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  1. suzannes

    Starting on 3.19.2018 Is Anyone else?

    Thank you so much @Ellenelle for sharing your similar experiences, this is very helpful. Everything you said definitely applies here too. You are right on about the sugar and, sadly, the caffeine. I had cut my coffee to half decaf too, but I need to consider going all decaf. Sugar is evil and it's not pretty to try and slay that dragon for good. I agree that Whole 30 seems like the best way to tackle all of this. Thank you for all the great feedback and tips, I really appreciate it. Best of luck to you too, sounds like you're doing great!
  2. suzannes

    Starting on 3.19.2018 Is Anyone else?

    Hey folks, I'm here from the Starting on 4/1 or 4/2 thread (and all those great folks). I came looking for some ideas about what others are experiencing. I'm on Day 11 now and still struggling with fatigue and bad sleep. I came into this with a relatively healthy diet but way too many sugars and simple carbs, so the sugar withdrawal and carb flu has been intense. I love the Whole 30 plan, its simplicity and strict guidelines, which I think is very helpful for killing off my evil sugar dragon. But I really wish my energy would return. I've kept at my active workout and life activities, but it's pretty hard/grueling. Any others have tips or just give me a glimmer of hope? Thanks!
  3. suzannes

    What to Expect Calendar (Symptoms)

    Agreed...but I also found the expectations "calendar" pretty funny, in a slightly snarky dark way. It made me laugh and also a bit comforted knowing that other folks have struggles at different times in this journey. The explanations of why I might experience these things was also very helpful. It's an individual journey, but it can be a supportive shared experience too. Thanks all - cheers!