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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head with the almonds. I don't think I do well with nuts in general. And the large increase in almond milk and almond butter synchs up with me feeling worse. I'll try to have more starchy veggies and see if that helps. Thanks!
  2. Except for my horrible migraine/headache on the second day of Whole30, which is to be expected, I've been pain free until today (R1D21). Now I have one. It's mild compared to the ones I normally get, but I'm trying to figure out if it's something I ate. In my descriptions, everything is whole30 safe, so if I mention hot dogs, assume it's compliant. Yesterday morning I had scrambled eggs, potatoes, and bacon. Also decaf coffee with almond milk. Lunch was a taco salad (beef with taco seasoning, salsa, and romaine), and also a shake made from almond milk, bananas, and frozen broccoli. For dinner I had 2 plain burgers with mustard, pickles, and lettuce, with potatoes, peppers, and onions on the side. Then before bed I had shelled pistachios (just pistachios and sea salt), and a handful of grapes. Breakfast this morning was Whole30 approved bacon wrapped in romaine lettuce. For lunch I had broccoli, 2 Whole30 approved hot dogs, and a coconut cream pir larabar. I'm drinking water. The migraine/headache started this morning, and was pretty mild, but it's starting to get worse. I DID have really bad dreams and had fallen asleep on the sofa, which isn't super comfortable, and woke up in a weird position, so maybe it's a stress headache, or from being in the wrong position all night? I also haven't exercised in 3 days. Or could it be that I don't do well with something I've been eating that's compliant? Also, I haven't been feeling the Tiger Blood. I only experienced that for one or two days. I'm really dragging all the time. Maybe that's also a food thing? Thanks for any feedback!
  3. I'm on R1D20, and I can't stand the smell of cheese or bread anymore. If I walk into the break room at work, I now feel like I might throw up. Has this happened to any of you?
  4. TrustyMutsi

    R1D18 Feeling so tired and overwhelmed...

    I've got that part down, but thanks!
  5. TrustyMutsi

    R1D18 Feeling so tired and overwhelmed...

    Thanks so much!! I'll look into these and try something new.
  6. R1D18 My head feels clear, and I think I'm still sleeping a little better, but I'm really tired. It might be because of: 1: I have taken the "2 fruits a day" rule more seriously for the last few days. Before that I snacked on fruits a lot. 2: I stopped snacking. I finally got the book from the library, and somehow missed the no snacking rule when I researched Whole30 online. 3: I'm not eating very much. I'm so tired of the same food groups that I'm just not bothering to eat much. I'll skip lunch or just eat a very small dinner. The same thing happened to me when I tried the Keto diet. Another issue is that I feel a heartburn sensation in my stomach. This morning I ate 2 scrambled eggs cooked in olive oil, and a smoothie made from Whole30 approved almond milk, almond butter (made of almonds and palm oil), frozen broccoli, and a frozen banana. I wonder if I just digestion issues with either veggies or fat? I also stopped exercising for the last couple days, so that could be part of it? Lastly, I'm also starting to get lightheaded/faint when I stand up. I really think I'm not eating enough food. Thanks for any feedback.