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  1. Kirkland

    Sugar in whole-cut meats?!

    I am not a scientist, a nutritionist, or a doctor. I am a just a soccer mom with a diet coke addiction who a dark sense of humor. That being said you have 3 choices, freeze it, eat it before you start, or uses it till it is gone and don't buy that brand again. I would advise the first two but it is your body, your whole 30, and your mileage may vary. I hope it is a great experience for you!
  2. Kirkland

    Diet Coke Dragon

    Thank you all for the support and encouragement, feedback and advice. I will say you all make some valid points that bear weight, but I think I have found the problem. Apparently, according to my Dr., It is very common for those who deficient in Calcium and Manganese to crave cold soda. This made so much sense to me especially with taking all dairy out of my diet. I ate quite a bit of dairy before whole 30, as well as OJ with added calcium, and daily chewable that was high in calcium and was not whole 30 complaint. We are waiting on blood work but she wants me taking an OTC Calcium supplement for sure, and may do a prescription on depending on blood work. Adding in more of the Darker greens like kale, (I am more of a spinach girl I put that stuff in everything) As well as more nuts and blueberries to boast Manganese intake. Fingers crossed
  3. Kirkland

    Diet Coke Dragon

    laura_Juggles, Thank you for your feedback and encouragement. I am taking in about 4 cups (1 big travel mag) of black coffee almost every day. I usually have an unsweetened glass of orange black tea at dinner. I have added in the Runa clean energy drinks around 3 if I feel like I need it as well. I would say this doesn't fit they classic craving model. It does not last 3 -5 min and once I get through the moment I am over it. It is an almost constant want. If I am not drinking something else my body is crying out for diet coke. I am proud of myself for making it 23.2 days, and I know my body is reacting well to the program in many ways, this one just has me stumped. I know my body does not need diet coke, but I am wondering if it legitimately needs something else and diet coke is tricking my body into thinking that need is being met, hence why it is crying out for it relentlessly. Like people who are iron deficient in iron will very often chew on ice a lot or those deficient in chloride will crave chips and popcorn and anything salty. I only have 6 days left, and I can not say this has improved for me at all over the course of my 1st run if anything it has gotten worse as time has gone on. I am going to see my doctor in about 2 weeks and I am going to chat with her about in hopes she might be able to shed some light on it. Overall this has been a very positive experience for me physically and emotionally. I know I still have work to do but I feel like I have gotten a bit of boost style start. I want to keep moving forward with what I have been practicing overall, and my plan is to add dairy back in (if my reintroduction goes well) and stick to the rest 95% of the time. I know that can be a crux point. Fake sugar is in many ways worse for our body than the real stuff, it pulls our system out of wack in so many ways. I don't want to lose the positive progress I have made, and I don't think I can keep this up longterm without some kind of relief.
  4. I am on Day 19 of my first whole 30 and overall it is going very well. I found I like ghee better than butter, I am no longer missing pasta/bread/grains, I feel better and I am sleeping better, and I know my sugar dragon is though not quite slain at least considerably tamed. My diet coke dragon, however, has not stopped trying to burn me alive. Before starting whole 30 I thought we ate very well as family, now I would say we ate ok before after realizing how much sugar was hiding in our food (dill pickles SERIOUSLY!!) My major vice though was diet coke. The first week I knew it would be hard I was prepared for that, but I was not expecting it to still be this hard. It is the only major craving I am still having, it is not one that lasts for 3 -5 min or even 15 to 30 min, it is almost constant and I can not seem to kick it. When my Aunt Flow arrived to visit a few days early yesterday I hit a very solid brick wall and continued to beat my head bloody against all day. I have tried both La Costa and spindrift and have come to enjoy them they are great for that 3pm woo-saw in my workday, but they in no way diminish my desperate want of a diet coke. I have learned to like black coffee and even have tried the Runa clean energy drinks thinking maybe it is just the caffeine and I need that bost, and again I enjoy these but it in no way helps with appealing this dragon. As I am nearing the home stretch of my whole 30 I am worried that I still have not seen a change in the burning desire for the most unhealthy thing I put in my body. I am confident that I am going to continue to eat whole 30ish at the end of the reintroduction (I need some dairy in my life though) and I know that I have a MUCH healthier relationship with food, but I am not at all confident about not drinking diet coke. Is there something I am doing wrong? or Is it possible my body has a legitimate need for something else and is trying to get it here? Like people who are iron deficient in iron will very often crave chewing on ice. At this point, I am only hanging on by the hope that on day 31 (because I am not in a rush to reintroduce anything else) I am going to drink one and not like it anymore, and that will, in turn, put an end to the cravings. Almost like an ex-smoker who feels like they desperately want a cigarette and when they have one feel sick and disgusted by it now. Has anyone else been through this, was there anything that I haven't already tried that worked for you? SK
  5. Kirkland

    teen eating junk food when out with friends

    There is already so great advice in here but I will throw my two pennies in as well. #1 Don't make it about weight, young girls are already so self-conscious about this. I completely understand your concern, and that you want to set her up to be healthy not just now but for the rest of her life. I get it and I respect it, that being said you want to make sure that you don't end up with a worse problem with food like anorexia or bulimia. No matter how you help her address it whole 30 or another way recommended by your doctor try being a coach verse a cop. Cheer her on support her and inspire her. #2. Rule out anything medical, have your doctor do a basic work up with thyroid, blood sugar, vitamin levels etc. Ask the Dr to do a mental health screen, talk with your daughters' school about the ADD/ADHD testing. Make sure you are not looking at a black and white painted horse that looks a lot like a zebra. #3 Try adding in more healthy exercise in a fun way. Find a sport she loves, go to the mall before the stores (and junk food stalls) open just the two of you and window shop while you walk. Hit trampoline parks or a rock climbing gym. This helps physically as exercise regulates blood sugar and release endorphins. If it is craving getting a hit of "those feel-good chemicals" to your brain will often nix the craving in the moment. It also has many emotional benefits. #4 Get her to buy in, there a ton of great suggestions on that above the only hong I would add is start by maybe asking open-ended questions that focus on her whole health not just her weight. How do you feel about your body? How do are your energy levels? How are you sleeping? How do you feel about your skin and hair? How do you feel emotionally? How do you feel about your physical stamina? The key part is using active listing here. Really hear her and let her know it. If she pushes back on the conversation step back for a bit and try again. When she is open to it share with her how much better all these things were for you after trying whole 30. Explain to her it is not a diet, it is a food experiment. #5 When she ready to do it together. Grab a copy of the journal whole 30 day by day, read it together every night and share and support each other Finally, know that you are her mom. You know your daughter better than anyone else, you know what she needs and what works for your family. The is not "one true way" to parent take what works from you here and in all the other comments and leave the rest. You and your daughter's millage will vary. ~SK
  6. The one thing I have learned with kids lunches is it is less about the food itself and more about the presentation. Think about the character on the box tha tinterests them more than the flavor of yogurt. Cut fruit and veggie into shapes animals, flowers, or cars with little cookie cutters, make a rainbow fruit kabob, I bought a book a few years back called WElicious lunches that has been a great resource as well. Not all of it is whole 30 approved but many recipes just need a tweak or two and several are good to go as is. Our go-to standards have been Chicken salad with homemade mayo Grilled chicken nuggets with a complaint dip - brown mustard is great and are many of the dip made from the base of homemade mayo roll ups - complaint lunch meat with a tiny bit of homemade mayo rolled tightly and sliced into small circles place them in the container in a way that creates a design. We use a mix of turkey, lamb, and roast beef (or beast as it is called in our house) and that gives us different color variations hard boiled eggs - draw on them with a no toxic marker when you pack them and your kids will go crazy for them Leftover meatballs, turkey, beef, or chicken Homemade complaint potato salad and lots of fruit and veggies!! Hope this helps
  7. Kirkland

    Drink Ideas for Kid's Lunch

    We feel your pain! My daughter was not at all happy for the first 5 days or so but has since been great with it EXCEPT for drinks. We were never big fast food eaters but Sonic happy hours was an almost daily part of our life. I haven't even tried for milk variations as I don't want her to hit a SWPO frustration wall of this does not even resemble what I asked for, but I have found a few good and easily packable drink options. spindrift sparkling water - the raspberry lime is the hands down fav in our house Rethink Water and last but not least Drazil Kids tea a true indulgence as they are made with fruit juice. I am not sure if every flavor is a complaint but the tropical and passion punch are We have also been making freshly brewed complaint herbal teas as well. Hope this helps! ~SK