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  1. GUYS TODAY IS DAY 30! How are you feeling? I'm feeling great! I actually think Im going to keep this up for as long as possible. See where this goes. There are only a few things I miss, but like I've said I'm and all or nothing person, so I have gotten very good and not giving in to the temptations. I have not been bloated and I think that has a lot to do with grains and dairy. But i will say I miss a good glass of wine!
  2. That looks really good! Guys, I've been feeling heavy/fat these past two days. Not mentally, like I'm always full and not really looking forward to the next meal. I've been snacking less. I'm wondering if I am eating too much at each meal. Its always, BIG salad, some protein and a veggie. What am I doing wrong? Day 11 has got me
  3. Hi Laurie Thanks for responding. I also remember when I did W30 3 years ago, that there was a lot more posting on subjects. But its ok, both of my sisters-in-law are doing this with me so we motivate each other. The interesting thing about my doing this is that I really do eat quote healthy generally with the occasional holiday foods. I'm also a very black and white all or nothing type of person. So dropping everything on day one wasn't such a big deal. Coffee included. I just switched to tea (caffeine free). I keep a 64 oz water bottle on my desk which is helpful to remind me
  4. Week 2 Day 8! How are you all doing? My weekend was good, didnt stray but I also didnt eat at normal times. And yesterday I didnt eat dinner at all. I dont really have a meal plan for this week, I kind of wing it. I find recipes today make those for dinner and make extra for lunches. Breakfast I have either salad and eggs or salad and fish. I started taking multi vitamins and turmeric pills Friday and I am slightly concerned its cause me to be constipated. Ill look it up. ANyone wanna share how they are doing?
  5. You got this! hope all’s ok with your pet.
  6. Well I’m also not great with heat so I used cayenne piercer and I did it to what I think would be palatable. It’s sooooooo yummy. I’m even making it again tomorrow. I don’t remember if I mentioned the synergy cosmic cranberry kombucha. It’s the only one that I think tastes good to me. good luck this weekend!
  7. Day 4 and I’m doing pretty good. I have been making some great dinners. Last night I made cauliflower rice and then coconut mango chicken tagine. I found it on someone’s blog I think. So good I’m definitely making it again. I’m gonna share the recipe below in terms of how I’m feeling, well happily I started feeling better yesterday. No bloating and I have been having bowel movements once a day!!!! That’s huge for me since I’m usually constipated for a week or so at a time.
  8. Everyone ready? I have to say I’m actually not. But I will not put it off. I’ll have to wing it for the first day. I pretty much will be fine. Just don’t have a good lunch prepared. I’m excited. we got this !!!
  9. Hi All, I'm starting May 24th, since I have a few family parties in the next week, and a holiday that is all about the cheese cakes. I need to set myself up for success, so I'm being realistic. I'd love to have some W30 partners to help keep me on my toes! Thanks Jennifer