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  1. Thursday, day 39. I had a horrible day yesterday and it didn’t end well. I looked back over my day and it’s no wonder why really, just a very stressful day at work and I didn’t even stop for a glass of water or any lunch. That’s never going to end well is it? today I got up early, went for a 6am run with my friend which was just lovely and then have had a better, less stressful day. Although probably still not enough water. I drank a litre once I got home though. This evening I am going out to a circuits class and then my dinner will be chicken thighs and salad/ veg. Last day at scho
  2. Wednesday morning, day 38. after my weekend went a bit awry I have gone right back to basics this week. Simple W30 food and really trying to eat more veg and drink more water at work. I’ve been trying to get more protein in as well, and fewer carbs. I go on holiday on Saturday and I cannot wait. This last few months has been very stressful and I need a break. I’m already worried/ thinking a lot about food. We are going with family and I know there will be alcohol every night. I am really quite determined not to drink every night as I know that I will feel horrible if I do. Food doesn’t
  3. @MadyVanilla you are doing so well! It sounds like you’ve really found your groove in your food freedom. I finished my w30 on Saturday and ended up drinking wine and then eating just a big load of everything! I haven’t got the moderation sorted yet. enjoy your next 2 workouts!
  4. After my first w30 I did pretty much 100% compliant food + wine for around 8 months and I still had the tiger blood and felt great. I find the food easy to be honest, certainly I find being super strict easier than any kind of moderation. I did drink last night, quite a lot, and today I feel wretched. Probably from lack of quality sleep more than anything. Feel tired and grumpy today. tonight we’re having roast chicken, roast potatoes and veg. While prepping the Sunday dinner I will prep some bits for the week ahead, I like to make my lunches in advance. my goal this wee
  5. So…… day 34. Last night I drank 2 glasses of white wine and ate some junk food. today I feel yuck! My stomach feels sloshy and empty. I’m drinking my coffee and bracing myself for morning bootcamp at 8am, one of my favourite fitness classes as I love being outdoors, but it’s a grey morning and I feel hungover! tonight I am going out, I have preordered my food as compliant as I can, so steak, veg, salad, no dairy/grains - my plan was always to have a drink tonight, but now I am reconsidering that as I want to do a long run tomorrow and that will be hard with a hangover. It was odd as I was
  6. Hi @doubledee yes I was starting to wonder where everyone was! Thanks for your encouragement.
  7. Day 32. Weighed in this morning and I have lost 7lbs which I’m really pleased with and it is all off my stomach so I look much slimmer feeling good, no plans to stop yet. I go on holiday in 10 days so will definitely keep it up til then. I may even continue while I’m away as it’s self catering at uk so no reason why I can’t just eat the way I have been at home. I will reintroduce wine though! Running with my friend tonight, food will be beef tikka curry and veg/salad overall, feeling really good and positive!
  8. Day…. 31! And I didn’t even clock it was day 30 yesterday, probably because I’m only just really starting to feel the tiger roaring so I have no intention of stopping just yet. I am going to continue with w30 food all the way but I may have a glass of wine at the weekend after a loooooong week. I didn’t even weigh myself as I wanted to on day 31! So I suppose that’s a positive sign that I am feeling good because I wasn’t counting the minutes to end, and I am in no way interested in any kind of chocolate, bread, cheese tonight. So all good. So here’s my positives in case anyone else b
  9. Sunday, day 28. I felt good today. Definitely feeling a little roar of the tiger now! Ran 5.5km and made good time, and other than that have had a nice relaxing day. I did some writing, something I love to do but I do have to feel right, it’s a sign that I am feeling good that I have managed to write something complete. another busy week ahead, with lots going on at work and Also lots of things with the children after school. I haven’t prepped any meals yet, just my mayo. Tomorrow I’ll take leftover meat from our roast and some salad although I have a lunchtime meeting so probably wo
  10. Saturday morning, day 27. My workout yesterday must have been tough as this morning I am feeling it in my core! Ran 13km with my friend this morning, felt good and it was a nice social slow run in the sun. I now feel justified to lounge in my hammock and read this afternoon in the sunshine.
  11. Day 26. Fri-YAY. This week has lasted 100 years! I felt really tired after work and dozed off on the sofa. Feeling hungry tonight and ate a fair bit of compliant food: fruit, meatloaf, nkd bar etc. I think just from a combination of exhaustion and waking early and probably not eating enough during the week. I’ve just eaten what I need tonight. I did a good workout, but haven’t made 10k steps today. tomorrow, doing my shopping for the week. I want to try some new recipes to have a push for the final few weeks.going for a run with my friend and it’s going to be sunny so it will hopeful
  12. Had you reintroduced wheat and dairy after your previous w30’s? Sounds like you’re very sensitive to either or both! You won’t have undone 30 days hard work, just go back to w30 for a few days and it will go. It sounds like you should reintroduce them separately to find out which one caused the bloating feeling so you can avoid it in future.
  13. Day 25. Woke early again today, 5.40! It’s the only thing about w30 I don’t enjoy! I’m feeling good though now I’m awake. I have (another!) really busy day ahead with lots of meetings scheduled. My food is prepped: I have meatloaf and sweet potato for lunch, and then chimichurri chicken for dinner. I’m going to try to get to the gym tonight but if it’s sunny I might go for a run instead. I’m aware that my appetite has really dropped away, I know I’m eating more protein this week and fewer carbs and the impact of that is that I don’t graze anywhere near as much and feel much more satisfied
  14. Day 24. I woke up early at 5.45 and will go out for a run once I’ve drink my coffee. I’m sleeping well at the moment but if I could get a few more minutes each night, I think it would really help me feel great. Another busy day ahead. My dinner tonight will be a Turkey mince and mushroom meatloaf and I really need to eat some extra veg as well. This will give me leftovers to have for lunch tomorrow as well. I feel so much better than I felt when I started out. I re-read my entries and my journal, where I had written all my woes and aches and pains! These are all so much improved! I’m
  15. Pm update on day 23. Had a very long day today, but felt good. No fuzzy head or White Noise in my brain. Don’t feel exhausted or craving junk food or carbs. I had tuna salad twice today, but in the evening I added avocado and extra mayo for some calories as I felt like I’d not eaten enough. tomorrow I am on a training course in the morning and have a meeting in the afternoon. I will take my lunch to eat But may need to eat in my car! water is my biggest target this week, I’m just not drinking enough and I don’t think about it at work because I’m so busy, it’s only when I st