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  1. @christine19I love boxing, I have a bag in our garage for when I need to let off steam! I ran half a marathon today, 13.1 miles- a long way! And not a bad time either, although the last 3miles were hard and my legs are very tired now. just cooked a big Sunday roast, and did my meal prep for the week so I have a big bowl of finely sliced cabbage, onion, carrot and celery, with raisins and almonds, all ready to mix with mayo to make slaw. Then I roasted an extra chicken so I have a full tub of chicken meat all ready for salads and sandwiches as well, plus some leftover cooked veg.
  2. I find legumes (eg the yellow split peas which are now allowed in the 30 days) give me wild sugar cravings! So it’s not just the banned foods that can cause us trouble. I am so much happier when I eat zero sugar that’s it’s worth it for me, although it’s taken me years of trying moderation to come to that conclusion. maybe, going back to the OP, it’s more that you need to make sure when you do have it, it doesn’t creep in, but is a deliberate, mindful choice- that way you take it for what it really is. I ate a piece of Christmas cake and oh boy, it was delicious. But the icing was lu
  3. I find my sleep is disturbed this time although not as dramatically as my last one. Last time I really worked hard to eat breakfast as soon as I got up , whereas this time I haven’t been, and I’m finding I don’t wake quite so early- I think it was my body clock responding to the food routine. @christine19 I also am a bit surprised I don’t feel quite as energetic as I’d have hoped, maybe it’s the difference between summer w30 and winter w30. Although when I look back, I’m doing a lot more this time. Last time I basically lazed about in my garden for 30 days! This time I’m working, running mor
  4. Good luck! What are you hoping to gain from your W30? What’s your motivation?
  5. Also- I didn’t do 160 full whole30! I reintroduced wine bin day 31! I’m not a complete animal!! Wine was the only thing I reintroduced though. I never really missed anything else. This time I might reintroduce Soy products though, because it allows for some vegetarian and vegan alternatives which I would like as the W30 can be expensive and meat heavy.
  6. I did 160+ days sugar free (from 20th July to Christmas Eve) - had 2 days at Christmas where I ate 2 chocolates and a piece of Christmas cake! Then restarted full whole30 on January 1st. For that 160 I remained fully dairy and grain free too- I find that they really charge up my sugar cravings. By cutting out those 3 permanently, you just eradicate so many options for junky/processed foods (most things in a packet contain at least 1 of those 3!). You can experiment with this in the reintroduction phase- If it creeps in without you meaning it to in the reintroduction, maybe you need to more st
  7. I am in my 2nd w30 and it’s day 15 for me. My tips are: eat enough fat, don’t be scared to eat (I think this is especially important if you are hoping for weight loss- this isn’t a weight loss diet but I think we are conditioned to be scared of what we perceive as calorific foods- avocado, oil, oily fish, nuts, potatoes etc) , plan your menus and prep well In advance. If you’re driving home from work feeling starving, go through in your mind what you will eat when you get in- don’t leave it to the cupboards to decide for you!! Clear the non compliant stuff out of the cupboards, fridge, freezer
  8. @Saieethats a shame. we don’t really ‘do’ squash here in the uk. We can get butternut squash in every supermarket, but they can be quite watery and flavourless. Around Halloween we can sometimes get different types that are nicer flavoured and textured than BNS but it’s not a traditional veg here. We’re all about the root veg! i’m up early this morning considering it’s a Saturday but I was so tired last night I fell asleep watching tv! Still feeling that sleepiness in the evenings. I might have a mid afternoon nap today to see me through. Saturday is normally weigh day for me, a
  9. I’m confident that whole30 versions of eg. Sausages, burgers, meatballs etc are fine @Saiee. It’s usually ‘sweet’ or ‘treat’ type things which aren’t allowed , so eg bread, pizza crust or cakes made with almond flour, or (as Melissa goes on about a lot!) pancakes. Probably as a response to the fact that paleo cookbooks often have a huge section of baked goods, I find.
  10. Wow, mountain lions and bears?! Amazing! The most Dangerous thing I encounter on my runs is kids from the school I work at smoking in the underpasses and shouting ‘hi miss’ at me!! it’s cold here but not crisp and sunny, it’s foggy, murky and damp. Sun forecast for Sunday so I’m taking advantage of that even if it’s not far above freezing. my dinner was amazing. Actually delicious. Crispy juicy jerk pork, grilled pineapple, wedges, mayo... and I even had ‘dessert’ of pineapple and a spoon of coconut cream from a can of coconut milk (saving the watery part for kids smoothies tomorr
  11. I actually feel quite empowered this weekend by it. 3 weekends without alcohol, 2 full weeks with no sugar, grains, dairy, processed food, junk food, takeaway, cake or crisps. After 2 weeks of lockdown so many of my friends are commenting that they feel rubbish, they’ve gained half a stone, they are really tired and fed up, and I’m just....not. We are amazing- hear us ROAR!!! (Ok not quite tiger blood yet, but grrrr!)
  12. I think (certainly post w30) you could introduce a pm snack, but I’d go protein and fat. Mirror the choices she gives but just eat them at a different time. I do that now within my 30 days (because I’m a rebel) - but like you I’m not here for weight loss and it works for me and supports my running better to do it that way. @christine19 yes we do have ground pork, I could make little sausage shaped with that. Going shopping tomorrow so I will definitely try that. it’s Friday night here, the weekend has landed, my third dry weekend is nearly upon us! I’ve mixed up my own jerk
  13. @Saiee i am yet to find a compliant sausage (I am in uk) - all of ours have wheat added, or if gluten free they have rice flour added, even really expensive brands. Plus usually sugar. It’s one of the things I have missed most because my husband and boys have hotdogs on Saturdays after football and I can’t join them!
  14. @50andstillhere I just realised I didn’t exactly answer your question!! Personally from what you’ve said, I would eat more protein than those bars. I’ve never used those raw type bars because that puréed fruit is basically sugar in a different guise. But if you’re feeling low blood sugar (unless you’re diabetic, that’s different) you probably need to eat more generally by increasing your calories at meals. (if you’ve genuinely got low blood sugar you need glucose not fructose, fructose doesn’t raise your blood sugars) Do you do the pre/post workout snacks? They are largely protein ba
  15. @Lorna from Canada funny you say that about anxiety; one of the things I noticed after doing my first W30 was that I didn’t feel anxious driving anymore. I used to get terrible anxiety on fast roads and I’d be gripping the wheel til my knuckles were white, and then one day noticed I just wasn’t doing it anymore. Now I don’t drive anywhere fast due to Lockdown! @50andstillhereThe reason I started doing this was because of running. Previously I had done LCHF and lost a fair amount of weight, but as my running increased, I couldn’t sustain it. I would end up bingeing and I felt really d