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    Hi, I am on Day 6 (would have been day 7 but I messed up last Sunday on my first day when I failed to read the label on my applegate turkey and accidentally had carrageenan). I am feeling pretty good but I eat really healthy most of the time anyway so in a way this is not a big change for my body except for the total elimination of certain ingredients. I haven’t had the fatigue or crankiness or other physical symptoms many people experience (so far) but I am a person who is always hungry so I do eat a lot of compliant snacks and fruit. I have had more nuts in the last week than the previous whole month- haha! I made the decision to do this program to see if I could eliminate my mild to moderate reflux (for which I refuse to take regular medication).For others who have done the program for the same reason, did you also eliminate nightshades or other trigger foods?? I have done a strict reflux diet before (no alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, mint, citrus/ tomatoes or other acidic fruits, no vinegar or citric acid, etc) and it did not help much at all- I just unintentionally lost enough weight to look like a skeleton, which is not my goal. So I have started this whole 30 with the idea of allowing myself to eat anything compliant with the plan that I want, including tomatoes, marinara, salsa, pickles, marinades or dressings with lemon or vinegar, etc. because frankly it is already so restrictive that I didn’t want to unnecessarily eliminated items that are compliant. But I am a little concerned that I haven’t seen real improvement in reflux the first week. Should I eliminate tomatoes, vinegar based dressings, etc?? Or just wait and see what happens in the next week or two? Thanks in advance!