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    Day 26 Exhausted/Bored

    Hello! I’m on day 26 and I am so tired! Dizzy tired. I am generally eating a diet that consists of broccoli, spinach, onion, garlic, chicken, skirt steak, some sort of fruit (apples, blueberries), almond butter... And what is the notorious Salmon cake that the book Whole30 and Day by Day keep referring to? Haven’t had one this whole time! I remember eating a piece of salmon around day 17 and then feeling like a million bucks- I just feel ethically confused about Salmon consumption due to the plight of the Orcas... Did anyone else experience this? thank you in advance!
  2. JodieRattlesnake

    Day 16 - Cannot. Stop. Crying.

    I was a crying mess the first 17 days! You aren’t losing your mind, don’t worry. I found myself having really low self esteem from day 7-17 for some reason. I took it to mean that my best was detoxing HARD from all of the chemicals I was eating before this reset. Maybe also take a look at the meal template again? I know that I was also not eating enough healthy fats and carbs around that time, so I changed things up. I remember my mood almost instantly improving after I ate a piece of salmon (Our Harvest has really great wild caught Scottish salmon), and it was a lightbulb moment for me. Remember- your husband is your husband for a reason. You guys took very important vows, so he will probably be fine. Thank him for taking the journey with you! You got this.
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    Medical Procedure Prep

    Hello! I’m on my first round and technically Day 17. Yesterday I had a mandatory medical procedure (colonoscopy/endoscopy) which required a couple days of prep. I feel SO bloated after the whole thing. Has anyone else been through this? How many days did it take you to feel better? I’m so annoyed because I was THISCLOSE to tiger blood!
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    Roasted and salted cashews?

    Hello- I am on day two. Can I eat roasted and salted cashews or do they need to be raw? I searched and got conflicting information on google. Thanks!
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    Starting May 13th

    Hello! Thank you to everyone who posted about embarking on their 30 days! I am starting tomorrow May 13th, and am nervous but excited. I expect this upcoming month to be challenging, but doable. Over the last year I gained a lot of weight after a surgery. My body feels out of whack. I look forward to being better regulated after some cleaner eating. I consider myself a very blessed person, and love my life, but at just 35 years old I’ve buried both my parents, and the man I thought was my soulmate after 9 years together. If I can get through that, I can handle this! The tough love in the Whole30 book convinced me, and provided a lot of really great perspective. Here we go!
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    Starting May 13th

    you got this!
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    Starting May 13th

    It’s so impressive that you did it once! Now you know all the do’s and don’ts and know firsthand what to expect! The reintro does seem tricky!