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    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    Day 12: Meal 1: Eggs, bacon, and roasted potatoes Meal 2: Dig Inn bowl (greens, chicken, sweet potato, apples), Spindrift Snacks: Cashews, Apple Exercise: 30mins StairMaster A breakfast that includes potatoes fills me up for most of the day. I had garlic aioli on the side for some healthy fats, as well as roasting them in ghee. Felt good today. Two NSVs: My size 8 jeans are starting to feel loose, and my better half told me that my Whole30 meals are just as good as my regular ones. Weirdly, when we went to Dig Inn, neither of us could finish our bowls. I think I got just through half before bowing out. We went to see Bohemian Rhapsody afterwards and we took a ton of snacks, but didn’t end up eating any of them. My stomach didn’t feel great after, maybe from the apple? I thought by now any digestive issues would be over, but it’s making me think something else I’m eating is causing an irritation. Also, I didn't love the movie. I didn’t want to work out so I just did 30 mins and called it a day. Constant dreams about accidentally eating something non-Whole 30. Last night was donuts. Also had a really bizarre dream involving creating a Lord of the Rings Diorama with only Whole30 foods. No idea.
  2. nutburger

    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    Day 11: Meal 1: One egg with 2 pieces of bacon Meal 2: 2 lettuce wrapped beef burgers with roasted potato and ranch on the side Snacks: Apple, meat stick, cashews Exercise: Ropes and Rowers class Ran out of a few things today, hence only the one egg for breakfast. Felt low energy, maybe because of the lack of carbs at breakfast, hence having two burgers for dinner, which seems a lot, I guess, but at the time I was absolutely starving. Did not want to go to the gym but absolutely smashed the pretty tough class, and felt good after. Currently have VERY dark circles under my eyes.
  3. nutburger

    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    Day 10: Meal 1: Banana, something else that I can't for the life of me remember. Meal 2: Chicken and Apple sausages with a spinach and tomato salad, with ranch and avocado Meal 3: Chipotle Whole 30 Bowl Snacks: Cashews, apple Exercise: One hour Hot Yoga Friday was a pretty good day. I'm so terrible at yoga. I don't mean in the physical sense, I mean my mind cannot stop going the whole class. I know it's good for me, and I try hard because I'd like to be calmer/more centered, but half the time I end up wondering what the other people in the class are thinking about instead of actually concentrating. I don't think I get it, necessarily, but it was a nice way to start a Friday and I did feel good. Felt normal with nothing much to report.
  4. nutburger

    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness This is the recipe I use @Aliem999 it reheats well too, if you have any left (we usually don't).
  5. nutburger

    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    Thank you for such kind words @megbeveridge! It's nice to know that someone else can identify with how I feel. Best of luck on your journey :).
  6. nutburger

    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    Day 9: I got pulled into a meeting at work and I had an appointment at lunch so it was a hectic day. I was going to treat myself to Chipotle to lunch but since I missed breakfast I just had that. Meal 1: Coffee w/ nut pod; Grapes, Blueberry RX Bar Meal 2: Chorizo & Egg bake, cashews, Meal 3: Egg roll in a bowl. I forgot how delicious this was, I can't believe I stopped making it. It's so quick too. Exercise: Spin class (12 miles) Felt fine, other than really tired by the time I went to Trader Joe's and got home. I ended up in bed at 9pm and fell straight asleep. That could be more to do with the exercise I've been smashing rather thanthe food. I bow down to all the people doing this with busier lives or kids, because whatever the book says, it is hard. I also started reading 'It starts with food", which I thought I'd be into but I'm not so much, since I've already done a Whole30, I don't need to be convinced, if that makes sense. I can see why it has been helpful for others. It is interesting how many physical ailments people have either decreased or been rid of entirely just by a diet change. I'm lucky that I'm not on any medication or have any chronic issues, but I do have pretty bad anxiety at times. Generally when I have busy weeks, I end up getting a migraine on Friday. I haven't been able to pinpoint the cause of these migraines. It'll be interesting to see if I get one tonight or how I feel. Last Whole30 I didn't get any tiger blood, but I noticed it says it generally happens to those already working out, eating relatively healthy - which I was up until the holiday season. We will see.
  7. nutburger

    Allison's Whole 30 Log - Start 1/7/19

    Congrats on 3 successful days so far! We have similar heights/ and I had the same starting measures/weights. I am sure all the prep you did over Christmas will pay off during those crazy work weeks :). Good luck on the rest of your journey!
  8. nutburger

    Kira's Whole30 Log

    @kirbz, I read your thread when I lack motivation. Thank you for your posts - they have really been helpful. I hope Peanut Butter reintroduces well!!
  9. nutburger

    Ælfric’s Whole30 log, January 2019

    Thanks that makes sense!
  10. nutburger

    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    Day 8: Meal 1: Egg & Chorizo bake; banana Meal 2: Leftover Thai basil beef with cauliflower rice Meal 3: 3/4 of a Cava super-greens bowl Snacks: Little tub of pears; almond butter Exercise: 45 min 7am HIIT Class We went out to a HBO thing last night and I really wanted to eat something. I miss the fun of trying out new restaurants or being spontaneous, but again - mantra - it's only 30 days!! At least without drinking it was easy to get up for 7am Spin class the next day. I think it's just about finding a balance post Whole30 - it's fine to go out and have fun and drink and get delicious cupcakes occasionally but if it starts happening 3x a week or more, that's when the weight creeps on and the goals get set aside. I am never going to give up dessert for ever, it's not in me, but I can be a little less crazy with treating myself. Starting to feel a little fatigued going on 8 days straight of working out. I'm going to add in some more yoga.
  11. nutburger

    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    @NYCBlond thank you for taking the time to read and comment so thoughtfully again. I'll have to look into the Magnesium you mentioned. And a third of the way - amazing! You're right that it's no small feat!! P.S. Have you found any other complaint NYC eats anywhere else so far?
  12. nutburger

    Ælfric’s Whole30 log, January 2019

    Aelfric! Great job on your Whole30 so far, especially the exercise you've been tackling. and the mental health issues you've been facing - that's a huge accomplishment. I'm from Brisbane too, but living in the States - hope the heat isn't too crazy for you right now! Quick question: When you say" A banana. I was out, and it was convenient to eat the tomato." what did you mean?
  13. nutburger

    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    I feel like I have a lot going on in my head so I'm just going to blurt it all out - I was planning on waiting until Day 10 to do a mini recap, but since I have time now, here goes. I had a little anxiety last night about what happens if I don't lose weight. And I totally understand that that isn't the point of the program, and it's not why I'm doing it...but I do have 20 pounds I actively want to lose, and so my question is, if Whole30 doesn't work, then what do I turn to? In all other ways the program seems like it is going to work for me, in helping me quit dieting, and achieve my food freedom and be able to eat food without obsessing over calorie counting or constantly fighting with cravings...but I also want to lose the weight I have and reach my goal, which I do think is a healthy and realistic number for my height and body type (I'm 5'1 and 140 pounds right now, so I don't think 120 is that unattainable). I found myself calculating calories in my head over the last few days, which needs to stop. I have been calorie counting for 10 years (and I'm 26 years old) which means I basically know off hand the number of calories in any given thing at a time, which is a little horrifying. And I don't want to keep calorie counting for the next 10 years, because it takes so much joy out of eating. It's so nice to be able to have a meal without feverishly inputting it in MFP and to be able to have a small piece of fruit at night without weighing up the pros and cons. Anyway, I know I shouldn't focus on the scale, so I'm also trying to go by how I feel and by how my clothes fit - today I'm wearing a skirt that definitely didn't fit last year and was part of my "skinny" wardrobe, and it did up very easily after gym this morning, so that feels good. What do I like about Whole30 and my 30 days of fitness program is that it has given me a sense of control over my life again, which is nice. I've been wanting to get to my goal for such a long time, and knowing I'm actively working towards it everyday, that I'm doing nearly everything I can to succeed, is such a great feeling. Doing it in January makes me feel like I've already set up the year for success. I'm going back home in May for a friend's wedding, and I really want to be look and feel great going back, so it's important I put in the hard work these next four months. Food is such a big part of my life, it's such a form of comfort and of fun, that taking it out and treating it as fuel only leaves me feeling a little lost. (and I don't mean to be dramatic, I realize it's only 30 days, but for someone who's struggled with binging and overeating their whole life, it matters). But anyway, looking forward to seeing what the second week brings.
  14. nutburger

    Jenna's Whole30#1 log

    The cravings will get easier as you get further in! Have you tried the iced (unsweetened) black tea at Starbucks? It is good with lemon, or the passion fruit one is good too. You could also try Kombucha!
  15. nutburger

    Lib's NYC Whole30 | 30 days of Fitness

    Day 7: Meal 1: One fried egg with bacon, potato, and avocado Meal 2: Defined Dish Thai Basil Beef and Kung Pao Wings Snacks: almond butter, cherries, cashews It was SO nice to find compliant bacon, even it was hideously expensive. It made a good change from sausages. I cannot recommend The Defined Dish recipes enough - BOTH I made tonight were so delicious that they are going to become a regular on the rotation, even off Whole30. I've packed both breakfast and lunch tomorrow to make sure I get in my 3 meals. I feel fine, a decent amount of energy. Still bloated with some digestive issues, but other than that, I've definitely settled into a routine. I've been loving black Tea as a drink, so I'll probably start drinking more of that then coffee come the end. I can't believe it's been a week already! Exercise: 45 minute HIIT training class. This was killer.