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  1. Mine was sugar. I used to have sugar in my tea. I never do that anymore. I've learned that when you order tea in a cafe it's likely to be left to over-infuse (while they serve the coffee for everyone else) so whenever I go to a cafe I only order mint tea (which I don't mind overinfused). Black/green tea when infused for too long taste bitter and I've learned I used sugar to balance that out. I've quit sugar from my daily life as it is. I might indulge in an ocasional treat, but I'm able to keep it actually ocasional and I'm proud of that.
  2. I haven't posted in a while, I guess it's time for an update. At a certain point I started feeling worse. More tired, more foggy. At first I did not pay much attention to it (in fact I even posted here in February, and this started probably mid-January) because I thought it would not last. I had lost some weight during my W30, I was active, I was eating quite well... there might be another explanation, maybe stress, maybe my menstruation, whatever. But it kept going on and on. I started thinking that W30 had actually uncovered something. I did not feel that bad before my W30,
  3. You can really add pretty much anything to a homemade mayo. Just add it and blend again. Done. For a Caesar salad dressing, this is what I would do: Make your own homemade mayo, the usual way. Add a little bit more oil afterwards (you don't want it as thick as a mayo), one garlic clove, 2-3 anchovies, and a teaspoon of mustard (I prefer Dijon, but you can use whatever you like or have at han). Also add salt, pepper & lemon juice to taste. And blend again.
  4. I think my guidelines impact mostly in my meal plan and daily routines. I try to have a good amount of veggies in every meal, which is one of those things that everybody knows but hardly anyone sticks to. It has become increasingly easy for me. For example, we were eating out today - the menu was mixed grill with chimichurri sauce & fried potatoes, and that would be usually fine, but I made sure to also order a large salad to eat instead of potatoes. It's no big deal, but I would have never thought of it before. I'm also quite happy about eating little bread (which I still bake at home
  5. Well, I survived Christmas after all Although I did gain a little weight, I'm satisfied because I managed to not fall into an spiral of self-shame and self-indulgence-after-the-shame. Of the 2kg I gained I have already shed one, simply following my routine, without any extra effort. So I'm hoping to lose the other one in the same fashion. That does not change the fact that I would like to get rid of 15kg more, mind you, but I'm glad my everyday eating-style is working well.
  6. I don't think I had read it, Shannon, but it is very very useful indeed! Thank you very much. It somewhat relates to something @Angelia mentioned, her two-bites rules, but for me limiting to only two bites of something I really love sounded unsustainable. Waiting and judging whether it is worth or not, might be a bit hard the first time, might need some training, but I think that's something that could work for me long term. I'm gonna give this some more thought and maybe put it to test during the Christmas holidays.
  7. I remember reading in the W30 book that you should tell everyone, your social media and all, that you are doing a W30. I was not sure at the time, and I did hesitate when it was time to get started. But I finally did. I even posted about it in my blog, because I wanted to reach everyone. And it worked for me. Because it somehow forced me to actually do the thing. You can't tell everyone about it, and even discuss whether this is healthy or not, and then give up. You just can't. So now I'm using the same logic in my daily routine. And hoping to stick to it! Christmas is compli
  8. Thank you very muchfor the input! I guess my ultimate goal is feeling able. As I gained so much weight, I noticed that some (quite normal) things were becoming somewhat harder. My BMI was 31, and playing with my 4yo was sometimes exhausting. That brought a feeling of not being able of doing what I want. Now down to a BMI 29, I'm still overweight but I'm starting to feel able again. Able to play, able to run (how he loves to run!). And I'm positive that the better my health the stronger that feeling will be. My guidelines are some sort of rules, I guess, but I did not want to use
  9. OK, the short reset was a failure Friday and Saturday were fine. On Sunday we decided to eat out to a new restaurant in town. We don't eat out often, and there was a dish that was just the kind of thing I love, so I decided to order it anyway. Eating out usually means sharing a dessert with my son (he loves them but they are too large for him). While I was ok with ordering my dish (Food Freedom after all) I must admit I'm not so proud of indulging in that half a dessert. Well - I thought - I can start the reset on Monday anyway, can't I? And that's what I did. But Wednesda
  10. I do love legumes, specially because I think it would be nice to eat less animal products. You know, the killing and all that. I'm not vegan or vegetarian, I do eat meat and fish and eggs on a regular basis, but I would like to increase the proportion of vegetables as much as possible without giving up on health nor taste. Also legumes are easy to cook, but take a bit of planning. For the soaking. I don't think I've eaten any peanuts recently, it's something that I did not even care to test because I hardly ever eat them. Gluten and sugar though, that's my battle too! Before my
  11. Well, the funny thing is I have not gained any weight. Which supports the hypothesis that this was not a fad diet after all My weight on the scale relieved me, honestly. But, yeah, the this-is-far-from-perfect feeling persists and I'm gonna try a short reset. Because I think that at this point short resets might be more useful than making a whole round from scratch. Since you're starting Friday, I'm joining you and starting Friday too - it's perfect timing for me too After some consideration I've decided not to make fully compliant meals though. Legumes are an interesting s
  12. Last week was not great. I was feeling quite under the weather. Just regular flu, nothing serious, but I was very tired. And also it was time for my period, which only worsened the situation. So I indulged on comfort foods. It was not really bad, but still felt like I was losing control. And I did not like the feeling. Also it lead to snacking, which was not so great. Oh, well, I'm probably overcomplaining for such a little misstep, but I'm afraid I've lost my inertia and that now it's gonna be a bit harder staying on track. Maybe I'll try a short reset, a week long or so,
  13. Yeah, I keep thinking that Whole30 is not that hard if you are already used to cooking homemade meals. At least that's how it felt for me. Still it's quite strict and in many senses it feels unnecessary for me, but I wanted to keep what I've learned (or most precisely what I've proven to myself, because most of my guidelines are based either common sense or quite well-known nutritional facts). And taking the time to write it down forced me to think carefully about them, also I expect that it helps me with accountability. The two excellent bites rules sounds great, but I'm not re
  14. On Friday I met some former colleagues for lunch, and I ate a lot. A lot. Fully compliant btw, but when you eat so late and for such a long time you end up overdoing it. Actually we finished lunch by 5 PM, so I probably should have skipped dinner but I was worried that being hungry at night led me to unhealthy snacking. On Saturday I decided to step on the scale just out of curiosity, and it showed that I had gained 1'5 kg (about 3 pounds). I did the same today (Sunday), and that extra weight had disappeared - I was at 84.1kg, which is what I weighted three weeks ago when I created this th
  15. I'm feeling better now. These periods are weird because I feel awful during the no-bleeding days but then I feel ok during the bleeding days. I'm hoping this goes back to normal at any point, hopefully when my body adjusts to this new eating plan of mine. (Otherwise I'll start thinking I'm doing something wrong here.) And, yeah, it's crazy! During my Whole30 I was on autopilot - I can eat this but not that - but thinking about every single food choice is exhausting. Intentional eating feels good though. For example, today I was eating out with my family and my parents insisted I