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  1. @Tclajones I want to "third" Jihanna's post. I'm on my 3 year w30 anniversary this year, and since my w30 I've added back only a few things every now and then and am happy and healthy and fine (though yes, when I do add them back my body doesn't like it much) and all my numbers are pretty much where I want them to be (scale, cholesterol, etc.). I wonder, sometimes, why people choose to "reintroduce" much when they've had such great results - to me it just wasn't worth it to be able to eat XYZ regularly again. It had been such a mystery to me for decades about why I couldn't get control of eating and its effects - having this knowledge now and true control/freedom is something I wouldn't give up for the world. I hope you've been able to sort out a "new normal" that works for you in every way.
  2. Thanks, W30'ers! I'm trying to stay away from frozen meals because it's so hard to find anything that tastes decent (to my post W30 tastebuds). I will rely on my wok and instant pot (we do have a grill so when it's not to windy/cold we can slink out there). We will treat it as an adventure. Thanks for the responses.
  3. Hi, everyone. I did my Whole30 in March of 2018 and have been doing really well ever since, so I'm super happy with the program and life changes and results and everything. Next month we are remodeling our kitchen and I will have nothing but a microwave and an instant pot (and I guess other assorted appliances...hmmm...have electric wok!) and "prepping" on our laundry room counter - for almost 2 months. We will have our refrigerator in the garage. So...this is not exactly a hardship situation, and I'm obviously not doing a Whole30 right now, but I'd love some recommendations or your favorite recipes ideas that are simple, one "pot" (stove not required), minimal prep space required (I can figure out cut up raw vegetables and salad and the usual stuff that I eat when I travel - but those are going to get old fast). I'm not going to let this situation put us into unhealthy eating. You are already being helpful by just being here so I could type this and remember the wok! Ready, go!
  4. Hi, Tasha. I did my W30 almost 18 months ago and I never had any tiger blood either - but I did notice lots of little things that were pretty nice (as you have) - and the good things (and the weight loss) continued for MONTHS after my reintroduction period until I kind of leveled out into a good place maybe 6 months later and have stayed there all this time. We are all different - so if you aren't seeing any negative effects, I'd encourage you to stick it out through the end (yay day 31!) and then listen really closely to what your reintroduction tells you. Gluten makes my joints hurt. Soy makes me a little itchy. Other grains (corn, rice) slow down my digestive system for days. Dairy doesn't seem to be a thing for me. But I only know all of this and can make choices accordingly because I went through the reintroduction phase. So hang in there and enjoy the science experiment part of it, and maybe the benefits will continue to build for you.
  5. EllieHH

    Everything is worth it today

    @HappyBecky I'd love to know how you felt on February 18th. "worth it" is such an in-the-moment thing - I found that eventually i got smarter about my own choices and could think a day or so in the future and tell myself "actually...maybe not so much worth it..." So, just curious now that you are post w30 how you are doing.
  6. I'm a year post w30 now and: - agree on breakfast! my mom asked me the other day "do you still eat kale and eggs for breakfast every day?" and I pretty much do. i remember the early days of my w30 and the "so.many.eggs." moments but now i really miss them - and the kale - if I'm out and have to do something else. travel is the hardest thing - it's tough to get veggies for breakfast in hotels and such (besides potatoes) but getting easier I've found. - agree on coffee and coconut milk (though starbucks coconut milk is sweetened and kind of weird so I do go whole milk latte there - dairy doesn't seem to be a big problem for me personally) - love putting spices in the coffee grounds to make it more interesting - love love love the meal template. every single meal I'm like "veggie, protein, fat? - check" - I mean, how much easier can it get? that is really what keeps me on track, I think. if it's not one of those things, why am I even looking at it? if i am craving something else that's not in that group - i usually just grab a little more of one of those 3 things (protein, veggie, fat) and eat that and get on with my life. did I mention i love the meal template?
  7. EllieHH

    I accidentally Chewed Gum Yesterday!

    I agree with LadyShanny's suggestion - consider just to keep going and note the date and add it on the back end vs. calling it day one again - it's way easier by day 30 to add on 6 more days because you are in a totally different place by then than you are at day 6. I think.
  8. Hi, AC16. I did my W30 in March last year - so...wow, 13 months ago. I have mostly managed to find an equilibrium that works for me - and I guess it's that every day is a new day (actually every meal is a new meal...) - and I've found that really freeing because if I do something "stupid" one night, I know when I wake up I can just eat my kale and eggs and RESTART (vs. letting that "another and another and another" continue). Now granted, you can't do that every day or it's not really the lifestyle we are looking for! I also think the re-introduction period is SUPER IMPORTANT because that is where you actually LEARN and that's where the power of choice gets activated. So if you didn't really do that part (and honestly, I think it continues way after) then be sure you do that this second time. For instance - I have learned that corn tortilla chips and salsa are pretty much my go-to "violation" (corn). Do I eat them sometimes? Yep. And I learned through re-introduction that I'm going to get to be constipated for about 3 days afterwards. After I did that a few times (yeah, I really love chips and salsa) I figured out that #1 there are grain-free tortilla chips (Siete brand) so I try to have those around instead and #2 it gives me something very specific to think about before I decide to grab corn chips. It's not "oh, I know these are bad for me but I really want them..." it's "okay - I know these are going to stop me up for 2-3 days - what am I doing in the next 2-3 days and am I willing to add this discomfort to those experiences?" - that's pretty darn informative and makes it a different internal conversation. But without the full-on re-introduction part of the W30 I would never have figured that out. So, that's a long way around to say maybe that's what you do differently this time. Sending you very good wishes!!!
  9. This IS what you have to learn for yourself - and reprogram what "indulgence" looks/feels like. As far as dealing with your social life, I have found it totally acceptable to my friends for me to say "yeah, I'm not willing to risk this (dramatic hands sliding down the new bod) for that". It gets a laugh because of the dramatic hands slide and is a good reminder to yourself - and moves past the topic. Your friends have seen that you look and feel better and they will get it and move on. I also found new things to drink socially - sparkling water with lime and a splash of your chosen poison may be better because it's so close to sparkling water that you can have one and then go back to just plain sparkling water with citrus without feeling self-sacrificing or looking like you are "switching" to your friends and causing a stir (if this bothers you). Every day is a new day to make better choices - don't let yesterday's bad ones define today's (sort of like the rest of life, huh?)
  10. Here's the wonderful thing about you: you do have the willpower to do it, because you already did it! And I have to agree with ladyshanny (which I find I always do!) - you need the "love" part of tough love. We don't do Whole30's, deep down, because we hate ourselves (though it sure feels like that at the beginning - we hate the way we look and it seems to have worked for other people so...) but because deep down we love our true selves and want them to be able to get out from under all the crap that we've piled onto them over the years/months/weeks. That self is still in there and just dying to get out - so get your crowbar back out and start peeling off the "crap" that is keeping that person that you do truly, deeply love covered up. It's almost Spring, after all :). Best wishes!
  11. Let me tell you - the spaghetti isn't worth it (have attempted this maybe twice in the last 6 months). The yum is in the sauce anyway and for me the gluten in the noodles messes me up for DAYS and I think "why did I do that?" Just do the zoodles and be happy for the rest of your life .