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  1. Shelli

    Primal blueprint for 0.99 cents.

  2. Shelli

    Dirty 30 "Best Group on W30"

    Great article about gut bacteria!
  3. Shelli

    Dirty 30 "Best Group on W30"

    Ta-da! I found it, thanks for the invite MeadowLily!
  4. Shelli

    Homemade Mayo

    The maybe expires when the eggs that you made it with expires.
  5. Shelli

    Mi Cocina

    Well thanks to my little dating excursion last night I have discovered that I most definitely have an intolerance to canola oil. That is the only thing not compliant in the "gluten free" menu chicken fajitas that I had last night. I know it is ok on Whole30 if you are eating as it care rarely be avoided but WOW I had no idea it would effect me. Avert your eyes!!! TMI: I was gassy a few hours after the meal so I knew something was up and this morning I had a bit of a blow out and I am still a little rumbly in my tumbbly. Sigh. Well at least I learned something.
  6. Shelli

    Mi Cocina

    Thank you again for the post link! We ended up talking A LOT about whole30 but he was doing all of the asking, so that is good. I tried not to sound too crazy and tried to counter his "you can't have X" questions with what I can have and when he asked why I did my best to explain. Double bonus points for him because he does want to read more about it, he is a self proclaimed "information junike" and asked that I send him the website info etc. I also sent him to, and so he can see AMAZING paleo food in action and get the "you can't haves" out of his thinking. Thanks again y'all!
  7. Shelli

    Mi Cocina

    Chris! Thanks for sharing that, what a great read. Fortunately he is aware of my Paleo lifestyle in general. We met online and it is in my profile, no major details but mentioned. He is a doctor (radiologist) so he is smart and what doctor does not like people that are looking out for their own well being. I am going to call the restaurant to get the low down on ingredients, thanks again.
  8. Shelli

    Mi Cocina

    Hi Amy, and thanks! I am thinking that the tilapla veracruz looks like it might work. I can get double veggies rather than the rice. I will call and see what they are using to stif-fry the veggies in, most likely something not whole30. If I asked for all veggies and to have them steamed is my date going to think I'm crazy, eh probably. LOL
  9. Shelli

    Mi Cocina

    Hi y'all, I am on day 41 of a whole120. I am going to be eating here tomorrow night and would love your input on what my best selections would be. I think there might be a few things with modifications and I might need to call them to double check on ingredients etc. Oh and this is a first date so I want to be on my game and not look like some crazy person. Thanks in advance!
  10. Shelli

    Saw weight at doctor's office

    My docs office is always heavier than my at home scale. Therefore wrong.
  11. Shelli

    Hair loss

    Miss Mary is absolutely right! I had a friend (not Whole30) that had the same issue and her thyroid was out of wack. I have pretty fine hair and I tend to lose a bit of it every time I shampoo, when I am eating Whole30 I lose way less if any.
  12. Shelli

    Fed Up!

    Makes me so angry and so sad.
  13. Hi- do you have a food log that you are posting in the forum? If you can post your meals then I am sure an awesome moderator will come along and offer you some super helpful advice. Hand in there!
  14. Shelli

    Red Mill Coconut Flour

    Did you sift the coconut before you used it? I made some zucchini fritters with it (same brand) and the recipe recommended sifting and it worked perfectly. After the sifting the coconut powder is really fine and not so gritting and clumpy. Good luck!
  15. Shelli

    Started September 1st, but concerned.

    My doc once put it to me this way. Every time you eat something that doesn't agree with your body, it's like banging your arm. You get a big bruise, right? Then you eat it again and you get another bruise and again and your get another bruise. So the inside of your body is all black and blue from the food you have been eating and this creates inflammation which is the source of all disease. If you want to see great results from your W30 then you must eliminate these offenders. GENIUS! Love that analogy!