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  1. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Caffeine & powerful, so hard to resist! I. Must. Overcome. Speaking of overcoming (ha ha see what I did there?) @Hope4Overcomers it sounds like you have a great attitude and a good plan moving forward post-Whole30. I agree completely that special treats should be happily enjoyed, if you want to and choose to, when your loved ones visit and at the wedding celebration. You will have all the Whole30 skills and experiences to guide your choices during and after the treats holiday. Doing another round of Whole30 versus keeping pretty darn close to Whole30 in the weeks and months to come, especially forgoing all sugar and junk triggering carbs and caffeine is a good option to consider too. This would be "riding my own bike" into the future pretty much on the Whole30 path forever, but not as strict. Happy Sunday and 3rd week everyone!
  2. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Happy Saturday @Hope4Overcomers and all our fellow April Whole30 folks! Thoughts on another round of Whole30, since I'm heading in to the "final" 4th week here: Surprising myself... I am already planning to do another round of Whole30 in May, focusing on getting completely off of caffeine, going to 100% decaf coffee ('cause I like coffee) and herbal tea. I have cut back from my past coffee consumption (fighting chronic depression and long-time insomnia -- yeah, I know it's a vicious self-defeating cycle: coffee --> sleeplessness --> coffee... repeat). I chose not to cut out caffeine on this 1st Whole30 so wouldn't have to fight sugar AND caffeine withdrawal, a steep effort. Also, my fire-breathing sugar dragon is still roaring and has certainly not been slain. Whole30 has helped tremendously, and as promised has helped me reset my eating and how I think about food and health. I have truly surprised myself that I've avoided sugar for 21 days already, I never thought I could do that! But the sugar-junk carb cravings are still there. I have successfully resisted during Whole30, but I want to be able to do more than just resist , I want to stop thinking about sugar-junk carbs all the time: I want food freedom. I think I should not consume any added sugar-junk-sweets for a long long time if ever, because they are so addictive and nearly impossible to control, at least for me. I want to make sure that sugary foods and junk carbs are extremely rare in my diet moving forward. So I think that another round or more of Whole30 will be helpful. Interested in y'all's thoughts on reintro and/or continuing Whole30 after April.
  3. Starting on Monday! April 16th

    Congrats on your past and new Whole30 @KTH1010! Just wanted to chime in here on the coffee/caffeine. Big kudos and props to you for embarking on that challenge too. I'm on my 3rd week of Whole30, and planning to do another round of Whole30 in May and focusing on weaning completely off of caffeine, basically going to 100% decaf coffee and herbal tea. I have cut way back from past crazy consumption (mostly to combat chronic depression and insomnia -- yeah, I know it's a vicious cycle: coffee-sleeplessness-coffee repeat). I chose not to cut out caffeine on this first Whole30 so as not to fight sugar AND caffeine withdrawal. Good luck with your new Whole30, you can do it!
  4. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Hey April Whole30-ers! Hope y'all are having a great weekend and a super 3rd week. Day 21 here for me. Hard to believe it's been 3 weeks, really flown by. It's been really nice to have this forum to turn to for all my questions and doubts (of which there were and still are many). I hope everyone is doing well, staying strong and seeing/feeling positive health improvements. I definitely am, though they are subtle. My top three benefits of Whole30: Food Taste Better! Seriously, without all that taste-dulling junk food/sugar, fruits and veg taste sweeter, with deeper flavor. I'm eating happily guilt-free for the first time in my adult life, everything I'm eating is good for me, nourishing, satisfying...and not fattening -- my clothes are looser. Discovering new delicious recipes and feeling pride in making all my meals from scratch -- granted I'm still making my meals in Sunday prep marathons, but even that is fun. What benefits and "non-scale-victories" are you awesome Whole30-ers feeling/seeing in your lives over the last 3 weeks?
  5. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Hi @Bootsie1947 and welcome! You will probably see from other threads on this forum that sleep has been an issue more a number of folks beginning Whole30, me included. It looks like some point to the lower carbohydrates, so some suggest eating some of your starchy carb servings for dinner or a bit later. I have found this to be helpful too. But sleep issues are very challenging, complex and hard to fix easily. Just recommend going easy on yourself (& going easy on the full caffeine coffee too), follow the meal template, and hang in there. To me, the other benefits of Whole30 far outweigh the occasional sleep "hiccup" (sorry pun). Cheers on your Whole30!
  6. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    I finally found a veg breakfast I like: leftover stir-fried cauliflower rice made with extra veggies and coconut oil, leftover steamed arugula/spinach, plus an extra couple eggs or some leftover roasted turkey. I've found this very easy to eat in the morning. Pre-workout at 4:30 am is most challenging, but I'm managing to get almond butter and hard boiled egg. I've come a long way since April 1 food-wise. @SugarcubeOD is right to remind us all to go back again and again to the Whole30 meal template and drink plenty of water. So helpful!
  7. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Hey there @Hope4Overcomers I feel ya there. Really glad you posted this today, as I was feeling a bit down at my own downness today. I'm Day 17 and not feeling tigerish at all. I feel very healthy and pretty good energy, but my sleep has been terrible for several days in a row and that's probably why the tiger is still hiding. Today felt more like day 7 than 17, dragging and cranky. Sweets/junk carbs or extra fruit are extra appealing today for sure, as usual when I'm very low on sleep. As you wisely noted already, the Whole30 timeline is a general view of what a lot of folks have or might experience during the 30 days, but it's definitely not dialed in to each uniquely wonderful person on the Whole30. I think you are doing just great, you are eating to plan, being flexible while staying committed, learning as you go, paying attention to your feelings and progress, and just generally being very positive overall. So, tiger blood or no tiger blood, you should be proud of all your 16 days and feel confident for the next 14. You got this!
  8. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Day 16, woo-hoo! Ok, so my new favorite Whole30 food --- plus spiralized zoodles --- is Cauliflower Rice! More specifically the Cauliflower "Fried" Rice (recipe) I made last night for today's breakfasts and lunches ---with eggs, chicken and lots of veg, obv. Other than the awesome NSVs --- getting closer to slaying the fire-breathing sugar dragon, feeling great, and being healthy --- this is a highlight of my Whole30 so far, all the delicious new food I'm discovering and making from scratch. I love this. Hope all y'all have a great 3rd week too! Cheers.
  9. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Welcome and congrats @nishgbsr on starting your Whole30. Cheers to you on your upcoming successes (and a few struggles too probably). Check through this thread from the beginning to see some good tips from experienced and smart folks here, and to see what others have been experiencing, enjoying and feeling challenged with. This is Day 15 for me and I'm doing pretty well, but the first week and a half were a bit tough thanks to low energy carb withdrawal. Hang in there, definitely follow the meal template, and look for all the great advice and info from the awesome forum moderators, you'll be happy you did. You got this!
  10. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Happy Halfway team! (at least most folks here, I'm Day 15) Ditto all the above: prep prep prep. Until or if I get to be a super fast whiz at this prep business, I pretty much have to count on devoting a least half my Sunday's to Whole30 meal prep for the week. It's totally worth it though, I've enjoyed it and learned a lot. I'm cooking way more food, and more interesting and healthy food than before, because I HAVE to. I can't fill my meals with quick easy junk carbs any more (astounded how much I did that before Whole30). I'm making everything from scratch now, and that takes some time. Speaking of prep: I need to say how I am ridiculously proud of myself for making homemade sunflower seed butter today. So easy and yummy. Couldn't find any compliant jars in my stores around here. And I'm glad I couldn't, since making it was fun and cheaper too. I feel like today I became "next level" Whole30. Like I said, I'm unduly proud. Next highest level I think would be if I ever make ghee :-) Great job folks on your first two weeks and cheers to everyone for the next half!
  11. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Great job so far @Hope4Overcomers and stay strong and positive at the potluck. I had an after work function last night that was nonstop pizza beer and wine. Soooo, sparkling water with lemon for me. I still had a great time with all my colleagues though, so I call that a success. Yes, I do miss beer and wine, but I had to give that up earlier before Whole30 for other reasons. Oh well. I'd much rather enjoy good friends than unhealthy food, hands down. I hope it's the same for you at your potluck with friends, focusing on the company, not on the tempting goodies. I know you'll do great since you've been doing so well, and you seem like such a positive, committed person. (And thanks again for being such a cheerful, encouraging presence on this forum and thread, I really appreciate all your input.) Cheers and have a fabulous weekend!
  12. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Funny! I'm not supergirl yet (tho I haven't tried lifting a couch lately, so who knows!) but I have much more of my energy and happier mood back, so I'm very happy here on Day 14. The first week and a half were not much fun, but I got through it (thanks in large part to this forum and the awesome Whole30-ers here!). You sound like you are doing great too - so cheers to you and hope you have a fun, healthy weekend.
  13. Definitely hang in there @ChristineH I think it will get better. I was feeling super tired, fatigued, cranky and just desperately wanting a simple junk carb sugar fix to perk me up...for the first 11-12 days. That was a long time to be so tired. But by day 12 I finally did start to feel better, more normal energy, less cranky and less sugar-desperate. Everybody is uniquely wonderful and we all come to this Whole 30 from different places. But luckily for us, this is a very clear and solid healthy eating program *and* we have this great forum for tips, support and encouragement from fellow travelers and from the great moderators (shout out to @ladyshanny & @SugarcubeOD) . I've found this forum to be very helpful to keep me going strong.
  14. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    @Let's Dooooo It! Yes, it is pretty funny how accurate the timeline is, at least energy-wise, for me. Up through about Day 11, I had been really dragging, slogging through my morning workouts. But lo and behold, Day 12 dawned today and I felt noticeably better, and my morning workout felt nearly normal again, hard but not ridiculously grueling. Hooray! Definitely have more energy today, and I'm very very glad. Hope your energy rebounds again soon too. Cheers!
  15. Holy smokes @ChristineH I feel you there. Similar story and similar struggles in this first half of Whole 30. It's been challenging and eye-opening. All I can say is hang in there -- and listen to all the tips and advice from the moderators and the very experienced Whole 30-ers on this forum. They are very helpful and usually right-on about most everything. Cheers to you for doing this, committing to your good health, and stay going strong.