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  1. EllieHH

    The crazy things people say

    I was giggling so much my husband got me to read it out loud and I literally could not do it for laughing. THANK YOU for the fantastic laugh.
  2. EllieHH

    The crazy things people say

    My colleague/girlfriend (who is actually the one who introduced me to W30 which makes this even funnier) said to me recently - "I am so sick of seeing how skinny you have gotten!" I'm sure she means it out of love in there somewhere ;).
  3. EllieHH

    Work meetings and group comfort eating

    I hate to confess that I used to do this at trainings - put out candy for the afternoon sessions. In retrospect (and watching people still do this at almost 100% of the longer meetings I attend) it's almost creepy. Where we got the idea that this was helpful to our teammates and to fostering excellent thinking and collaborative behaviors...it's just sad.
  4. EllieHH

    Gluten Free Humour

    I don't know why that last one got me - but I cannot stop laughing! Seriously. I am a wreck. Someone send help.
  5. EllieHH

    Most important long-term eating habits

    Hi, survivor - I'm sorry no one has replied to you yet! Part of doing the W30 is figuring out, through the reintroduction period, what long-term looks like for you as an individual, so I'm not sure that my habits are will be your habits, but I will tell you anyway! The "meal template" has been the key for me. I mean, it is the essence of simplicity and though I struggle sometimes to get enough veggies when I travel (particularly at breakfast...usually stuck with potatoes) overall it is just the easiest thing in the world. And if I do that, the rest of it kind of takes care of itself because I don't get hungry for a snack or anything (or if I do, I have a "mini-template" snack of a little veggie, little fat, little protein). The worst problem is when the day gets away from me for lunch (I don't do meal planning outside of dinner - I couldn't keep that up!) and occasionally I have skipped having anything when I have not stocked my car or briefcase with an RXbar. I guess the other thing is that I almost never (like twice in the last 8 months) have any sugary anything anymore except some alcohol (I am even pretty limited with fruit). I had a small piece of cake on my birthday and today I tasted two kinds of berry syrup in Costco from one of those demos. On Friday I sat next to a large plate of cookies in a meeting for 3 hours and though they smelled better and better as the day wore on I never considered eating one. I just know it makes me feel like crap (though I never had a sweet tooth before so it's kind of surprising) so it's not something I choose to eat. I also am not obsessive about reading labels for added sugar, but mostly because I don't buy many things that actually have labels anymore, which is really odd because you skip 80% of the store, but it's how we shop now all the time and I know what the "good" stuff is because I ate only that for a month - so I just buy that stuff. I have added back corn and rice every now and then, dairy rarely, legumes even more rarely. I'd say I'm 95% gluten free. Because I pay attention when I do eat them, and I know I'm going to have the effects of them for days, it's a conscious choice to "suffer" for some of those every now and then - but at least I know what's going on and how long it lasts. And once your body chemistry has gotten back to where it can actually self-regulate because you aren't flooding it with various craziness all the time, it can handle the occasional detour without adding back 5lbs overnight (though I still have the "feel like crap" to deal with as my body deals with what I just put in it, poor thing). It's funny, my husband didn't officially do the W30 with me when I did it, and I cannot pry him away from having cereal at breakfast, but otherwise he eats what I eat. He occasionally complains that we "never have any fun anymore" but when I say "okay, let's go get ice cream" he always ultimately says no :). He's down about 15lbs and is very very happy with my results so I think that over time your family will realize this is the new normal and you won't have to "double meal plan". I hope this is helpful somehow and that since you posted this question you have found what food freedom means to you!
  6. Let me tell you - the spaghetti isn't worth it (have attempted this maybe twice in the last 6 months). The yum is in the sauce anyway and for me the gluten in the noodles messes me up for DAYS and I think "why did I do that?" Just do the zoodles and be happy for the rest of your life .
  7. After dinner used to get me too. This is silly, but worked for me, and that was to make some tea. I don't even really like herbal tea, but the process of messing with it was enough to make me feel like something had happened. And I'm talking old school (not keurig) - teapot, boil the water, get out the teabag and cup (pretty cup :)), then steep the tea, etc. I even recommend getting some sort of assortment of tea because it takes a little bit of brainpower to choose which one you "want". More than once the tea sat on the counter and got cold because I'd forgotten about it entirely after getting re-involved with tv or whatever. Just going into the kitchen and doing something that took 10 minutes or so was enough for my brain to feel like "okay, we went into the kitchen and got something" and/or to get past the reflexive feeling that that was supposed to happen. If you actually drink it then that takes even longer. Sometimes I still wanted something but it was easier to say no to after that. It took that a long time to go away for me (and may never fully go away). Hope this helps!
  8. EllieHH

    Post whole30 binge );

    It may be too late to respond before your vacation, but one thing that has worked for me when I REALLY WANT something is to just wait 10-15 minutes. Have a club soda and "fancy" it up like with lime or whatever so you are getting to DO SOMETHING that feels "fun" - and by the time you are done with it you will probably feel differently. If this person is also your BF I would be that you could engage him in helping you NOT do what you just did. I am all about the capital letters today :). It could also be that if this is a ritual you guys used to do together, and now you are doing things differently in your life, there could be some anxiety on someone's part that things won't be the same between you now...so ponder on that and be sure that everyone is getting the non-food-related love reassurance they need too :). Wishing you well!
  9. meant to say rutabaga!
  10. ...you have an agreement with your husband that you will let him know each time you make mayo so he can watch because emulsification is cool. ...you try Amazon subscribe and save for the first time to get coconut milk for $.75 cents less per can than in store ...you are a coconut milk snob and know which brands have the highest cream:water ratio ...you realize how many commercials are about food you do not eat ...you are a little panicked about the cost of replacing your entire wardrobe because it's all getting too big ...you get the jitters from eating two clementines ...the only creature eating sugar at your house is the hummingbirds ...you move from buying a 6 pack of eggs to a dozen to 18 in quick succession ...you drive around for a month with the non-sugar-free Sunbutter you bought, waiting for the store to get in the sugar-free version so you can return the wrong one. ...your husband asks for you to make parsnip ribbons on an ongoing basis ...you have an opinion on rhubarb (who ever ate rhubarb? #veggieventures)
  11. visiting approximately 3% of the available aisles in said grocery stores.
  12. EllieHH

    Tired of saying "moderation won't work for me"

    I only have one thing to add to this discussion, and it's to recommend a chat with your roommate and be honest with her and you guys sort out how you want to talk about food/diets/w30/whatever that will be productive for you both vs. going around this mulberry bush over and over again. And I'm not saying to tell her that moderation doesn't work for you, I'm saying to tell her that every time you bring things up and she says "moderation" it makes you feel terrible and you need her to say something else to you (like "hey, you know you are a rule follower girlfriend - get back on your rules and work it!", or that you guys agree that you are going to talk to someone else about this stuff who gives you what you DO need in that conversation. That's more relationship advice than w30 talk but I hope it helps.
  13. EllieHH

    Looking for direction

    Hi, Tucker - I've only done one w30 and am about 45 days post and still doing well - so this is experiential feedback not official recommendation but here you go! If for the most part you are not going nuts, and it sounds like you are not, a whole7 or something similar seems to be okay for a bit of a restart for your system to test something. It will be different for everyone (it takes me about 4 days to get a slice of pizza literally "out" of my system and the blood chemistry effects may be longer) but I would not think you'd have to do another whole30 to check on just one thing at a time...but again, not an expert here. What I have found is that a re-introduction of foods that are technically non-compliant but not 100% horrible (like cassava chips to get back to being able to eat chips and salsa, but not corn chips) has helped me expand my options a little bit without getting too crazy. I don't worry about sugar in my ingredients (tomato sauce, etc.) but I am very, very judicious with deliberately having dessert or adding any sugar to anything (stuck to unsugared coffee with coconut milk). I tried oatmeal (used to eat it all the time) but it's a no-go for me, alas (or if I decide to have it, I know what the price will be) - same with sushi, which is a tiny tragedy but there you go. All that said, I am also reminded that not everything that happens to us is whole30 or diet related, so look at the rest of your life too. I feel a little achy today - is it because I had garbanzo bean salad yesterday at a party or is it the sangria (with club soda, but still sugar/alcohol!) or is it from moving all our furniture around to accommodate that party - I don't know. What I do know is that getting back 100% whole30 for a few days makes me feel a ton better and ready to "restart" reintroduction of things (or not). Last thought - since you never felt better during your 2nd w30...and the tiredness, etc. continued (were you actually sleeping and still tired, or tossing/turning?). There's also some good info in the books that maybe you need another week or so past 30 if you are dealing with other medical issues - so maybe just get back on and give yourself some more time in compliance-land until you DO feel better. I guess your body is telling you it's not there yet - or that something else is going on. I know that's not much help - but hopefully it's given you a few things to think about and I hope you are able to get to a solution (or have already done so since your post is from February!) with your doctor. - Lou Ellen
  14. Agree with all - stay off the scale - your goal right now is getting your body and brain sorted out and if there is weight that should be lost it will start to come off - trust the program (no, I've never trusted a program before in my life [i'd actually never even done a program]) and it will work out. I don't think I really noticed any changes in my physical appearance until toward the very end, but I'm 6 weeks post my first whole30 now (yes, in these 6 weeks I've sticking mostly to my new way of eating but not actually doing a whole60 or anything like that) and I the goodness just keeps getting good-er. Stick with it! You can do this. And if you can't finish eggs, eat some other protein - there's no such thing as "breakfast food", really. I ate chicken, salmon, even hamburger patties - this morning I had a hot dog (compliant!...actually not enough protein though) and a zucchini and a half and some blueberries. I am a big fan of deviled eggs - gets your fat in there with the w30 mayo and you can put a bunch of mustard in them too so they have some zing...if you can try snacking on protein vs. fruit it may help - fruit just made me hyper and I think I have a pretty sensitive sugar dragon. I'm not sure you are eating enough fat either - get some dressing on those salads :). Hang in there - you are going to be so happy when you are done and see what food freedom is truly like.
  15. One of the things I love about the Whole30 afterlife is that ability to realize that each day is a new day and each meal is a new meal. Just because I made a choice yesterday that was bad for me and that I will pay for it for the next 3 days by feeling meh, I don't need to wait that 3 days to get myself back in order and reset - I can do it with the very next meal. And for me too, rules are great. I have not had a ton of trouble because I just don't think most off plan foods are worth it - or if I do go off plan on something, I don't have to eat a ton of whatever it is to be done with it (and I am always a little bit scared of what it will do to me, which helps). I have also found a few foods that would not be OK on the whole30 - but are better than their really off plan counterparts (Siete cassava chips are in this category for me - they are so close to corn tortilla chips that they totally do it for me, but can turn into a food with no breaks so I am still pretty careful - but for post whole30 life I feel okay about them). When I want to grab something bad, I make an herbal tea (rolling my eyes the whole time at how silly I have to be with myself) but it takes long enough that it lets my brain get over itself...so yes, rules have been good for me. I don't have a drinking rule because I haven't struggled with it yet - but when I would typically be having something at night I will get a champagne glass and put La Croix in it and that little ritualism actually does it for me. You can find what works for your own nuttiness :).