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  1. I’ve had a few answers today. 1) I have a really sore throat, which could go part way to explaining some of my trouble this week, maybe this has been brewing away. 2) physio answered a lot of questions, prescribed some stretches, didn’t say I couldn’t run on it, and really explained and showed me the places on my leg where I am weak and why my hip is bearing the brunt of it. Very useful and informative. and I feel a lot better today, although quite frankly I could eat and eat and eat right now, as my binge yesterday has left my cravings fully switched on. Luckily there is ab
  2. Today I have had another almighty crash out. I do not know what is going on with me right now. Considering I’ve been pretty much sugar free, dairy free, grain free since July 2020, the last month I have had more sugar and rubbish than the rest of those months put together. I wonder if it’s related to not drinking, whether maybe I am seeking solace somewhere else almost subconsciously? I’m trying not to beat myself up about it because I know that food guilt is my biggest enemy, but I’m cross and frustrated with myself and I thoroughly despise this place; this horrible feeling of that I have los
  3. Brilliant, welcome the the forum. good luck!
  4. That sounds like you have things well under control @MadyVanilla sensible choice with your meal, this is real life after all. Your posts always remind me to do more yoga. I love it, but I never make time for it, then will do a burst of daily practices and feel so good, then it dwindles off again. But you have motivated me to find a YouTube when my boys are out at football practice tonight
  5. Weds morning, yesterday was ok. Especially considering I had a bad night and then worked from home, I did not graze or end up in the kitchen, just ate my 3 meals as planned. I did go out for a run and it was fine, but in the evening was very painful. So will have another week resting it, then will assess and then will consider a physio or other specialist to really get it sorted. However I feel that perhaps a longer, 6 weeks or more, rest would be prescribed and I genuinely don’t know how I would cope with that. anyway, today. I’m not sure about breakfast, lunch will be salad with tu
  6. A reasonable day for me today. I think I’m now 21 days alcohol free, and not many days strict w30 due to 2 restarts. But actually that’s ok. I am feeling some benefits from almost w30 for 3 weeks. I certainly feel less tired today, had a good da at work and have eaten well. Tomorrow I am doing a very biting conference, virtually, from home and therefore will absolutely need to break away from my screen so I have planned my meals carefully. I am really hoping for a run soon, I miss it so much! My hip is feeling almost recovered but now I’m scared of running too soon and going right back t
  7. Sunny Sunday here in the UK! Did some housework, some cooking for the week and the usual chores. I feel a lot brighter today, the bone crushing exhaustion seems to have passed, thankfully. I am sure I’ve had a virus of some sort and not that it’s simply w30 detox. my food today has been good: leftover beef burger (homemade obvs) for breakfast, I had a mackerel fillet and salad for lunch with some roasted Mediterranean veg, and dinner is going to be roast pork and Crackling. I still haven’t run (not since Tuesday) and went for another walk yesterday. No hiit classes either. Later on
  8. @MadyVanilla thank you, I did feel better today. I have stuck to plan, and stuck to my menu plan as well. interesting you say this about nightshades and fodmap. Over my many months of w30 and reintroductions I have been very inclined to think that eggs (in large quantities) and nuts (almonds especially) do strange things to me. I do feel absolutely exhausted though, to the point I have done a lateral flow Covid test as I just feel so washed out. I have a full fuzzy headache and just generally feel pretty horrible, and have all week. This may have contributed to yesterday’s blow
  9. Day 11, and oh boy did I hit a wall today. Physical, mental, emotional: I just fully slammed into it and it did not end well. Think I’m restarting (again!) as quite frankly the last few hours have been really quite far from w30! I don’t even know where it came from really, but anyway, a full binge (something I very rarely do these days) and now will have to deal with the consequences. I think, quite honestly, I am getting tired of doing this and not feeling any better. I’ve not run since Tuesday and before that Sunday, I have not done my usual classes, my food is almost always 100% o
  10. @MadyVanilla what an insightful and honest post. I empathise with so much you have written there. The hardest bit of any of my w30 has been the acceptance that I eat food as emotional comfort (I still do, often) and when that’s taken away, I have to feel all the emotions without my helper! My “food freedom” has generally been just compliant food, but introducing more and more non-compliant behaviours until I, like you articulate in your post, spiral out so much from the tightness of the rules that actually it’s irrelevant that my food is compliant. I feel just as bloated, over fed and stuffed
  11. @MadyVanillayes I do get some reassurance from knowing what’s in store (good and bad) - if this was my first time I think I’d have quit by now! I suppose it says a lot that I only knew my period was due because Facebook told me, not because I had a week of pmt so that in itself if a sign that good things are coming.
  12. Feel a lot better this morning, did not sleep brilliantly and had horrible night sweats? However have checked my tracker and it seems my period is due in a day or two so that could be why? My skin is also sore with several spots, again probably hormonal and also maybe my liver finally clearing out all the last dregs of alcohol!
  13. @MadyVanilla well done. I think in a way it’s good that you restarted. We can so easily develop that ‘it’s ok’ sort of mentality and I think it’s a strong statement to ourselves that we deserve to do it properly. I restarted last week for a similar reason; my almond milk wasn’t compliant, and also I knew I’d not germ as disciplined with behaviours as I wanted to be. It was an important lesson to learn. I use Fitbit too and I almost never ever get an 80 score! I am like you, high 70’s most days with an occasional 80 or more frequently, a very low one if I have a terrible night. I look
  14. Day 10 today, (15 days dry!) and I must admit I feel quite tired and grumpy tonight. I’ve done w30’s before but I’ve never been so up and down with my mood, starting every day feeling really good and then swinging towards feeling really grumpy, really moody, and quite down in the dumps. I have to keep reminding myself that I felt great this morning because I am finding myself thinking I’ve been like this for days, but actually for most of the day I’ve felt good. maybe it’s just the day 10 thing? Notoriously difficult, day 9/10/11 etc. So hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.
  15. Hi @Ferdinanthecatwelcome! I am a chronic binge eater too and this plan has helped me gain more control if it than anything I’ve ever done before. I have been doing this for over a year now and I do still get days where I eat more than I need to, but at least it is all healthy, nutritious food. I wish you the best of luck, I hope you enjoy the experience