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  1. Love it!!! I have never had kippered herring.....tell me more!!!
  2. Delectable!!! First time I have tried sliced radishes before....thanks whole30!
  3. Haha yes!! Here's some more off the Seasons Brand website.... image of my favorite! I'll take a picture of the salad I usually prep later today!
  4. I love giant salads, and I find myself craving them more now...I am a HUGE fan of canned wild caught sardines (I am waiting for the next Costco deal that they run on the Season Brand Wild Caught Sardines). Sardines are arguably one of the world's healthiest and nutrient dense food sources. I just love them. Fortunately for me I can get by the smell (although I tend to avoid bringing them to work to spare my co-workers). But several handfuls of salad greens topped with sardines, salt, pepper, balsamic, avocado, and olive oil just hits the spot!!! And it takes under 1 minute to prepare....what R