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  1. Hi, @RoyVer! Thanks for the heads up! I agree, the ingredients fit the compliant criteria. Does it taste nice to boot? It's always nice to find compliant products in the market place! be well, ~mae
  2. Hello, @Mary St! Homemade mayo is, in my opinion, the BOMB! So super easy to make and tastes way better than store-bought versions in almost every case--and, you can make a great variety of sauces & dressings from a simple base recipe. I love the easy addition of good fat to my meals! That being said, there's really no way to completely ensure that the eggs you use are uncontaminated (stats say that 1 in 20,000 eggs are contaminated), but there are ways to reduce the likelihood of getting sick from eating homemade mayo: *Buy refrigerated eggs and keep them refrigerated. Sto
  3. So good to see you all starting up in November! @Beccaann3, best of everything for your daughter's surgery--we hope everything goes smoothly! Great plan on packing compliant food--you've probably figured out already that the key to staying on-plan is being prepared! Keep us posted, and nice work all! best, ~mae
  4. Oh, so not fun, @Murphsmom! Let us know how you fare & keep us posted on your progress! Dealing with a chronic issue is never fun! best, ~mae