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  1. Mine was sugar. I used to have sugar in my tea. I never do that anymore. I've learned that when you order tea in a cafe it's likely to be left to over-infuse (while they serve the coffee for everyone else) so whenever I go to a cafe I only order mint tea (which I don't mind overinfused). Black/green tea when infused for too long taste bitter and I've learned I used sugar to balance that out. I've quit sugar from my daily life as it is. I might indulge in an ocasional treat, but I'm able to keep it actually ocasional and I'm proud of that.
  2. Wow, that's an impressive recipe! Your mom's stock recipe looks very much like the good ol' stock I make (just different veggies, but hey, in each country people have used whatever the soil gave them, so I'm considering them perfectly interchangeable) but the vinegar surprised me. Now that's something I must try! Also the eggs marinade sounds great. I like soft-boiled eggs and that marinade sounds delicious with them, so this is something I'm gonna try too. To be honest I've never eaten ramen, but this looks awesome on many levels. I'll give a try to the first sections of t
  3. You can make lemonade without sweeteners. I add a teaspoon of baking soda per lemon (it's alcaline and modifies the overall acidity) and dilute it in water. It's also cute to do with kids because it's a very bubbly chemical reaction
  4. Oh, my, such an awesome place, do wonder you'd rather be there than at work!
  5. Depends on the recipe, some have a base made of cookies or things like that - but I'm not really sure. I don't have any go-to recipe because I don't make cakes that often, and I guess I could find something closer to compliant (or even fully compliant ingredient-wise) but right now my idea is to make something I think he would love, and decide whether or not I try it or pass.
  6. I would not mind eating a "normal" cake. His fave ones are either cheesecakes, and I'll think I'll give a try to a chocolate cheesecake - because chocolate is a crowd pleaser. This is one of those ocassions (my bday, his bday and the child's bday) where a piece of cake would be "worth it". My problem is that I'll be in the middle of reintroduction. And that's not a proper reintroduction I've thought of testing dairy first, then wheat... and then make an exception for the cake, then go back to compliant for a while so I can keep testing everything else. Then I think that maybe I sho
  7. My husband birthday is only two weeks two, and I don't have any presents but that's ok. My only issue is CAKE. I'll be making one for him, and I would like to try it indeed
  8. Maybe the person who wrote that recipes has lived in a country where homemade mayo is an usual thing. Nobody in their senses in my country would keep their mayo for a week or two, but well, I understand that for people elsewhere it migth sound unreasonable.
  9. They don't? They do sound like a whole lot to me, honestly. I only have one week to finish my Whole30 and I doubt my scale will show such a big difference, I'm sure it's gonna be tiny. But it's ok, because it has helped me to move in the right direction, so I'm happy I'm doing this. If the scale is not helping you, and you have already learned different ways to measure your improvements, DITCH IT. I mean it. Amen.
  10. I think that when you get to the Kill-All-The-Things stage, spouses learn they are in charge of the kids. Or else.
  11. It could be canola oil indeed. Seeds do their best to avoid being eaten... Also there could be something else in that dressing, double check the ingredients list just in case.
  12. I'm definetely a procrastinator. That's why my house is never as clean as it is when I am stressed People often think I'm very organized but that's just because I manage to keep stress at bay most of the time. But I remember when I college, those exams periods, whoa! All the washing, cleaning, organizing, getting up just to sit in another place... I hardly managed to do anything done because I was constantly doing all those little things that were not what I was supposed to be doing. Very rarely I have that super-focused kind of stress. For me it's way easier to focus on things tha
  13. I eat too much when I'm stressed. You have always been the kind of person who eats too little when stressed, or has that changed for you? Unconciously serving adecuate amounts of food sounds like a great NSV. I hope I can get to that point eventually!
  14. If you only have a minimal reaction to small-sized dairy portions, I think you are quite safe because there are so many things that have dairy in small amounts - and the few things that have dairy in large amounts are quite easy to avoid. PS: I do love very dark chocolate, I have a 99% bar waiting for me in the cupboard - nobody else at home eats it
  15. Self-care! It's so easy to neglect oneself - and to procrastinate self-care. I think eating good food is a great first step, but definetely some extra ones would be nice. Would feel nice. But, yeah, self-care is something to write down in both your and my to-do lists.