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  1. Well done everyone. We made it! I’m not going to stop the food yet, I know it’s not about scales but I’d have liked to have seen some weight loss and I didn’t really, certainly not substantial. I will probably do a combination of strict food in the week, more relaxed but compliant at weekends, plus wine. I’m not going to do reintroductions yet, I know dairy makes me miserable and grains make me hungry! I’ll probably do that til around 23rd Dec, then have Christmas week, then we always do dry January anyway so probably do another round in jan. even Christmas week, I can’t see me eating too much
  2. The thread did go weird! Not sure who asked about the milk but I genuinely don’t think I could drink milk now or eat cheese. I work in a school so I think school dinner cheese smells have reinforced this massively!) - I was such a cheese addict before, I did keto for years and lived on cheese! Funny how we are all different as I don’t miss milk at all. I miss dough- sometimes I miss it so intensely I could cry. Once off strict w30 I can recreate a cake type bake with compliant ingredients but there is no paleo sub for dough is there?? And add to that the fact that it makes me so uncomfortable
  3. Interesting you say you’re going to carry on, I am too. Except alcohol. I never reintroduced anything previously, certainly not as a structured programme, but instead just ate these thing mindfully as they came up. I know from the last 18 months that a) there is enough compliant food to keep me going once the 30 days are up because I can reintroduce compliant snacks like occasional ready salted crisps or nuts, and b) dairy and grains make me feel crappy so I’m not in any rush to eat them. Last Christmas I was pretty much compliant, plus wine, and I think I had one piece of my Christmas cake (
  4. A good day for me, but a bit of a mixed bag, food wise. Didn’t eat breakfast, leftover roast dinner and salad for lunch, few bits of fruit, dinner was a cold chicken breast and A satsuma (which I know is a miserable dinner!) I just have no appetite really. My son is poorly and I’ve had a really busy day and food just hasn’t tempted me. Weird! tomorrow I need to plan my meals better. I’m leaving for work early again so will probably just eat at lunch when I get home But I will make sure I eat properly to the template. Dinner is a Persian minced beef thing I saw on Facebook but a
  5. @hmg1993 definitely wishful thinking! Those recipes sound good. There is so much inspiration out there. I find paleo and keto recipe books often have good ideas too.
  6. @hmg1993 this isn’t my final weekend, I still have another full week and a half. If you are on Facebook there is a whole 30 recipes page (which I believe may be official/affiliated?) but they have a weekly guest chef who does 7 days of recipes. There are some amazing ideas on there! This week it’s a Persian chef. ran 14.5km this morning, sounds a bit evangelical but I just felt so good, glad to be alive. Running into the rising sun, beautiful crisp autumn morning, well fed, well rested. Just awesome. Back down to earth, I need to do a food shop and get ready for the week ah
  7. This week has been the. Longest week ever!! So tired. However, it’s Friday! We’re having a rack of lamb and red cabbage and asparagus tonight. My husband is having a glass of wine and I’m very jealous. However, I have coped well with the many stresses this week, mostly because I haven’t been tired, hungover, sluggish, and I haven’t patched my emotions with junk food. So although it’s tempting, I know this is the right thing to do! ran well today, first one this week! Tomorrow it’s bootcamp at 8, then We are going to do our Christmas shopping. Feels too early, I don’t feel Christm
  8. Day 16, we’re halfway there! How is everyone doing? I’m feeling good. Food was good yesterday, if a little sparse in quantity as my appetite was just nothing. I didn’t workout yesterday as I did 11k steps just at work - busy day! Tonight it’s circuits class, something with mince for dinner (meatballs?) and I need to get to bed early as the last 2 nights I have struggled to keep my eyes open watching tv at 9, then struggled to sleep at 10.30!
  9. Oooh can feel the tiger purring a little bit…. Today I have: run 13km, done housework, done kids homework, done a few hours work, washed and straightened my hair, cooked a roast dinner, prepped all my lunches for the week (sweet potato chunks, coronation chicken, mayo), made all the sandwiches for the week, went to remembrance parade, and made cookies with my boys. Quite a busy day!!!! busy week ahead, I’m exams officer at my school and this week is our mock exams. So full time hours, busy busy busy. I like it though, and I’m going into it feeling super organised, clear headed
  10. Weekend has been good so far but I have found it hard without alcohol today. That’s 2 full weeks so I suppose it makes sense that the cravings would be peaking. I just kept reminding myself that it’s worth it. Big week at work next week. I am also now experiencing real scales cravings as well; I have a terrible relationship with my bathroom scales and I have now not stepped on them for two weeks and I miss them, which sounds weird. But I know it’s a habit I need to break and I feel better when I don’t weigh myself as much. I treated myself to something I have wanted for a long time
  11. I totally understand the ‘clean mouth’ thing, I get that too. First time I did w30 I couldn’t believe that I felt so fresh, I had never experienced it before! good day for me, I got the job!! My food’s been really good. Just had a nice steak, homemade chips and salad. And Some chunks of frozen mango. No wine, despite celebrating; I didn’t want any and didn’t want to break my w30. I’ve written my shopping list, I’ll need to batch cook and plan ahead this week as i Have a busy week ahead. 2 classes tomorrow morning, a new legs hiit class and then yoga. Busy busy!
  12. I’m doing ok. My appetite has actually dropped away to the extent that I only really ate 2 meals yesterday and they were both chicken and salad. I need to make myself eat more vegetables though. Next week I am really going to focus on maxing out my veg intake. @britgirl you didn’t stuff up, you made a mistake, and you’re human. Are you going to restart, or are you going to continue? There’s various articles about whether you should or shouldn’t. It’s not yesterday that’s the issue really, it’s what you do today - and that’s all about mindset. What have you got planned for today?
  13. It’s now day 11 and I’m feeling really good. Starting to feel the energy boost and that’s very welcome! Sleeping well. My meals are excellent, not snacking at all. I ran 10km after work today and although I did feel like it was hard work it wasn’t awful. Gearing up for 2nd dry weekend, I think one will be trickier because I’ve had a difficult week at work. But it will be ok, I’m sure
  14. @kennyc finding the motivation to start can be tough, but the sooner you start the sooner you will feel great. I find when I do a whole30 It helps if I strip my menu back at first and have similar things each day, so usually eggs, avo and fruit for breakfast; tinned fish and salad (and sometimes baked potato) for lunch, and then dinner is really the only thing I have to think about. Then when I start getting bored I can mix it up and add other things in.
  15. went for this in the end which sounds similar actually to your suggestion. I didn’t get out for a run today. I do try to take a full day off a week and so came home and cleaned instead! foods been good today, headache has subsided thankfully. I have a really busy few weeks ahead at work and I did not need to be feeling under the weather. tomorrow: run either before or after work depending on time. I didn’t have my smoothie today so I’ll have that tomorrow, I don’t like to rely on them bu