 - First timer - Can you say determined?

    @Amy Rose I ate the butter chicken today! Thanks for the idea! Read your article, funny! @DIversity I also wondered why whole30 didnt come to our countries (NL/BE). Paleo is better known, but in shops you dont find any 'paleo stuff', like sugarfree dressing or something like that. But the book 'it start with food' is now translated in Dutch, so maybe that is one of the first steps. I found out about whole 30 myself by visiting American blogs. What about the life after W30? I dont know yet. Well...... definetely chia pudding with mango haha!
  5. Starting 2/26/18 - First timer - Can you say determined?

    Good morning all! Just a short check in. It is day 17 for me and eating whole 30 starts feeling more normal. I mostly like the meals I eat a lot. I dont have craving for snacks or diet coke anymore. I like cooking, so I´m kind a liking all the meal prepping too. Most of the time I dont cook enough, so I have to do the prepping 3 times a week (which is a bit much). I feel I need a lot of ready made food in the fridge or else I wouldnt know what to eat. Letting go of the scale is hard sometimes. I feel good, I look better but I would like to know if I'm still losing weight every week. how is that for the others? Have a nice day!
  6. Starting 2/26/18 - First timer - Can you say determined?

    @DIversity I am the Dutchie here! I live near Rotterdam. Love it that your kids like your food! @SineadMon you are so strong that you are going to continue the program! So many people would stop after eating out of the program and feel like a failure. you rock @Amy Rose Butter chicken sounds lovely, can I have the recipe? And its allowed during this program to be angry about little things. I think thats part of eating less calories and your body has to work hard to burn fat. If you look at it like that, being angry is a good thing I suppose
  7. Starting 2/26/18 - First timer - Can you say determined?

    Hi everyone! How are you all doing? Had a good weekend? Getting used to new eating habits? I'm starting day 15 today. I felt really good and energetic this week and was allmost never hungry. @Wing and a Prayer I recognize there are moments when I dont feel like eating veggies, however when I started eating my meal, that feeling is over. My favourite meal this week was a 'whole 30 gado gado'. It is a meal that contains shortly cooked bean sprouts, green beans, a boiled egg and a piece of boneless chicken that has simmered in water for a short time. Then you make a sauce of a third of a can of coconut milk with a spoonful of almondpaste (add some heat of you like that), cook it until thickened and poor it over the veggies and chicken. O, and i really like a few pieces of baked plantain with it. A yellow/brown plantain, cut in pieces en shortly baked in ghee is so yummy! I ate too much meat yesterday (take-out) and I regretted it immediately after dinner. Felt so blown up and I still feel my stomach is not okay today. Lesson learned, stick with cooking my own meals, they taste better and are proportioned normally. Today is prep day, maybe I'll write again tonight!
  8. Starting 2/26/18 - First timer - Can you say determined?

    Hey everyone! Day 11 is allmost done. My hubby made me an excellent coconut curry with cod and veggies -delicious to taste something different then all those roasted veggies. For lunch I made chiapudding with almondmilk and ate it with mango and a few nuts, that was good too. I am trying to eat less eggs and meat and a bit more fish, shellfish and nuts. Hey @DIversity are you speaking Dutch or French? I see you live in Brussels? I live near Rotterdam. @Amy Rose I'm glad you feel good. So nice to eat that healthy and tasty! and that yoy dont want to kill everything anymore @SineadMon hope your headaches will stay away! O, I have been so grumpy to my husband in thefirst week, so awful. 19 days to go!
  9. Hey all! @MeatEaterYogi I think fish straight from the can is probably the best way to eat them. You might try to eat them with salad, green beans and black olives, like a 'Nicoise salad'. And I think canned fish (especially tuna) is very good in a tomato sauce too, you might eat that with cauliflower rice. Such a bad thing that sugar is put in allmost every kind of meat! Here in Holland all sauces, dressing and prepared meat products they added sugar. Only bacon is okay. I hate that. One other thing you might try for a few days is too stop eating nuts. I think they might be overeaten because they are so yummy. I allow myself to eat only a spoonful of nutbutter every 2 days, to keep that in line. Well, I'm making sweet potatoes for dinner with spinach and beef. Hope everyone will have a good evening!
  10. Starting 2/26/18 - First timer - Can you say determined?

    @Wing and a Prayer is your mom okay? Day 10 started for me. Feel great! Didnt feel like eggs for breakfast so I ate sweet potato and smoked herring. Herring is eaten a lot in Holland, the city I live in is known for the long history of herring-fishing. People like to eat it raw, it is a streetfood snack. In the whole 30 I discovered a smoked herring tastes good for breakfast. @SineadMon yesterday night was the first night I didnt have a lot of cravings. I found a bag of apple crisps in my drawer, but didnt eat it because I didnt need to. The one thing that helped me through the first 10 days is to occasionally eat apple parts dipped in a spoonful of almondbutter. I did it on the days I excercised and tried not to in the days I sat all day. and o my, can an apple taste good when you dont eat sugar at all! I'm off to work people, see ya later!
  11. Starting 2/26/18 - First timer - Can you say determined?

    Hi everyone, I found you I have a fridge full of green leafs too @Wing and a Prayer @SineadMon! Must make something with it to not let it go to waste. Think I will make spinachsoup today or tomorrow, might put some smoked salmon in it. Ooow @Amy Rose guinea pigs are so cute and come in so handy! Its day 9 for me. It was an easy day at work, I prepped a good lunch and had a nice dinner too today. I'm not hungry at all between meals. Being at work is the only time I am not thinking about food. For now, I have to make it through the evening again without snacking. That is the worst habit I really want to get rid off. I hope I wont be eating an apple with almondbutter, because I allmost cant stand this in the evening, although the programs says its better not to eat snacks. How are the others doing?
  12. Morning! i´m on day 9 today. My husband is away for 3 days, so its a bit easier to cook. Yesterday I mixed raw endives through mashed potatoes (let the endives steam until a bit softened). Splash of coconutmilk in it and bits of fried bacon. It is a dish Dutch people like to eat a lot in winter. It will be my dinner for today. Hey @kirbz so good that Red Robin was closed then! I know sometimes in a weak moment a wrong decision is made so fast. Yesterday my son sat next to me eating popcorn and I really had to force myself not to eat a bit of it too. Good that you are still on the road! and that marinade ecipe looks good, I may give it a try. Well, off to work again!
  13. Hi @LisaBaff, good luck at starting today! It is day 8 for me. Still going very well. I'm making delicious steamed veggies with chicken and an almond-coconut sauce today. Looking forward to eating it in an hour or so. I also made mayo this weekend and it was a wonderful dressing on a big salad with baked salmon. Had a nice walk today along the waterside. Hope all the others are still in!
  14. Hi everyone! Wish you all good luck starting today! I love it if you let me now what you ate on your last meal, because I need lots of inspiration! I am on day 8 today, I started one week earlier. Last week was, well........ a bit tough. Motivation was the strongest thing to put me through this. I wasnt really hungry this week , but have to get used to eat no snacks and drink no diet coke in the evening. Thats the hardest one for me. On the other hand, I already notice I lost some weight, I have enough energy to come trough the day and I had no headaches or other physical problems. Well, hope to hear from all of you and we can support each other to come through this!
  15. Really good that you went on! Way to go! Hope this feeling of energy will last for you during the next days!