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  1. Day 29 for me. I haven't checked in in several days. We went camping and I did not have internet, then my computer crashed but I am still hanging in there. Doing whole30 while camping was hard but I think it made my resolve stronger against sugar and grain cravings. I am really hoping to keep my better food choice habits beyond the 30 days. Also, I would like to continue to adapt my food choice related thinking in the days to come. I think I will be less willing to have sugar and grains and will consider more carefully what is worth eating. Good luck to fellow whole30ers! Thanks for li
  2. Hi. End of day 20 for me. Today has been the most difficult so far. I have come closer to quitting than I have been any other day. Just feeling so restricted and meal prepping is so time consuming. It would be so easy to go out and just order a meal and not care what the ingredients are! I didn't do it but that was how I was feeling today. I am surprised because I thought that it would be getting easier rather than harder by now. Just 10 days left. I hope I can find a way to complete the 30 days! I know I should be celebrating the NSVs and that I've stuck to it for 20 days. Hopefully
  3. I have definitely wanted to have a temper tantrum a few times! Also, I have had some recent non-food related stress over a family member and it has been difficult to not use food as a crutch which was my default comfort strategy. I overate last night- all compliant food but nevertheless did not feel great after so I still need to conquer that bad habit. I have been meditating which is great but I am having a really hard time with my family right now. I hope we can resolve our issue soon. Thanks for listening.
  4. Hi KaraS. I have been reading your posts and I am reassured that some of us is doing this without family support. It can be difficult on your own. I am on Day 15 and my sugar cravings have gone down too but are still there. My compliant snacks for those moments are Tazo apple-cinnamon tea, snap peas, carrots or peppers. Since starting it is amazing how much more I can taste the sweetness in foods like those I listed and others too. I am hoping to eventually wean off of snacks but for now have accepted these veggies that are sweet as a good option for satisfying sweet craving. Hope your
  5. Grapefruit juice with club soda and lime sounds so refreshing! It's been so hot lately. That would just hit the spot. I have been drinking lots of mineral water and seltzer. The citrus addition would make it extra special. Thanks!
  6. Kristilarson, I agree with you- it's been difficult to have to think about ingredients constantly. I thought I was fairly well versed in reading labels but I have never read labels so carefully ever. And sometimes I think, wait, can I have that? And I have to remember some of the details of what's ok vs. off limits. But otherwise for me, it has been going pretty well. I haven't even had fruit the past 2 nights which I was using as a slight crutch to wean off of desserts. It wasn't too hard either. NSV! The past few days have been very busy for me. My brother is visiting and we have bee
  7. kristilarson, just wanted to say I posted before I read your post. Then I read your share and wow you have really gone through a lot. I am so sorry about your dad. It sounds like you are really picking yourself up and making a decision about how you want to live. Well, we are all here and cheering for you to stay on track and keep up your record. You have done 9 days- almost a third of the way there! I know Day 8 (today for me) was hard too. I think if we all stick to sharing on the forum and calling out for support when we are having doubts, we will get through it. It is worth it, if
  8. This has been Day 8 for me. I have to say, yesterday was my best yet. My cravings were down for sure. I felt more even tempered yesterday too. I also found ways to relax in the evening without snacking. Today I was a little sluggish and dragging. I don't know if my body has been able to adapt to using fat for energy yet. If today is any indication, then not yet. Hopefully it will happen soon. I had a few moments when I felt dismayed at the limitations of food choices. I know there are tons of great recipes and have been enjoying several but there is a little girl in me having a hissy
  9. Day 6 check-in. KaraS and Sarah_MT, I too have a happy heart for meals that I prepare that my family enjoys. It is great to make a whole30 compliant meal that we can all enjoy. We even had guests who came for dinner last night and the whole meal was a great success. I love that it is summer and we can support local farmers and get fresh and delicious veggies- it's a win for all. On another note, I have also discovered Coconut Aminos as a soy sauce substitute and I think I actually like it better than soy sauce. I am very interested in eliminating soy from my diet especially because I hav
  10. Masonjar87- that is similar to my menu graph but I like the "what I have" and "what I need" columns. I will use that for sure. Thanks! Checking in on my Day 5. Today's first meal went better than the last few days as far as food quantity went. It helped to arrange my plate knowing that that was what was on the menu and nothing more. I included a few almonds and a couple of freshly picked strawberries with Tazo organic baked cinnamon apple tea to end the meal and that was it. Got my big girl pants on today.
  11. Day 4 NSV- I had a sweet potato as part of my lunch today and the sweet and delicious flavors that I tasted in it- I think my tastebuds are becoming more sensitive to the sweetness and flavor in unprocessed and natural foods. Yum!
  12. I am on Day 3 and also feeling like I ate too many calories, even though what I have eaten is all compliant. It is so hard to overcome the habit of eating for reasons other than hunger. At moments, I feel like I am backed up to a wall. I am hoping that once I overcome the sugar and empty carb cravings, I can begin to reign in the portions. I am sorry for the negative share- I just need to vent and hopefully move on. Thanks!
  13. Day one- done. Today, July 10 is day 2 for me. I hope to be a part of this group, being in about the same place as everyone. Day 1 was ok. I even got past my family getting dessert last night. Day 2 is shaping up nicely. I am so glad to have a community to be a part of since I am the only one in my family eating whole30. Thanks everyone. I have read your posts and they are super helpful. We can do this!