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  1. Good morning - no suprise my GI track is acting up, sleeping even worse and very lethargic. This will pass I'm still whole 30!
  2. Good morning whole 30 peeps. I too started yesterday June 1, 2020. I'm a grandma as well. The stay at home orders in a 1 bedroom apartment with my non compliant husband of 39 years has wrecked havoc on my food choices thus desperately needed this reset! I grew up in Colorado, lived in the Bay area for 16.5 years but now live in SoCal with newly enforced curfews. With all the similarities this seemed a great group to join in on! I'm committing to you both to log in to this group daily through a fast reset plus a few days.
  3. Wow Jim4884 thank you! I'm on day 24 of my 2nd whole 30 and honestly my 1st reintroduction I started with non-gluten alcohol which awoke my sugar dragon and I never regained control of it. I am so very committed to honing a successful reintroduction with insights, like you have shared, into my own Food Freedom Forever!