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  1. cpsj85

    Newbie on Day 5 - Hiya!

    Thank you! Yes, I've always been pretty impulsive with eating too. It's getting easier to pass by other options as each day passes. Like at the movies! I hid a water in my purse and a larabar, just in case, haha. My son's at least trying things. I tell him to try it and he does, so at least he gives it an effort. He really liked these taco burgers I made. He had a bun (and I didn't, of course), but he said they were the "best burgers" he ever had, so yay! lol Now to get that kind of enthusiasm with veggies :O
  2. cpsj85

    What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like

    Nice post. Thanks! I had no idea that's how to tell how many serving sizes of eggs. I just eat 2 regularly! Now I'll have to go see how many I really should be eating!
  3. cpsj85

    Newbie on Day 5 - Hiya!

    Hi everyone. I'm Cassandra! I'm on Day 5 of Whole30 and so far, everything is going okay. I started Whole30 because... well, because I'm not happy with the way I look. I'm 33. Before I had my son (he's 9 now), I was naturally skinny and definitely what any doctor considered underweight, but I could eat anything and not gain a pound. I gained 70 lbs while pregnant and after, for a while, I hung around 125 lbs. Then, I had an ectopic pregnancy and lost one tube. 3 months later, another ectopic, only this time the shot "saved" me. In the years after, my weight slowly rose... 135, 140. Okay, I wasn't happy but the doctor said I was finally a healthy weight. Last year, another pregnancy, where I lost my other tube, but by then, I was already hovering consistently around 158 and I'm 5'6. A little "overweight" but every doctor I knew telling me I was "healthy" for my age. All the weight hangs in my thighs, stomach, and behind, although my upper body has definitely "widened" over the years; my thighs touch and every time I look at my stomach, my eyes will get misty because I'm fat, not pregnant (and never can be again, actually, which is an incredibly depressing topic all on its own). My skin used to never break out and now, I had little "pimple-like" things showing up on my neck and moving to my face, my face is always flushed, and a bunch of other things I won't spell out here. I did drink soda but I've given that up many times, even recently, but this time, stopping drinking it didn't change anything. Sugar, I would eat starbursts by the bag within two days of opening it. And "whole wheat"... I thought it was better. I didn't eat many vegetables and never have. Being autistic, I've always had food issues and many texture issues, to the point I can still remember the terrible taste of lima beans from when I was a child and how nasty beer is. Many foods & spices could give me a stomach upset just by the smell and I have to run to the bathroom! I didn't fight it because... that's how food has always been to me. I hated eating and the time it takes to make things to eat, I wanted something as quick as possible so I could do the things I wanted to do instead, so I would eat the same things over, and over, as well as bland as possible. All I know is, I never thought eating differently might make me feel, well, differently, about food. Yes, I still hate the prep work and having to psyche myself up to go 'get it done' so I could eat every day, but I'm doing it, even if it takes me 30 to 45 minutes to get up to make breakfast after I'm out of bed. I've always had a "small stomach" probably from my habits over the years, so it's hard to keep eating even when my body is screaming that it's full, because I know darn well I'll be hungry 2 hours later if I don't. I 'readjusted' my taste to water (which I typically drink sparkling or water like Fiji, because I can taste all the chemicals/minerals in the tap water and it's nasty) by adding a piece of fruit at first, but even in 5 days I don't need to do that anymore to my water OR the now unsweetened iced tea (of which I'm trying to only have one cup of before noon). As for veggies? One day at a time. At this point, I'm eating sweet potatoes, carrots, lettuce, and broccoli. Tonight I'm going to try cauliflower for the first time in forever. I've discovered plantains and baked a green one into some 'chips' the other day, which my son liked too, at least. I'm just going to add things one by one to see if I can handle them, although zucchini is out for the moment since last time I ate one, I had an allergic reaction. And yesterday, try as I might, I couldn't nap because I just had too much energy, which is fine until the fact I need to stay up until 2 or 3 am on some nights, as my current job is rideshare... and I am sleepy by midnight...lol. An entirely different problem I'll need to come up with a solution for. How am I feeling? Awake. I start to feel tired when I'm hungry... today I made it nearly 4 hours between breakfast and lunch. My neck and face are clearing up, I can see a little difference already in my 'weight' area. I'm trying to get my son eating better, too, so we'll see how that goes. thanks for reading. I'll update in a few days!