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  1. Hello, SchrodingersCat! I remember you and your delicious-sounding meals from last year, when I was doing my 2nd round of Whole30. Looks like we're on a similar schedule, as I'm back now doing a third round--currently on day 15. I'm not bothering with a log this time around (things are going easily enough that I don't feel I need the accountability of daily posting) but popping in here now and then, mostly for cooking inspiration. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that it sounds like our experiences this time are pretty similar. Lockdown and being home all the time makes the food part a b
  2. Sounds like you're doing great so far--congrats! Something that resonated with me as a challenge is feeling like all your meals are looking similar. I found I definitely fell into ruts too, which could be fine for a while if it tasted good but I'd eventually get sick of it. One thing that I realized in my second Whole30 was that I didn't have to eat just the "special" foods that feature prominently in Whole30 recipes (cauliflower rice, zucchini noodles, homemade mayo, etc)--there are tons of "regular" foods that meet the guidelines. Especially in summer, grilled meats (with simple marinad
  3. I mostly drink coffee and plain water, but in the evening I'll sometimes have lemon-lime seltzer with a splash of cranberry juice. It's delicious and I can't imagine that small amount of juice does any harm.
  4. Sounds like you're doing well and really hitting your stride. Regarding the not-so-tasty primal mayo--have you tried making homemade mayo? I am not the sort of person who normally would do things like make my own mayo! But I tried it (using the Whole30 recipe: ) and it is surprisingly easy and delicious. I plan to continue making my own mayo, at least occasionally, as I continue on past W30.
  5. Thanks! I'm on Day 20 today, so I'm getting there.
  6. Good luck with your new Whole30! It's so hard to maintain good diet and exercise when work gets too busy/stressful. Same thing happened to me over the past few months, and I ended up losing many of the gains I'd made in my previous W30 last year. So here I am trying once more to get back in shape in the springtime!