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  1. decker_bear

    Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts

    I am so intrigued. Day 2 tomorrow and I have some uncooked burgers in the fridge.... I might have to try it just out of morbid curiosity! I normally season my burgers with salt, garlic and black pepper - would you season it differently for an Elvis burger??
  2. decker_bear

    Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts

    Um - WhAt?!? I was on here looking for some breakfast ideas and saw the Elvis Burger. That is the strangest sounding thing I have EVER heard of! And really, it's good?? I just can't get my head around it. I enjoy all of the components individually, but ... can someone describe this to me?? I even checked to make sure this wasn't posted on April 1, LOL.
  3. decker_bear

    What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like

    HOLY CRAP I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING!! That's the rule. Hope you're a hungry guy!
  4. decker_bear

    What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like

    I love eggs and eat them almost every single morning. The other day I ran out - gasp! - and only had two so I had to supplement. I used my normal sauteed veggies, the two eggs, and tossed some turkey on top. It was actually incredibly tasty. The only one I can't get behind (yet) is fish at breakfast time. There's so much you can do with eggs. Have you tried switching it up? Poaching, over easy (or medium or hard), scrambled, hard boiled, steamed, omelet, frittata, bake them in a pepper... When I get tired of one method I'll switch to another, swap out my veggies and seasonings, and it's like a completely different meal.
  5. decker_bear

    Help! Akward topic...diarrhea

    I am so glad to see this question asked. I started reading It Starts with Food a couple of days ago (can't put it down!) and I remember reading in there that diarrhea and constipation are normal like in week 2 or 3 (or something - can't remember exactly off hand). I haven't quite jumped in to the Whole 30 yet (wanted to finish the book first and I'm almost there), but I realized in reading it that I've been darn near a Whole30 for about two weeks, and I've been full paleo for over a month (no grains, legumes, etc - biggest offender was added sweetener). Literally the only things I've used in two weeks that are off-plan are cooking spray (regularly), liquid smoke (on occasion), and alcohol (two glasses of port and one beer over the past week and a half). Everything else is Whole30 compliant. That makes me think/hope the full transition won't be as scary as I've always imagined. Anyway... I've been sleeping better, had more energy, and some other positive things that come from a Whole30, but the diarrhea over the past 3 or 4 days is all but unbearable. Is it possible I'm feeling the effects of a Whole30 without strict compliance? Or could there be something else going on? I have diagnosed food allergies, and the symptoms are identical, even though I haven't consumed any of my off-limit foods. I just hope I'm not developing allergies to other foods. My fruit intake is limited (no more than two pieces per day at most), my nuts/seeds are limited (but on-plan), and my primary focus is on veggies, proteins and fats (mostly duck fat, coconut oil, olive oil and avocados). I saw above someone mentioned coconut oil had a laxative effect, maybe lay off that? I use 1-2 T. per day depending on what I'm cooking. Anyone have thoughts? Or should I revisit this once I jump into the Whole30 "for real" and get rid of my little offenders?