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  1. Mandy612

    Starting August 20!

    @Michele B. Oh how lucky to subscribe to a meal plan that is Whole 30-ish! Here's my system for what it is worth. I made a simple meal planner in the Pages word processing program, with "Breakfast, Lunch Dinner, Activities and Next Day Prep" as my column headings. My current week is below. I went through the Whole 30 cookbook and filled in about a week's worth of meals. I searched online for some recipes that sounded good to me, and asked my husband's input as well. If the recipe goes over well, (about 50% of the time), I'll add it into the rotation a week or so later. So far I haven't run out of ideas, but only at this for 12 days (5 days with my husband). I must say I am getting a bit fatigued of spending time in the kitchen and washing dishes. I use the Pilot Frixion erasable pens which I love as plans change so frequently! I'm also logging my meals under the Mandy's Whole 30 Log in that forum section if you are interested.
  2. Mandy612

    Starting August 20!

    @AndreaF I have a similar strategy on planning ahead for my "worth it" moments. I plan on being Whole 30 until Sept 22, re-intro until Oct 2 (where I test out gluten at a lunch with a friend), and then we are going south from Oct 5-9 where I will not be cooking. After that I'm going to be Whole 30 plus the foods that don't bother me and then full Whole 30 again from Nov 24 to Dec 24. I think it is great that you are planning ahead!
  3. Mandy612

    Starting August 20!

    Isn't the Day by Day book the best? I normally write in the Five Minute Journal every day but Day by Day will replace that for the month. Love your breakfast @Hope4Overcomers !
  4. Mandy612

    My Whole30 Results

    Congratulations on completing the Whole 30, this story is really inspiring!
  5. Mandy612

    Starting August 20!

    OK if I join in with your group? I am officially starting on my first Whole 30 August 24th with my husband as that is when his vacation starts, but I have been mostly compliant since Friday. The headaches for the first 3 days were really something! I am noticing increased productivity, perhaps relating to no more wine with dinner. Anyone else experience this?