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  1. Thanks for the encouragement. I have stayed compliant. I am really exhausted right now. I don’t have energy to cook lunch so I might skip it. I know it’s not ideal but it better than eating something I shouldn’t. My husband just got home and he’s in a bad mood which doesn’t help. I really want to ask him to cook me something. He’s eating the leftover Zoës I got for him.
  2. Hey ! I am feeling very similar to you. I am currently on day 18 as well. I was really banking on that tiger blood feeling. I almost gave up today too. Thank you for reminding me that I would have likely felt guilty. my thought now is they say it takes 21 days to make something a habit. I’m trying to convince myself once I get to day 21 this way of living will be a habit. Lol.
  3. Day 18. I am disliking the whole30 stages because I was expecting tiger blood from day 16 forward and that wasn’t the case today. Last night I got home later because my internship. I decided to make breakfast for dinner so I could also have it for breakfast in the morning. My husband decided to work a double at work (he’s a firefighter so works 24 hour shifts). I am tired and did not want to make anything. I think having leftovers two days in a row was a bad idea then my husband at work 2 days unable to help. I think that’s my fault but going back to work was harder than I thought. I
  4. I just wanted to say my social media is against me. I keep getting donut Ads on my instagram and I am not even searching donuts or anything. it’s the one thing I keep craving. day 17. Busy. Will try and post tomorrow
  5. Day 16! I am so excited I have passed the halfway point. I was super busy Sunday with meal prep and Monday going back to work. I made a super delicious pot roast on Sunday which will be my lunches for the week. i have so many leftovers in my fridge. Last night I just had leftovers. i love having many leftovers in the fridge! M1- bacon, hash browns, and eggs. With coffee. my teeth are bothering me right now which is random, I just went to the dentist so I think that is it. I will update later. ❤️ also thanks for all the community support so far!
  6. I don’t know if your a coffee drinker but sometimes I get my morning coffee put it in a blender with a tablespoon of coconut milk (from the can) and blend it. I even add my collagen peptides to make it frothier. But it gets frothy with the coconut milk too. it’s a good way to add some fat
  7. thank you!! day 13 ! Today is a great day everyone. Felt very productive. m1- the usual (eggs, hash browns, Pederson mild sausage links, coffee with nut pudd) snack- husband went shopping today instead of Sunday so I ate some fruit and veggies I had pre cut to make space for the new food! m2- turkey lettuce wrap with tomato and quac snack- not really a snack but I had some gold potatoes that needed to be baked. I did a whole bunch for the coming week. They were too tasty not to “taste” a couple. m3- the best feeling meal in a while. It’s this
  8. Day 12 almost complete!!! I officially made it past day 10, where I quit during my first whole30. Yesterday I felt amazing but I knew I didn’t eat enough when I got into bed. I only slept a few hours and today has been a blur but I am feeling more optimistic m1- eggs with ghee, hash browns, 3 Pederson sausages and a side of raspberries m2- spaghetti squash with meat sauce. snack- plantain crisp with guac m3- steak with brussel sprouts. trying to avoid the RXBars.. I have been eating one per day the last few days. I’ve had some diarrhea the past few day’s
  9. Yay!!!!! We have similar victories this week. My first time I quit on day 10 too! Today is day 12 for me and I feel great. I also watch the bachelor ! I am excited in a few weeks I can have a glass of wine watching when the season becomes more intense. i went to a movie a few day’s ago and brought complaint snacks. I didn’t eat anything. It was tempting.
  10. Day 10 Hey guys! I am feeling much better yesterday and today currently at a movie place that has full service food. I brought my snacks just in case it is very tempting. I quit on day 10 my first round so I am trying to stay strong I think it’s okay to get out. we have a crockpot cooking bbq pork at home will update later
  11. Day 7 I slept better last night but was so exhausted today. I had to go grocery shopping too which took forever. I really wanted two cups of coffee but only had one. I can’t even think clearly. I am doing all the planning, my husband was asking what he could do and I couldn’t even verbalize it lol. I just have 0 energy. I do not remember being this tried during my first whole30 but my eating habits the months prior were worse than the first time I did it in 2018. I am hoping that day 8 I wake up with more energy. also woke up with my tummy hurting. I added some compla
  12. Day 6. I am completely exhausted I told myself I would go on treadmill today but that did not happen. I’ve sorta just sat around all day. I had a difficult sleep last night I couldn’t fall asleep until 1am and woke up for a few hours around 4am. I slept until 10:30am and felt like I had been hit by a semi truck. I haven’t slept in that late since I was 21! I am trying to get through the first 10 days but I know I need to get my sleep back on schedule. I go back to work on 1/13 and need to be consistent. Just trying to get by right now. I am not even in the mood to list my
  13. I hope you continue to feel better! I have a history of gastrointesntjonal issues. Today was a rough one. It’s almost 5am and having tummy issues. I need to switch to low foodmap foods as well. I think onion is In so many whole30 recipes. I need to stay away from it.
  14. I used to made defined dish breakfast taco bowls (you can add spinach/mushrooms/onions to the eggs to add more veggies).