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  1. Hi All, Can't believe we are more than half way there. I am not feeling any "tiger blood" at all. I think it has to do with lack of sleep more than anything. I am still fighting cravings of sugar. Also, I live in Hawaii where a hurricane is heading our way. Hopefully, it will pass us by just leaving lots of rain. My pants are not looser at all. But it is "that time of the month" and my cycle has been off, of course it would happen now. I am feeling a little discouraged wondering if all this is worth it. Cooking and buying more stuff to cook is expensive. Hawaii food costs are high. Anyhow, it is encouraging to hear that Candice is doing well! I really hope that by next week, I will be much more energetic and have looser pants!
  2. Day 11!! Yay! Although today I am not feeling 100% well. My stomach has been bugging me and I am tired for some reason. Still no "tiger blood" but I am hoping that will come next week. No big plans this weekend (that I know of), so that is a plus for me. I made my own mayo which I am very proud of and used it as dressing. I get the whole FOMO thing, but it's only 19 (18 really) more days. We got this!
  3. Thank you so much. I did very well at the party! Thankfully, the food did not look very appetizing.
  4. Today is day #11 and I am not feeling so well. My stomach is bothering me and I have a headache. Last night I made Thai coconut soup and this morning I ate ground beef mixed with veggies and eggs. I ate a banana with a little almond butter about an hour or so after breakfast because my mom tells me that bananas are supposed to help upset stomachs. I am also feeling very tired today. I am not sure why since I did get at least 7 hours of sleep last night. I am still waiting for that "tiger blood" to kick-in. I hope that all of you Whole30ers are doing well today!
  5. Emily808

    Confused - Sulfites in Balsamic Vinegar

    So if it says “contains sulfites”, that means it’s natural, right?
  6. How is everyone doing? I know it's only day 3! I am feeling tired and hungry and I want to eat chocolate. But I am not giving in. I told myself I would do this till the end. Wish my luck as I have an unexpected graduation party to attend this weekend. I know there will be lots of good food and drinks there. I guess I will have to pack my meal..
  7. Hi! I am starting today too! I have a partner at work doing it with my as my family, although somewhat supportive, is not going to do it with me. I live in Hawaii, so it is still morning here. I ate 2 eggs with zucchini, half and avocado and compliant sausage for breakfast. I feel full now, but I am drinking my coffee with some coconut milk added which is making me crave sugar, it seems. Or maybe it's the salt from breakfast. I am excited and a little nervous to be on this journey. I look forward to seeing the results with hopes it will help my digestive issues, skin issues and arthritis pains. Good luck everyone!