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  1. OMG, that is so funny. But it does feel accurate--a little!! Thanks for sharing!
  2. I started my first Whole 30 on New Year's Eve. The first 30 days were a real eye-opener. Lots of cravings, etc. But, I realized that 30 days was not enough to change my habits, so I did 60 (today is day 59!) It gave me an opportunity to really have some deeper emotional experiences, I think. Journaling a lot. I haven't experienced the Re-into yet..will in a couple days. My plan is to do it for 10 days, then back for another W30. You are so right, the sleep is incredible! No food is worth losing that! Good luck!
  3. Today is day 59!! Yep, loved the way I felt so much on my first W30, I just kept going. So, I've enjoyed this question and all of the answers. I'm kind of freaking out..want to do the Re-intro, just not really sure what I've actually missed that much. (Spaghetti does sound good!) But, I feel so good without the grains, the sugar (yes, drinking coffee with "Nut Pods"- YUM!) I was a Starbucks latte addict before!! That was usually my breakfast, so it's nice to see how many of you have said that breakfast was the game-changer. I totally agree! I also cannot imagine not reading l