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  1. I do not want to say that I am a failure. I am not a failure. But I would like to say that of all the prep work I did over a month and a half before starting Whole30 I really had no concept of the emotional impact Whole30 would have on me. Of course reading the timeline and the day-by-day in the journal after I started I understood that it was normal. But I really think that if I had known that it was going to be that emotionally challenging on me I would have picked the time to start it when I was not in such a difficult emotional place in my life. I am not trying to make excuses. But currently my husband has been unemployed for almost 4 months, which has caused a financial strain on my family and a personal strain on my marriage as we work through this. There are currently questions in my career as we are now under new leadership and there is talk of attrition and layoffs. In addition to this I have my oldest graduating from college this spring along with my youngest graduating from high school. Both are very emotional for me. As I stated I actually did a lot of prep work before choosing a date for my Whole30. Incidentally the first week of my Whole30 actually fell on my birthday. But that was fine because I was committed. We had no travel plans in next 30 days and it was before both graduations and after my children's birthdays and a long weekend trip out of town. So I really thought that I had picked a good time to start. On day 6 is when I really realized that committing to Whole30 at the present time was probably not the best idea for me. I definitely read about the KATT days earlier in the week. And thought that I would be able to push through. The night of day 4 was my first real trial. It was my last day of work for the week. And of course just like most people at the end of their work week ; one wants to come home and enjoy a couple glasses of wine and probably eat some food that is not good for them. That was very difficult but I pushed through it and ate a good Whole30 approved meal that night. But several things came up in the home that night financially and I ended up picking a fight with my husband and going to bed crying. Over everything. Of course we all have really bad days and I just attributed it to being tired and having a bad day in addition to where I was in The Whole30. The following morning day 5 was my birthday. I woke up and looked outside to find 6 inches of fresh snow. It has been a very long winter here in Montana and I immediately started to cry like a baby all over again. And that is how my morning went. The day got better my husband and I visited a nearby local town that day and had an enjoyable day and I was extremely proud of myself. That night we went out with some friends to a bar with a band and danced and had a great time for hours and I drank ice water with lemon all night without a single wish for an adult like beverage. Saturday came along and I did my shopping and planning for the week. I came home from shopping and my husband and I once again got into it over the financial situation of our family and the commitments that we had made financially prior to him being unemployed. I ended up of course crying for another couple of hours. It was at this point that I decided that committing to the Whole 30 at this difficult time in my life was probably not the best idea. Of course we all say can't do it at this time blah blah blah can't do it at that time blah blah blah and I understand that and I understand that there will always be some kind of an excuse. I really thought that I had done good planning as far as when to do it. But what I didn't realize was how emotionally challenging Whole30 would be for me. Not just the giving up of the foods and drinks that I love but how getting rid of those Foods really takes an emotional toll on your physical body as it adjusts to the changes. I am not in a good place right now in my personal life. And we all go through difficult times in our life and I understand that but I need to be able to get through the day by day without the added difficulties of the changes that Whole30 was giving me. I have always been a highly emotional person but crying a couple hours a day is not an appropriate way to behave. I am no longer doing the full Whole30. The night of day 6 I had a non-compliant meal and a glass of wine. During that 2-hour bout of crying before I went back and forth and finally made a decision. And despite the fact that my husband told me I would feel awful after I did it and wake up feeling worse the next day, he was wrong and I have not looked back. Because right now I have to do what's best for me and not disrupt my family anymore than it is currently disrupted. I told my husband I am "mostly" Whole 30. I would continue the plan as much as I could because I believe in it. And I have. All meals since have been Whole 30 compliant with only a little bit of A-1 on my roast last night. I'm continuing to eat breakfast despite the fact that I hate it and am forcing it down because I DO feel better when I do. I had a couple glasses of beer at the senior party planning meeting yesterday with friends. But I am drinking water and herbal tea in the evening rather than a glass or two of wine because I have definitely noticed that I sleep better. I am continuing to drink my coffee black or with a little bit of coconut milk in it. Essentially I am doing Whole30 but if I want something or have something going on I'm going to do it and feel no guilt about it. And continue eating primarily Whole30 as much as possible. If you knew how badly I ate before you would understand that this is actually still a ginormous achievement for me. And I will commit to the Whole 30 for a full 30 days when I am in a better emotional place in my personal life. I'm hoping that by doing 90% Whole30 right now that will really help me when I'm in a better place to make the commitment for the Whole 30 for 30 days. The Whole30 is no joke. And while I thought not being able to eat was going to be the most difficult part. Turns out I was entirely wrong. I ate plenty and have actually enjoyed the food. It was the emotional changes that put me over the edge.
  2. JodiLou

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Day four was awful. My final day at work this week was difficult and tomorrow is my birthday. I just wanted to come home and have a glass of wine and eat some pizza. It definitely has been the worst day for cravings. And even though I I'm full and ate a good quality Whole30 dinner I still feel like I could eat a large popcorn and a large pizza and wash it down with a bunch of Sour Patch Kids and a big old glass of wine. That might be a little extreme but right now it really all sounds amazing. Clearly it is very difficult to break habits like end of the week celebrations. I have gone to bed to keep myself away from the food and I'm laying here watching TV and reading everyone's posts from today. Always reassuring to know that I am not alone.
  3. JodiLou

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Got through day 3. Had much more of a headache today than yesterday. I did go to the store though and bought some ingredients and made meatballs and marinara over sauteed zucchini for dinner. Was really good and I felt like I was eating a real meal versus meat and vegetables. I also made a whole 30 compliant batch of pork sausage breakfast patties in hopes that it will improve my breakfast experiences so that I am not forcing myself to eat and flushing it down with water. Sounds like everyone is doing pretty well. Going into the KATT days now hoping my family and friends still love me when they're done.
  4. JodiLou

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Done with day 2 successfully. Realizing that this weekend (my birthday weekend) will be spent looking at recipes and new ideas Having always been a bit fussy I tend to like what I like and not branch out much. I do love meats and most vegetables and fruit so just revamping how to cook with them and approved additions will be good for me as I love to cook. Questions: How is everyone feeling? Anyone else using the Day by Day Journal? Today said feeling tired and headache was normal. I definitely am not feeling super and feel like work is dragging . Not necessarily feeling hungry though. Store bought ghee? I live in Mt. So my resources are limited but after reading about multiple attempts resulting in failure Im thinking I dont want to waste the money on Organic butter just to ruin it if I can buy it. Anyone else use store bought? Hope everyone's two days have been good.
  5. JodiLou

    4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Hi, I'm Jodi I'm a middle age mother starting my first whole 30 on 4/2. I am extremely overweight, so losing weight would be great, but I am trying whole 30 as I have had GI problems my entire life (since childhood) and would like to see if whole 30 can improve things. Also I'm looking to just develop better eating habits and make better decisions for life. Problem 1 for me - I am not, nor ever have been, a breakfast eater. I don't eat eggs. I made a sweet potato hash with sausage, onions and garlic, and rosemary last night, and literally forced it down this morning with half an avocado. It tasted good, I just cannot eat in the am so this will be my biggest challenge getting going. Looking forward to hearing what other people find challenging, and how people are feeling.