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  1. Sambux89

    Day 30

    Thanks for these tips! After I posted I realized that spending the day at the beach is likely what caused my breakout. I remember having a similar reaction to salt water the last time we did this.
  2. Sambux89

    Day 30

    My husband and I made it! We are on day 30 and I had been seeing great results and changes up until about day 24-25. My skin was much clearer and smoother, I had energy, I didn’t look bloated. We went out of town for a quick trip and while eating out for dinner, I ordered a basic salad with steak and I’m afraid the vinaigrette had something bad in it. Since then, I’ve had these weird bumps on my arms. I’ve had them before and have been diagnosed with eczema but I’ve shown no signs for quite a while. Now I’m feeling like a failure at the 30 days! Any encouragement gladly accepted haha. Other than this, I’m feeling good. I am ready to be done with the limitations as I feel it’s starting to affect my mentality towards food and other people. I follow the Whole30 Instagram page and this week’s blogger was talking about how she became obsessed with food in an unhealthy way and I could really relate to that. I’m nervous about reintroduction, especially because of what I’ve already shared here. Any tips?
  3. I’m on day ... wow! I made it a week and sort of even forgot. HAHA Anyways, my husband is doing this with me and for the most part we are smooth sailing, after some hardcore fatigue in the first few days. I want to talk a little about PCOS though. I was diagnosed with it this past December after not having regular cycles after having a baby in April of 2018. It was purely diagnosed off of hormone levels, and the doctor flat out said the levels were in the “early stage” and could reverse. Upon receiving this diagnosis, my husband and I quickly adopted a paleo lifestyle, and I lost nearly 25lbs within 2 months. It was wonderful! Of course there were “slip-ups” but for the most part we maintained the same lifestyle at least 90% of the time. Gradually I’ve noticed my cycle extending a few days here and there (after going Paleo my cycle returned quickly with the aid of medication and was regulating). It seems to be too soon to tell if that is stress related or pcos related, but I’m a little nervous as this is a huge priority for me. We aren’t done have biological babies and I just never imagined fertility issues. I want to ask if anyone else here can share their experience with PCOS symptoms before and after doing Whole30. Since I’m only on day 7, it is really too soon for me to say whether this is helping address any of my symptoms, albeit few to begin with. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated! So loving this forum!
  4. Sambux89

    Day 3

    Hi - I am still struggling with feeling tired, though not the same way. My son (1y/o) is currently sick, I’m fighting what ever he has, and it’s almost my time of the I have a few reasons to be tired. After I read through some posts, I thought maybe I wasn’t eating enough fat and have since made a better attempt at doing so. I guess I had missed the meal template guide when we first started!
  5. Sambux89

    Day 3

    Hey! I started Whole30 on Thursday (5/9), and my husband and I both are experiencing extreme fatigue. Is this normal? Prior to this we were both pretty much on a paleo diet so this way of eating isn’t *that* much different. I have felt like this since we started, though. Any suggestions or advice?
  6. Sambux89

    Starting soon!

    I’m so excited to complete a Whole30! I haven’t picked a start date because I have been traveling for vacation and need to meal plan and clean out our pantry. I would love any tips for getting started! I’m a stay at home mom and have been paleo for a few months but have slipped up and would love to reset. My husband is super supportive and will be doing this with me, which I’m thankful for.