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  1. Really good day today. I am starting to feel the very early flutterings of the tiger blood returning, and that’s after just a few really good days. Today I ran at 6am and then had a full day at work, then did a fitness class at 7 pm. My food has been great, lots of protein at both lunch and dinner.
  2. Just a little update from me: May has been a terrible month and start of June not much better. I am really struggling to find my mojo and despite my food being actually compliant, my habits and behaviour is NOT. Plus I am drinking alcohol at weekends (only wine, and usually 2 x a week). My period was 14 days late this month and as a result i just felt totally crappy. Next weekend my husband and I are celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary ( we have organised a charity event and are running 10km in our wedding outfits (yes my big meringue dress!) and a party for family. But then after that
  3. I think you have a really strong strategy for your birthday and I’m sure you will be successful. For me, one of the most interesting things about w30 and the one that gives me the most (pun) food for thought is the whole thing around other people and your food. Why does what someone else is eating affect the way we feel? Why does what I eat affect the way someone else feels? If you can break that apart in your head it can really give you strength both for your W30 and for your food freedom. Good luck!
  4. @julieinCAhi! My hip pain was (I think) a type of bursitis (where the bursa gets inflamed). I had such a brilliant month in February, I was feeling so healthy and was running a lot and doing a lot of home workouts and I think I aggravated it. It was then really interesting to monitor how it flared up and was affected by certain foods. Dairy and grains in combo seemed to make it worse than either in their own. I also found if I ate too many eggs and/or nuts it was painful. Thankfully it seems to be back to normal now, but it’s taken 2-3 months
  5. Hi @Shannon was your first day?
  6. I’m not exactly sure which round I’m on now! I have had an awful month (May)- I’ve been generally on track but have had a few really bad days, and cannot remember the last time I felt the tiger blood. My hip/running injury is now healed, but after a week away on holiday (food was 100% compliant, but there was a lot of wine drunk!) and then developing a cold, I still don’t feel 100% yet. Just had my 2nd Covid jab today so I expect I will feel a bit rough after that too. I have decided to do a real back to basics month , just to get myself fighting fit for summer! July 20 marks 1 full year of wh
  7. It’s just been a stressful exhausting few weeks. Not sure how Covid is affecting things still where you are, but in the Uk it has changed the way we are doing exams at the end of high schools- well my job is organising the exams in a high school, so you can imagine how difficult it has been! I am currently on holiday and I am really enjoying some really clean eating and time to work on some self care. It’s got very warm here so lovely sunny days on the beach, lovely salads, bbq and fruits. Yummy! I ate a tiny bit of gluten based flour/batter last night on some fish and my stomach was re
  8. We do have turkey bacon here but I have never looked at it, I will try it. I have never found a compliant bacon and I tend to use Parma ham if I want a bacon-y twist! I have had a diabolically bad week. I had a massive crash out yesterday, exhausted, stressed, hormonal- I went totally off the rails. And then today I finish work, go home, start packing to leave for holiday tomorrow- and then get a call from my daughter to say her friend had tested positive for Covid and she has to self isolate for ten days! So she can’t come on holiday with us!! Luckily she is 17 and very sensible but
  9. I don’t think our animal brains ever really forget that McDonald’s (or chocolate, or pizza, or cake...) gives us that emotional boost that no healthy food can give. That chemical rush we experience when we eat those things, our bodies remember that when we feel stressed or anxious. Sometimes we can overrule that, but I don’t think it ever goes away. I had a stressful day today and then heard some sad news and I self medicated with some dates and nut bars which was as close to sweets/candy as is possible to get on w30. So I know where you are! I hope you have a good day tomorrow
  10. Hey you are starting again! Good for you. I think R2 will feel different to R1, you get the tiger blood quicker I found, and the detox isn’t as harsh. I agree about planning your food, this week I have not planned well and I have just found I skipped a meal or just ate an apple. That’s ok for one day but after a few days it gets really boring and I start getting hungry.
  11. My food is generally pretty good anyway, I have got into a good routine now and I genuinely don’t eat non compliant food except a very occasional attempt at reintro, but they aren’t working out well for me. Grains make me ache, dairy makes me just an absolute feeding demon and I will eat anything and everything. I’ve not tried cheese yet or any complete blow out like pizza or McDonald’s. I just want the tiger blood back! although I suppose my baseline has changed and my feeling tired now is probably no where near where I was before? Who knows. Although there are other positives, such as I f
  12. Hey @Maria Fernandai had a really rubbish start to be honest. I had the most horrific food poisoning last week and it completely knocked me out for about 4 days, and I ate some toast which instantly made my bad hip flare up again. I was feeling really miserable. Then last week I’ve just struggled to regain my strength really, I’m running again but not doing very well and eating well but still not feeling as healthy as I want. so my w28 has now become a w13 til I go on holiday but that’s ok. I never really reintroduced anything anyway so I’m just ticking along but trying to be more st
  13. I did a slow roll (verrrrry slooooow) over about 8 months because I, like you, thought there were no food sensitivities and was mostly working on my relationship with food. However, by doing that I have found I absolutely have some effect from dairy and gluten/grain, I also am very sensitive to pimento (allspice) and I have also learned since incurring an injury to my hip that I am sensitive to too many eggs. Eg can eat mayo, or 1-2 eggs, but if I have 3 or 4 in a day then I get inflamed. So I would still suggest that you reintroduce things gradually and separately and monitor how they affect
  14. @Healthgrab I’ve had a really bad start actually as I’ve had terrible food poisoning on Wednesday (day 3) and then as a result, my food on weds and thurs was precisely nil and my food on Friday was potato and a tiny amount of mango. And a can of full sugar fruit fizzy drink (like Tango?) to get some sugar into myself. Today I have started again but my appetite is tiny and I am really not in the mood for any kind of raw veg or salad, so the meal template is fairly non existent. it’s annoying because I really wanted that lovely boost of feeling better and now even more so I need that!
  15. I started my 4th round on Monday but then on Wednesday was struck down with the most horrific food poisoning. So it’s been a shaky start. I was already pretty much w30 anyway as I had reintroduced so few foods, but on Thursday the only thing I could stomach really was a slice of toast with marmite- cue almost instant flare of inflammation in a long standing hip injury which still has not completely subsided. I will resume my full W30 when I feel properly up to it but at least for now I know that’s a no-no, along with dairy (which I reintroduced after one of my previous rounds). What I ha