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  1. doubledee

    Round 4 - FIGHT!

    Hello, SchrodingersCat! I remember you and your delicious-sounding meals from last year, when I was doing my 2nd round of Whole30. Looks like we're on a similar schedule, as I'm back now doing a third round--currently on day 15. I'm not bothering with a log this time around (things are going easily enough that I don't feel I need the accountability of daily posting) but popping in here now and then, mostly for cooking inspiration. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that it sounds like our experiences this time are pretty similar. Lockdown and being home all the time makes the food part a breeze--plenty of time to cook and no temptations while at social events, but the no drinking part is a real drag. I'm so looking forward to a nice glass of wine (or two) on June 15!
  2. doubledee

    Whole 30 (July 2)

    Sounds like you're doing great so far--congrats! Something that resonated with me as a challenge is feeling like all your meals are looking similar. I found I definitely fell into ruts too, which could be fine for a while if it tasted good but I'd eventually get sick of it. One thing that I realized in my second Whole30 was that I didn't have to eat just the "special" foods that feature prominently in Whole30 recipes (cauliflower rice, zucchini noodles, homemade mayo, etc)--there are tons of "regular" foods that meet the guidelines. Especially in summer, grilled meats (with simple marinades of olive oil, lemon, spices, etc) and fish and vegetables are a great option. I also enjoyed yummy dairy-free sauces with nuts or tahini (I recently made an awesome variant on Romesco with roasted red peppers and walnuts) and various soups (thickened with a bit of potato rather than cream). As soon as we get into prime tomato season I'm excited to make gazpacho. Maybe put shrimp on top for protein. Yum! Don't get me wrong--I love making homemade mayo and cauliflower rice, but it was a bit of a revelation for me to realize that in addition to the things I've learned to make from Whole30 recipes a ton of the foods I would normally eat are Whole30 compliant or can easily be adapted to be so.
  3. doubledee

    Pandora’s Whole 30 log

    Yay! Congratulations! So great that you came back and finished this after your struggles first time around. I hope that you continue on a good journey going forward with post-Whole30 eating/living (and let me know if you come up with a good alternative to eggs for breakfast! so sick of them myself...).
  4. doubledee

    Happily Ever After?

    Day 22: Well, three weeks post Whole-30 I see that I have failed in many ways, not least in posting this log! My goal was to lose one pound per week; instead, in my first two weeks I gained 3. I did settle back down and lose one pound this past week, leaving me right now at 220. Hoping to keep moving in the downward direction going forward! Why did I falter? Two things, I think. First, I hurt my knee a few weeks ago. It's on the mend, but I've been hobbled and haven't gotten as much exercise. I hope by next week to be fully healed and back to more walking/jogging. Second, I had several special occasions in the first couple of weeks and I gave myself too much license to go wild on them--my husband's birthday, Father's Day, and most significantly my college reunion, which turned into four days of drinking and eating way too much while reconnecting with old friends. I need to work on moderation: I can do fine during 30 days of absolute abstinence, but I'm much less good at saying okay, I'm going to have one glass of wine and one small dessert (or small helping of chips and dip or whatever)--that one too easily slides into two or more. Because I don't want to completely abstain from sugar or alcohol or gluten for the rest of my life, my key to successful post-Whole 30 is definitely finding good ways to balance and set reasonable limits! I have learned that legumes in small quantities don't seem to bother me but too much definitely caused problems. Sugar and gluten don't seem to cause specific reactions, but in large quantities leave me feeling a bit icky. Dairy seems to be the one thing that genuinely causes reactions, most notably it makes me congested in an icky post-nasal drippy sort of way. So dairy is the one thing that I'm working hardest to almost completely eliminate, beans I'm letting back into my regular diet but in small quantities. Sugar and grains I'm largely avoiding but allowing occasional exceptions.
  5. doubledee

    Happily Ever After?

    Hmm. Feeling energetic and healthy on Day 2 of legume reintro, but all these beans are definitely giving me gas!
  6. doubledee

    Pandora’s Whole 30 log

    Yeah, that makes sense. It's hard to be economical on Whole30 when we can't include any of the cheaper stuff (beans, rice, etc) that can bulk up meals.
  7. doubledee

    Pandora’s Whole 30 log

    I've had that food boredom problem too. I've tried to experiment with different flavors than my staples, specifically trying some Asian dishes that bring some different tastes to the tables. Korean bulgogi beef in lettuce wraps and Melissa Joulwan's DanDan Noodles (er, zoodles) were my two biggest hits, both for me and my family.
  8. doubledee

    SchrodingersCat's Round 2 diary - starting 12 May 2019

    Legumes (in moderation of course) are awesome! This is one area where I'm not convinced by the Whole30 science. I'm sure there are some people for whom legumes aren't healthy, but for most of us I think they're just fine. I made some tasty white beans and sausage for breakfast this morning and have been feeling fantastic all day!
  9. doubledee

    How do you drink your coffee on whole30?

    Unsweetened almond milk for me.
  10. doubledee

    What do you drink?

    I mostly drink coffee and plain water, but in the evening I'll sometimes have lemon-lime seltzer with a splash of cranberry juice. It's delicious and I can't imagine that small amount of juice does any harm.
  11. doubledee

    Happily Ever After?

    Day 1 of the rest of my life: My plan going forward is to work on three things: 1) Maintaining healthy eating and exercise habits and feeling good, 2) Keeping blood sugar stable and healthy, and 3) Continuing to lose weight in a sustainable way. I'll make some notes here on what I'm eating and how I'm feeling in order to keep track of what makes me feel good. I'm also going to weigh myself once a week to keep tabs on weight loss (but no more than once a week so I"m not stressing over daily fluctuations). I realize this may be TMI and not interesting to anybody else, but it's important for me to have the accountability of keeping track. Weight: 218 pounds. My goal is 175 (at 5'9" this would be technically a few pounds overweight, but it's a weight I'm comfortable with), so I have 43 pounds to lose. I'm aiming to lose 1 pound/week. Will check back in next Weds. Food: Reintroducing legumes today. I thoroughly enjoyed some white beans with sausage and sautéed veggies this morning. Planning on a bit of peanut butter with my lunch, and chickpea hummus at dinner. We'll see how it goes!
  12. doubledee

    Allison's Whole 30 Log

    Sounds like you're doing well and really hitting your stride. Regarding the not-so-tasty primal mayo--have you tried making homemade mayo? I am not the sort of person who normally would do things like make my own mayo! But I tried it (using the Whole30 recipe: ) and it is surprisingly easy and delicious. I plan to continue making my own mayo, at least occasionally, as I continue on past W30.
  13. doubledee

    Whole30, Take Two

    Day 31: Results Scale: So I lost 8 points, which to be honest I'm a little disappointed by--I'd been hoping for 10-12. However, weight loss is going to be a longer journey for me than just 30 days, and a few pounds more or less now isn't such a big deal. The main thing will be seeing whether I can continue on a path to sustainable weight loss over a longer time frame. And I am hopeful that the eating habits instilled this month will help with that. Blood sugar: My biggest medical reason for doing W30 is keeping my blood sugar in the healthy range. I won't know for sure about that until I do bloodwork along with my annual physical in July, but I'm pretty confident based on my generally solid and stable energy levels this month that blood sugar is in a good place. Skin: I have sensitive, breakout prone skin. It's somewhat clearer after this month, although not completely resolved. So a partial victory here I'd say. Sleep: It wasn't until this past week that I've noticed strong improvement in my sleep. Now I'm getting deep, restful sleep--I hope to maintain that! Joint pain: Knees and ankles somewhat improved but not entirely. Another partial victory. Energy and overall wellbeing: I've had a few very low energy days this month, but mostly attributable I think to my daughter's bad ear infection leading to multiple wake-ups during the night. In general, though I don't have crazy "tiger blood" I do feel good and palpably healthy most days, so I'll call this a win. Overall, my results were less dramatic this time than my first Whole30 a year ago, but I'll take them! Now, onward to post-Whole30 and continued healthy habits.
  14. doubledee

    Whole30, Take Two

    And that's a wrap, folks. Thirty days of healthy living and mindful eating under my belt, I am off to bed, fully expecting flights of angels to sing me to my rest.
  15. doubledee

    Whole30, Take Two

    Thanks! I did W30 once before (a year ago) and did reintroductions then, so I don't feel like I need to do the full reintro thing again. My plan is to do a 2-day legume reintro tomorrow and Thurs as a way to doublecheck what I found last year--I don't think I have any negative reactions to legumes. Then comes my husband's birthday, and frankly proper reintro is going to fall by the wayside in favor of eating birthday cake and drinking champagne! Going forward, and assuming the legume reintro goes well, I'm going to put beans and soy sauce and peanut butter back on the menu. I'm pretty convinced that for me anyway, they are part of a healthy diet. Otherwise, my aim is to continue with a largely Whole30+legumes diet most of the time, with occasional exceptions for things like my husband's birthday. I'll see how that goes. May add back in non-wheat grains semi-regularly as well. Of course the things I most want--dairy and wheat--are the things that are worst for me, but I'll do my best to keep them very occasional. And wine. I'll have to decide what to do about wine.