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  1. Hi there! Hardly anyone seems to post on these boards anymore so I thought I'd say hi and wish you well on your June attempts. I'm just wrapping up myself (Day 30 today) and getting ready to tackle post-Whole30 life, which in some ways I find more challenging. One small suggestion, if I may: You mentioned sometimes not feeling satiated after meals and needing to eat more often. Are you making sure to include some healthy fat in every meal? It's counter-intuitive when you're used to dieting but I find the Whole30 recommendation of including small portions of fat is crucial to feeling prope
  2. It definitely helps not to be broke! I'm on Day 10, and my grocery bills are soaring (not just because of inflation!). On the other hand, I suppose I'm saving by not buying wine, going out for expensive cocktails, etc., so maybe it all balances out. Good luck, and enjoy your new recipes!
  3. In four previous Whole30s, I've never managed the reintroduction phase properly. It doesn't help that there are birthdays and other celebrations in my family coming up not too long after my 30 days end. Sometimes I've done pretty well with the food but gone back to drinking wine. Sometimes I've stayed away from booze but haven't been strict enough about reintroducing food groups one-by-one. I love how I feel on Whole30 and want to figure out how to keep feeling this way ... without abiding strictly by Whole30 standards permanently! I hope you can find a way to enjoy your holiday, gi
  4. Congratulations, Rebecca001, on your successful Whole30! And on your consistency in journaling your experience here. It seems like hardly anyone uses this forum anymore, huh? I did my first Whole30 five years ago, and I've continued do one annually in the spring. My first year there were quite a few people posting on the forum but coming back now I wonder where everyone is--maybe migrated to Whole30 social media accounts? Anyway, just wanted to let you know you're not (completely) alone here, and to say congrats!
  5. How did it work out mek402? I just read this thread because I had a similar question about an interrupted reintroduction and I was curious how it all panned out for you. Were you able to do a proper reintro of two foods before your trip? And then how did you feel after living it up with your friends for a few days? Hope it was a blast!