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  1. Miriam71

    I’ll never go back

    @Samantha31289 I just started another whole 30 again on Monday. And I’m gonna go through Christmas with that. It’s amazing how wonderful I feel on this program.
  2. Miriam71

    Starting in January!

    I was also on weight watchers and by the time I was done with that I was sick of chicken and I didn’t care if I never saw another chicken again in my entire life! Plus you spend your entire life counting points and all the artificial foods that people eat on the program are insane. And I gained and lost the same 2 to 3 pounds all the time. I never actually lost anything significant. And I was really good. The awesome thing about this program is that you get actual real food. You don’t give up anything that’s food. I couldn’t believe how awesome I felt when I was done. And whole 30 is so easy to do. My first whole 30 I lost 7 1/2 pounds. I was never ever hungry. The hardest thing was eating three meals a day honestly.
  3. Well, it’s been a couple months since my first whole 30. I have felt so awesome lost 7 1/2 pounds and my colitis went into remission. It’s time for another whole 30 I want to end the year on a good note.
  4. Miriam71

    What about men?

    I’m glad we have a forum just for women but you know it would be maybe a good idea to have one just for men. They have issues caused by diet as well. There are a number of issues especially soy in everything and sugar, and how does diet affect a man’s testosterone? Other ways that this particular way of eating helps men? I think they’re like maybe 50% or so of the population.
  5. Miriam71

    Achieving is believing

    I have enjoyed reading about your journey. You’ve done an awesome job. I’m almost done with my very first whole 30 and I’m never going back. I hope you keep posting here, I love your thread and I have read it over again from the beginning because I enjoyed it so much.
  6. Miriam71

    I’ll never go back

    Thanks. I'm just afraid this is going to go away.
  7. Miriam71

    I’ll never go back

    I’m halfway through my first whole 30. I am pretty amazed. I have not had a colitis attack since I started, my bones are not so achy , and I’m cleaning my house all the time. I haven’t had a nap in a week. I can’t see the point in putting foods back in. I will do some just to check it out. But I’m thinking this way of eating is very good for me. And even though I live with two people who aren’t even close to this it’s OK.
  8. Miriam71

    Continue after 30 days

    I’m planning to continue after my 30 days. I like too much how good I feel.
  9. I started whole 30 on September 7 and I haven’t had any bad symptoms of anything. Everything has just gotten better. I’m going to continue doing this because I love how I feel. My achy bones are better, I haven’t had a collitis attack since I started, I don’t nap anymore. And my house is cleaner. All in all it’s all good and I’m not even done. This is going really well.
  10. Miriam71

    Tobacco Products

    I have Allen Carrs book. He underwent hypnosis to quit smoking and what the book is is basically a session. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me but I might try it again.
  11. Miriam71

    Tea additives

    I just drink plain old Lipton tea. Orange pekoe & pekoe cut black tea. That’s it nothing else.
  12. Miriam71

    Stumped by NO sleepiness after coming off SAD

    I’m on day 19 and the only side effects I’ve noticed are that I no longer nap. My house is cleaner. I have had no collitis attacks since I started whole 30. I am so happy.
  13. Miriam71

    Slip Up

    Did it say may contain soy or says it contains soy. Was soy listed as one of the major ingredients in the list or as an afterthought. You could think about just adding a couple days to the end so four days. So you will have a complaint whole 30.