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    Encouragement please!

    The crazy thing is that at the end of a W30 it becomes so second nature that it hardly feels like work to eat right! "Small price to pay to feel well, healthy and in charge" is right! Good luck Lorna!! I think I've decided to do a W15 and see how I'm feeling at that point in time.
  2. Hello all, I did my first W30 this January and felt amazing! Since reintroducing everything (I think gluten was the main culprit) I have felt horrible emotionally. I've even considered going back to my Dr for a small dose of Zoloft, which I've been on before, but have been fine without for a year or more, so I know I can be well without it! I felt so amazing doing Whole 30, but I'm not sure if I have the discipline to do another round...but I know how amazing I felt doing it! I'm torn. I've been trying to eat fairly close to W30, without making all the special condiments. I omit beans (eat PB), omit pasta but have occasionally eaten brown rice and quinoa. I do eat dairy, but not as much as pre-W30. When I make treats I try to keep them paleo, and I have an occasional glass of wine. I continue to exercise and am healthy in that regard. Can you all just encourage me to do a mini-reset, or give me your experiences and the benefits of doing a mini-reset? I'm generally an all-or-nothing girl but don't think I can do another full round right now. Thanks so much! I'm missing my tiger blood!
  3. Has anyone experienced this? I know Whole 30 doesn't encourage "cheat" days, and I did not plan today to be a cheat day, but everything feels "worth it" today. I ate cold pizza for breakfast, hot fresh pizza for lunch and hummus with pretzels for a snack and a corn muffin. I ate a whole 30 compliant dinner. I feel like I'm an adult and decided that I wanted to enjoy some things I haven't had in a while. I ate till I was satisfied and then stopped. I don't feel guilty. I plan to eat healthier tomorrow. I expect some cravings to possibly pop up tomorrow, but I haven't had adverse reactions to these food groups, so I am enjoying my food today.
  4. HappyBecky

    Help! I am confused!

    I believe for the reintroduction period you only eat (or drink) your "new" food on the allocated day...to make sure nothing is building up in your system and giving you false results on day 8, 9, or 10 of your reintroduction phase. That is my understanding...I may be wrong.
  5. HappyBecky

    Too much time on toilet

    Thanks so much Lorna! I will let her know. (I start nursing school in May!)
  6. Hello all, I am doing a round of Whole 30 with my Mom and Aunt. My Mom had colon cancer in the past, and a section of her large colon removed. We are on day 24, but my Mom doesn't know if she can continue, due to everything moving through her system in such a way that she spends most of her time on the toilet! Any advice for her??