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  1. Just a bit to add...that helps me not "go crazy" both with food and mentally...and that is that every day is a new day to get back on track - but you do need to figure out what "on track" looks like for you first. For me (and this was learned mostly through re-introduction but also in the 3 years since) it means 80-90% W30 eating with OCCASIONAL forays into grains (sushi, or corn), dairy (bite or two of cheese or swig of cold milk), and very, very rarely, gluten (pizza is usually my thing and that's a once-or-twice-a-year deal). I have found that usually one or two bites of something (pay at
  2. I live in a pretty cool-weather place (pacific northwest) so I pretty much have sautéed greens and eggs or bacon every day - or something with cooked vegetables and protein. It's getting HOT here now so I am just curious what the rest of you have for a compliant breakfast when something cold is more appealing. I know many of your live in hotter places so figure there are a lot of options out there my brain is just not coming up with! Thanks in advance.
  3. My gut (no pun intended!) says it depends a little on why you are doing the reset. If it's because you are eating things you learned not to eat during your W30 and that reintroduction...then maybe your reset is just to quit eating that stuff :) so "reintroduction" afterwards will not be a thing because reintroducing those things will put you right back where you are. If you didn't really do a reintroduction the first time then you probably need to start over so you can get that learning, because it does make all the difference. Those are my thoughts but you should see what the rest of the g