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    Slow Roll Clarification

    I do have one more clarifying question. I just want to do this right! If I am moving right along with my W30-ish lifestyle (compliant except for the added sugars in some things) do I need to cut out the maple bacon in the morning if I’m trying one portion of something else (a side of rice, bread, etc.) later in the day and then return to totally W30 for two days or can I keep the bacon and nothing else for the 2 days? I think I’m making this too complicated. Thank you, again!
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    Slow Roll Clarification

    Thank you so much! That article is very helpful!!
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    Slow Roll Clarification

    HI! I am finishing my second Whole 30. Technically, my fiancé and I are on day 32. I want to do a Slow Roll reintroduction, and do it correctly. The Day by Day book talks about reintroducing maple bacon, noticing no negative side effects, then adding it back into normal rotation. However, I would love some clarification on a few things: 1. During a Slow Roll, do I need to cut out the one item I add back in (bacon or coffee creamer, for example) for 2 days like you do with food groups in the Fast Track version, or can I just add it back into my normal life (That is, assuming there are no undesirable effects.)? 2. If I am comfortable adding one of those items back into my normal routine after I evaluate it's side effects, do I need to take it back out when I evaluate the other? If I add my coffee creamer back and have no issues, can I have it at the same time I'm evaluating the bacon, since I already know how I feel about the creamer? I would think that it would be fine, but I'm not the professional! Thank you very much, in advance!