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  1. doubledee

    Reintro Advice Please

    Hmm so I guess after a totally compliant 30 days I thoroughly screwed up my reintro with a big fat piece of birthday cake (hello gluten, added sugar, and diary!) and several glasses of champagne (does it matter that it was really good champagne?). Whatevs, it was worth it! Felt crappy the next morning, but by noon I was feeling strong and healthy again. I think my body is working better now, after a successful Whole30, because I think previously I would have felt a hangover longer, but in this case my body worked through it and I felt okay pretty quickly. I then went back to Whole30 compliance for five days, to work out anything bad that might have been lingering in my system. Yesterday I started a more systematic reintro phase with legumes, and a have to say I've felt awesome yesterday and today. Does the gluten and diary I had last week invalidate any ongoing reintro efforts? Or can I just continue with a new reintroduction assuming that the cake I had last week was a blip that has been worked out?
  2. doubledee

    Homemade Tomato Sauce

    When I make tomato sauce I often roast a pan of finely chopped carrots, red peppers and onions (with some olive oil) and then blend the cooked veggies into the sauce. I do this simply to get more vegetables into my children, but it also adds some sweetness that helps mellow out the sauce.
  3. doubledee

    Reintro Advice Please

    Hello all, I am on day 27 of my first Whole30, and am beginning to happily contemplate the Reintroduction phase. I have two questions that I wonder if someone could help me with. 1) My first day of reintro is also my husband's birthday, which means that my Day 1 is going to involve reintroducing cake. Is such a big hit of refined flour and sugar going to totally screw me up? Would it be better to eat compliant Whole30 stuff that day until the party and then have cake in the evening, or should I have other (less extreme) grains earlier in the day, like whole wheat pasta or something? (Obvs I know cake is not the best food for the first day of reintroduction, but I'm not going to miss my husband's birthday cake!). 2) Aside from Day 1, I'll do the reintro carefully in order to test out the various foods, but honestly I'm not expecting bad reactions to any particular food. My biggest concern post-Whole30 is that I love how my metabolism works now that I'm fat adapted (I didn't even know that term pre-Whole30!) and I really want to keep it that way. However, assuming I don't react badly to them during reintroductions I do want to add some foods back into my diet, including beans, whole grains, and occasional splurges on things like birthday cake or really good pizza. I'd love some guidance as to how to do so while not pushing my body back into its old sugar-burning mode. Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Denell
  4. doubledee

    Day 27 - Hungry All The Time

    Are you eating any starchy veggies? Your bread cravings make me wonder if your body needs some more carbs. Or maybe I'm projecting based on my own experience--I was hungry a lot at the beginning of my Whole30 and realized I do well if i"m eating sweet potato or beet or carrot each day, preferably at breakfast.
  5. doubledee

    Recipes using chicken sausage links?

    I love using cut up chicken sausages in sweet potato hash with red onion and kale. Just brown the sausages first (I think olive oil tastes better than coconut oil for this), then make the hash and add the sausage bits back in at the end.
  6. doubledee

    Achieving is believing

    What an encouraging thread! Congrats on all the positive changes you've made, and your success at sticking with healthy eating well past your official 30 days.
  7. doubledee

    Down 50 pounds!!

    Congrats to both of you! May I ask what you did once your Whole30 ended to keep the weight loss going? Did you continue to follow Whole30 rules closely, or were you able to reintroduce some foods but continue to lose? I'm in the midst of my first Whole30 now. Hoping to reset my metabolism and establish good habits so that I can keep losing weight after the 30 days, but I'm also going to want to eat non-compliant foods (and drink wine!) sometimes. Curious what's worked for you in terms of finding a good post-Whole30 plan.
  8. doubledee

    Impact of eating starchy veggies?

    Good point that you have to consider the whole context of the meal. thanks!
  9. doubledee

    Impact of eating starchy veggies?

    Thanks ladyshanny! I wasn't really aware of the whole fat adaptation vs ketosis thing. A bit of googling after learning those terms from your message and now I get it. I'll proceed with my sweet potatoes without guilt!
  10. Hello, I'm on Day 16 and cruising along nicely now after realizing that I really need to have at least one good-sized portion of starchy vegetables each day (on a few days when I haven't had them I felt weak and shaky). Just finished a delicious and satisfying breakfast of beet hash with eggs and avocado, and I'm feeling revved up and ready for the day. But my question is, doesn't eating things like sweet potatoes and beets work AGAINST one of the main goals of the Whole30--namely, to change our metabolism so that our bodies are used to burning fat and protein rather than sugar for fuel? A beet is a natural, whole food, but it's also high on the glycemic index and provides a pretty quick hit of sugar. I'm not sure our bodies see much difference in terms of glucose levels between beet hash and sugary pancakes for breakfast. One of the reasons I'm trying the Whole30 is because I want my body to better regulate sugar levels, so I'm concerned I may be sabotaging this with meals like my breakfast this morning. I'd be grateful if someone knowledgable about food science/metabolism could comment on how these starchy vegetables work in the Whole30 program.
  11. doubledee

    How much Fat to have in each meal

    Thanks for the response, @ladyshanny. It's nice that despite being totally draconian in some respects, there's also some wiggle-room and flexibility in other ways on this diet!
  12. doubledee

    Too much Eggs and Red Meat

    My new favorite breakfast (right now I'm on Day 9 of my first Whole30) is hash made with sweet potatoes, kale, and chicken sausage (the Whole30 compliant kind from Applegate Farms). Yummy and filling. Can add an egg on top if you want, but there's no need if you're trying to avoid eggs.
  13. doubledee

    How much Fat to have in each meal

    If I may piggy-back onto this thread, I have another question about fats (this seems like the trickiest part of Whole30 meal planning). There's no mention on the meal template of fats that are naturally occurring in the protein--for instance if you have a meat like a well-marbled steak or an oily fish like mackerel or bluefish that contains a fair amount of fat. Are we still supposed to add an additional "plated" fat in this case?