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  1. Shelli

    The crazy things people say

    BAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Best laugh of the day! Thanks Derval!
  2. Shelli

    The crazy things people say

    Fyi: Soybeans originated in Southeast Asia and were first domesticated by Chinese farmers around 1100 BC. By the first century AD, soybeans were grown in Japan and many other countries. In your face Mr. Doubter of everything!
  3. Shelli

    The crazy things people say

    Another gem came to me last night via my 300+ pound brother-in-law. He over heard me talking about coconut aminos as an alternative to soy sauce. Him: You can't have soy sauce? Me: No, no soy. Him: But cavemen had soybeans. Me: fail-smile, shaking my head.
  4. Shelli

    The crazy things people say

    I was chit-chatting with a few friends at lunch on Friday about the upcoming SuperBowl and our plans etc. When one of my friends declared "OMG YOU CAN"T EAT SUPERBOWL SNACKS!" I was like "huh?" Puzzled look: "Um I eat meat, veggies and fat. I think I will be just fine," rolled my eyes and she could not understand why I thought her broadly generalized claim was so cray, cray. Seriously?!?! Below is a pic of my W30 compliant plate. I made the wings and slaw myself. Woot!