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  1. nutburger

    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    Day 30: Meal 1: Bacon, tomato and spinach egg bake Meal 2: Leftover Kalua pig with roasted sweet potato; greens; tomato, with Primal Italian dressing Meal 3: NoCrumbs Left Heroine Chicken with roasted sweet potato, potato, and a side of greens Snack: meat stick, cashews, prunes Exercise: Spin class (13.9 miles!) Day 30! So happy to have finished my second Whole30. I lost six pounds, noticeably lost fat, and feel great. My energy and moods are much more stable. Every round I learn so much more about myself, food, and my relationship with food. Congrats to everyone who completed their Whole30. You guys are rockstars.
  2. nutburger

    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    Day 29: Meal 1: Bacon, tomato and spinach egg bake Meal 2: Leftover Kalua pig with roasted sweet potato; greens; tomato, cashews, and onion with Primal Italian dressing Meal 3: Cava bowl (spicy lamb, supergreens, harissa, cucumber, tomato, olives, date vinaigrette) Snack: meat stick, cashews Exercise: 45 mins Master of One class Not much to say - feeling great and surviving the polar vortex.
  3. nutburger

    Megan's First Whole30!

  4. nutburger

    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    Day 28: Meal 1: Two fried eggs, bacon, and TJ’s cruciferous slaw with an EVOO/balsamic vinegar dressing Meal 2: Cashews, Meat stick Meal 3: Nom Nom Paleos’ Kahlua pig and cabbage Exercise: One hour dance class Had a really great day. Just felt happy and had plenty of energy. Did a ton of meal prep for the week – egg bake, kahlua pig, roasted vegetables and set a chicken to marinade to make NoCrumbsLeft heroine chicken on Thursday (Day 30 treat!). I really like my new way of meal prepping – especially having something ready for breakfast so I’m not tempted by a bagel or a muffin. I’m working on ways to make it more filling though – maybe a side of sausages as well, or some avocado ? I find that I eat it around 9.30/10, and I’m hungry by 12ish. Not quite ready for the 30 days to be over, honestly – and I know it doesn’t have to be. Chasing that elusive balance.
  5. nutburger

    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    Day 27: Meal 1: Larabar Meal 2: Sweetgreens salad (spinach, almonds, sweet potato, chicken thigh, red onion, carrot, olive oil & vinegar) pictured. Meal 3: TJ's lime chicken patty on sweet potato sliders with guac and steamed broccoli Snack: deli turkey, cashews, prunes Exercise: None Today was an off day. I really lacked energy and still didn't feel great. I also felt a bit down mentally. I wanted chocolate or cake so badly and had a terrible body image day. I honestly think I would have felt much better if I had worked out but I also felt like I needed to rest. On the other hand, that salad was actually amazing. I've never craved salad before. So, on a positive note, my tastebuds have changed!
  6. nutburger

    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    Day 26: Meal 1: Steak & eggs & sautéed onions Meal 2: Roasted potato w garlic aioli Exercise: 45 min spin class (12 miles) Ugh. Today was rough. After breakfast I started to feeling really sick. My stomach was churning and I felt uncomfortable and at one point nauseated. The steak was maybe too rare for me but not sure if that set if off as if it was food poisoning it wouldn't have been so sudden. I still wasn't feeling great at dinner, hence a comfort meal of potato. I couldn't figure out if it was better to skip dinner, or to have just potato, so I chose to eat. Also, my skin had a small break out. I was feeling so good so no idea what is going on. Maybe its hormonal? Who knows. Trying to look at the positive - a small bowl of potato for comfort is a better choice than the chips and chocolate and bagel I could have had.
  7. nutburger

    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    Day 25: Meal 1: Apple Pie Lara Bar Meal 2: Cava bowl Meal 3: Steak and broccoli and roasted potatoes & garlic aioli Snack: Banana and almond butter Exercise: One hour dance class, 45 mins gym session Had a really good day! Ended up going to this pop up gym put on by Aaptiv hence the double workout and quick breakfast. I got this little gym all to myself which was great because...that never happens in this city, and it had free rx bars (sadly the rx bars are the peanut butter ones, but I took one for reintro!). Caught up with a friend and she knew what W30 was so we just had some tea in a cozy little coffee shop and then I went to Lush which was having BOGO on their Christmas leftovers and treated myself there. It's nice to have non-food rewards and nice to do social things that don't revolve around food. Also, cool how much energy I had to be able to handle two workouts! At the beginning of W30 we spent so much on food, buying all the specialty dressings and snacks etc that we just had to have to survive. Well last night I got some grass fed steak on sale, some potatoes, and a head of broccoli and it will make two delicious, quick meals for super cheap. Felt a little off after the potatoes again. May have to consider how much I eat them, which is a little sad as I'm like a hobbit with them. I know white potato used to be off limits on W30 but they changed the rules.
  8. nutburger

    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    Day 24: Meal 1: Andouille and veggie egg bake with avocado Meal 2: Leftover Epic meatballs with zoodles and olives Meal 3: TJ's chicken lime burger with spinach, onion, roasted potato, squash, and garlic mayo. Snack: Prunes Exercise: One hour yoga I made an effort to have a fat with every meal today and I feel like I was noticeably more satiated today. The thing about W30 is that you're just consistently learning and modifying the whole time. It's pretty cool. Also, I feel like i'm eating so much. The days I work out in the morning I'm definitely more hungry. I used to skip breakfast and then be starving and irritable at lunch but now I have my egg bake at like 10 and my lunch at 2 and it's a good deal. I'll admit, I did come home and considered having a Lara bar and banana and almond butter as my dinner, but while it's technically compliant I knew it wasn't in the spirit of things so I made something quick and I'm glad I did. However, something I ate did upset my stomach and gave me some pain and bloat, hence the prunes. I wonder if it was the potatoes. Felt good today. I honestly think I'm just more stable lately. Usually I have crazy mood swings and it's like a switch flips and I go off. I was always very emotional and sensitive. Now I just feel happier and things don't bother me as much. Lots of thoughts coming about reintroduction. Days are flying!
  9. nutburger

    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    Day 23: Meal 1: Andouille and veggie egg bake Meal 2: Leftover Epic meatballs with zoodles Meal 3: Left over sesame chicken and broccoli Snack: Banana with almond butter Exercise: 45 mins Barre class I had really weird mood swings today. Slept in a bit and decided to go to gym after work. Felt super, annoyingly happy for most of the day - super productive, clear-headed. But then got home after work and suddenly I was in a real mood. Didn't want to go to gym, felt super tired, and just generally annoyed and snappy. Had a snack and then forced myself to go do barre, which ended up being a good workout, and then I was fine after that and felt really hyper until late. Not sure if it was just me trying to talk myself out of a work out or what went on, but endorphins are real.
  10. nutburger

    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    Day 22: Meal 1: Andouille and veggie egg bake Meal 2: Leftover Epic meatballs with zoodles and raw capsicum Meal 3: Defined Dish Sesame chicken and broccoli Snacks: Roasted almonds Exercise: ‘Master of One’ Class (went up a weight). So the potluck was fine, I basically went in and admired everyone’s baking and then in a stroke of luck (?), the partner needed me to do something urgent so I had an excuse to bail and scoff my meatballs down. I wasn’t like, head over heels tempted like I usually would be. I just sort of acknowledged it was there and moved on. I have lots of energy right now. Last night I got home at 8pm after a morning workout, a crazy day at work, an appointment after work and still had energy to make dinner. Actually I was still wide awake at like 10pm. I have always really struggled with energy levels, I was always the one who had to go to bed super early and I would get weird anxiety about commitments after work. Maybe that sounds silly because my life isn’t actually that busy but hey, we’re all different and have a different number of spoons. Actually, now that I’m thinking it through, maybe this level of energy is normal and I’ve just been walking through a fog for my twenties…That’s a strangely disconcerting thought.
  11. nutburger

    Day 21 - 3 weeks in a first food dream

    Your dream is so funny! Congrats on making it three weeks so far and all those NSVs!!
  12. nutburger

    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    Day 21: Meal 1: Three giant Defined Dish ‘EPIC’ meatballs, over carrot noodles and a fried egg on top Meal 2: Andouille, spinach, and tomato egg bake with olives on the side Snack: Apple pie lara bar, a few grapes Exercise: An hour of dance Those meatballs. So good. For the first time on W30 I felt uncomfortably full after eating, but I didn’t get a chance to eat until like 2pm and was ravenous...and then I was basically full until 9pm. Kind of odd timing but I had a seminar last night and got home late. When you're eating so much protein it's amazing how full you get. I feel good. I feel in control of my life. I spent time meal prepping (an egg bake, which is the new bagel, and the meatballs of heaven) and that has set me up for a productive week. I feel in the groove with working out. I definitely feel like I look thinner and also more defined. I don’t have any crazy energy, but I feel like I can sustain my energy through the day. Our apartment is clean. I went to dance and it made me happy. I really want to keep going with this feeling, and don’t want it to end. However, we have a fun Valentines day event on the 15th and I know I want to have a glass of wine or two there, so I want to have my re-intro done before then so I don’t mess it up with any alcohol-induced eating. Then, I might even do another round, or depending on how reintro goes, stick with a modified/more paleo way of life.
  13. nutburger

    How do you drink your coffee on whole30?

    I drink cold brew and add some nut pod in. The cold brew is one I buy from TJs, or I make my own. I can't drink black hot coffee, it makes my stomach upset, but the cold brew is doable diluted and with some non-dairy creamer.