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  1. You're doing awesome, and it shows!
  2. MichelleCA

    Day 2

    PS _ i was a hard-core diet Coke addict, 4-6 cans per day. Once you step away from it for a good month (w30!), the taste will horrify you when you try it again. I attempted to drink one - after not having it for a long while - when my grandma fell suddenly ill and passed, thinking I NEEDED the comfort/solace of my old friend diet Coke - only to have it repulse me! Never touched the stuff again - even the smell is so fake. It does get better! And my current fave drink is flavored sparkling water: you get all the bubbles and nothing fake (La Croix tangerine and key lime are both delicious, as is Bubly strawberry).
  3. MichelleCA

    Day 2

    I'm eating mashed potatoes while I check the forums! Lots of ghee and onion salt, and I love to also mash up potatoes with other root veggies (turnips, rutabaga, celery root). Sooo delicious and such a nice change.
  4. Hi, @TeeAycherson - some of the Facebook groups are great! And very active. As for bacon: I do understand. I was a vegan for 2.5 years because I could no longer reconcile my extreme love of animals/grief for those without homes/etc with eating sentient beings. After 2.5 years of completely vegan fare, I was heavier than ever and hormones way out of whack (all the soy: tofu, miso, soy curls I prepared for family to WOW them that these weren't really meat...). My holistic practitioner had also been vegan in the recent past, and was STRONGLY encouraging me to resume eating animal products - but well-raised/humanely-raised/pastured animals, NOT factory. I discussed with her my wrestling with guilt, and how she was able to come back to omnivorous eating. She said, "I figured, it's them or me!" This made me laugh, but it did hit home - so I vowed that, by resuming meat-eating, I would source the best possible meat and eggs available, which often cost 3x the price of conventional. Whole Foods has a welfare-rating system for the animals' lives, 1-5, which guarantees the animal's conditions/environment, so you can decide how much you want to pay versus the benefit to the animal (highest rating is that the animal never travels - is "processed" on-site, no trip in a cold truck). I get that it's still slaughter; reading Michael Pollan was helpful to me - particularly The Omnivore's Dilemma, which addresses the very idea of how we eat and how the foot we eat gets to us, so disconnected from its origin. Ultimately, you can do what feels best for you. But I avoid any sad animal posts/articles/movies at this point, because I DID avoid animal products - hoping my ethical/philanthropic intentions would pay off in supreme health - but it simply was not a fit for me and my health.
  5. I meant to mention also: I would go full-on with leafy veggies. No matter what you have, throw a few handfuls of baby spinach, or even lettuce as the base of your plate - I have ZERO problems with digestive issues on w30, because none of the glue-y gluten is being consumed to clog up the pipes, and the amount of hydration and roughage makes everything like clockwork. More veggies! Coleslaw is a great option because you can load it with compliant mayo and spices and some slivered apple for sweetness, and it is FABULOUS with steak or roast or ribs...
  6. Hi! So glad the suggestions resonate with you. Mashed root veg/potatoes, a big batch of them from the pressure cooker, with lots of ghee and salt (and sometimes garlic) have been a life-saver, satisfying and versatile (beneath some juicy meatballs, or chicken/gravy - nom nom paleo has an Instant Pot roast chicken with a gravy that is created from the cooking process, just blend it with arrowroot or tapioca - DIVINE). Speaking of, YES, Instant Pot all the way! They are so super cheap now, too. Mine is about 6 years old - bought it when I was vegan and cooking a lot of beans/grains. It has been used countless times, and I've definitely received my return on investment (it was $120 or so when I bought it, but they are now $80 I think?!). Go for it! And yesK, I told my family DO NOT TOUCH Instant Pot whenever it's on, unless they ASK me first. My kids are older, but no problems so far! And invaluable when you are busy - even for making roast potatoes/root veg: you can cook them 5 minutes, quick release, then plop them on a pan with some pastured duck fat, roast at a high temp till crispy. MUCH faster than roasting completely in oven. Currently, my fave w30 meal is to cook a seasoned/marinated pork shoulder in the IP for 70-90 minutes (depending on size), then broil it to get a crisp skin. FAR better than the 8-10 hours it would take to slow cook it. Serve with a citrus-y slaw and some tostones, YUM! Even my picky teenage daughter loves the pork roast, and my son makes a sandwich out of it. Thanx for asking! Day 6 of Round 2, all good! Need groceries and a bit financially drained right now, so biding my meals carefully...
  7. I would morph that craving into: a baked sweet potato with a few globs of GOOD ghee melting down over the top (Gather Superfoods has brown butter ghee that is DEE-LICIOUS; I also love Ancient Organcis) --OR --- mashed root veggies/potatoes infiltrated with ghee. I cook roughly diced root veggies/potatoes (celery root with potato is great! so are rutabaga and turnip) in my InstantPot (pressure cooker) for 7 minutes, quick-release the steam, then plop in ghee and a bit of almond/coconut milk creamer (unflavored of course) and some good sea salt. Super buttery and indulgent and compliant, and scratches that butter itch!
  8. MichelleCA

    On day 11!

    PS - make sure those eggs (3 maybe?) come with a big serving of greens and some starchy veggies and an avocado? My breakfasts are huge and filling and satisfying for a good 4-5 hours. This morning, I had a little bit of leftover pork roast, chopped up with 1/2 a steamed sweet potato; sauteed both in ghee till crispy, then stirred in several hand fulls of spinach till wilted, then topped with an over easy egg and 2 slices of leftover bacon on the side (fat). I usually have some sort of similar "hash" like this , and an avocado. You can even skip the egg if you're over it, making sure you have ground beef or homemade sausage or something similar + lots of veggies and that important fat serving! Give yourself a fighting chance, and nothing will tempt you.
  9. MichelleCA

    On day 11!

    You can do it, @AmandaFawn! And you have much to be proud of, the way you navigated last night's challenges. I was LOL about the mayo! I'd suggest having some compliant go-tos available (hard boiled eggs, carrot/jicama sticks in baggies, Wild Zora bars, Justin's Almond Butter squeeze packs, ghee squeeze packs (the latter 3 all available at Thrive market)) so you have them handy and at your side in case of these late mornings or forgotten condiments. Also, now is the time to spoil yourself with a REALLY good meal with lots of leftovers. The game-changer for me was feeling down/despondent, then making a riff on my grandma's meatloaf and mashed potatoes (all compliant, of course, and with mashed root veggies mixed in with just 2 potatoes). As soon as I sat down with it, I sighed with bliss, and those leftovers carried me through, telling me I could do this! Now I make it a priority to check in with my cravings and cook what sounds GOOD (rather than what is a recipe someone posted), and it has not failed me. I finished my 30d last week, went out of town a few days without meal-planning/etc, then right back on Round 2, started this past Monday. I won't say I regret having eaten some junk over the weekend, despite the fact that now - 5 days into R2 - my digestion and energy are finally feeling better; rather, those few days of eating "by the fly", unprepared, and indulging in some sugar, all showed me that nothing tasted as good as I remembered/longed for, and my first breakfast back on w30 was far more satisfying than anything I picked up on the road.
  10. MichelleCA

    Starting tomorrow

    Happy Day 1, @Jennifer-! I'm on Round 2, Day 3 - finished my first w30 last week. You can do it! Expect challenges to come up, be prepared with a stocked fridge/pantry of things that can be thrown together quickly (any type of hash with eggs on top and some avocado is a great meal).
  11. MichelleCA

    Anyone starting today, Oct. 22?

    Hi, @Gloria Starr! You're not back to square one if you experienced some benefits during your first round, AND realized the difference in how you feel while being off-round. All part of the process! From what you listed above, it seems like you could benefit from a huge increase in veggies. Try to stuff them into/onto everything. Even just a plate of eggs, lay them atop a huge bed of fresh baby spinach, which will wilt and taste lovely with the egg yolk residuals. When your plate is at least 1/2-full of veggies, and you are having sufficient fats, you will fill up at meals to where cravings just aren't a big issue - at least this was my experience. And if I am feeling peckish, some flavored tea is a nice treat (Republic of Tea has many delicious varieties, just be sure to choose those without stevia).
  12. @TeeAycherson - a big AMEN on food boredom! I never felt bored, just a bit overwhelmed (because of my schedule, fitting cooking in as an everyday event was daunting). But for the most part, I stocked up the fridge/pantry, no recipes in mind, decided what I was craving, and made that w30-compliant. SO many good meals, some I'll repeat, and some of the best were just thrown together. I love my root veggies, but always make sure to have a larger serving of leafy greens, even just steamed OR wilted beneath whatever hash/egg combo I make = so simple to get them in that way. I also love veggies with egg and avocado; have you tried nutritional yeast? I absolutely ADORE it on avocado and eggs. Also, HURRAH for awakening rested AND not hungry! From experience and tutelage, it's likely your non-famished state is due to a more balanced blood sugar/balanced hormones, eating those balanced meals with plenty of veggies, protein, and fat. Way to go! I finished my round last week, went 2 more days, then took 3 days off while traveling. Nothing I enjoyed gave me that boost/lift I used to previously believe was what I needed... and the w30 meals I make taste SO MUCH BETTER than anything I can buy elsewhere. I'm back on, R2D2.
  13. This is FABULOUS, @TeeAycherson! I think that's a huge bridge to making w30 work, that decision to care for your body (and mind) with nutrient-dense and nourishing foods (despite how the petulant inner-child whines).
  14. MichelleCA

    I can't live without Splenda

    I was a HUGE Diet Coke addict: 1 with each meal + a few more during the day and another after dinner. 6 pack a day, had to have it, my favorite beverage hands-down. A holistic practitioner friend told me Diet Coke was about the worst possible thing I could drink, which really startled me (since I'd assumed all my life that it was far better than sugary regular Coke, and I'd literally been drinking Diet Coke since childhood, as my mom always had it around in copious amounts). I forced myself off of it, switched to plain iced tea, then eventually seltzer/sparkling water (which I now adore). When I had to visit my grandma suddenly as she fell ill and passed unexpectedly, I bought myself a Diet Coke - about a month after having last had it. It was RETCHED. I could NOT drink it, dumped it down the drain. Your tastes WILL change, you just have to give your body the time.
  15. MichelleCA

    Anyone starting 9/17?

    YES YES YES! Those few days I took off, after 32 days on my first round (which we both finished last week), was equally telling and informative. I feel SO MUCH BETTER eating balanced meals filled with nutrients. I was finally able to separate my physical well-being from what my emotions told me I want. W30 gave me the space to experience that, and I'm forever grateful. How are you doing, @Zee_1? Are you still on 1st round, or have you done introduction?