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  1. Hello Whole30 Forum folks! I am a 51 year old high school science teacher. I've battled with my weight ever since our first child was born in 1995; gaining and losing probably hundreds of pounds over the years. I've been to a functional medicine doctor who has taught me how to choose anti-inflammatory foods (I've been low-gluten for about three years) to fight weight gain, bloat, brain fog, and fatigue. I'm starting Whole30 to jump start a re-commitment to eating and drinking healthfully again. Being a teacher with lots of extra stress all of a sudden (ill family members, potential job ch
  2. Hello Maria! I have struggled with depression in the past (I was on six different meds at the same time about five years ago) and I commend you for starting this program! I went to a functional medicine doctor to help me get control of my eating/depression and it helped so much! I do not take any medication right now and have found ways to deal with my depression triggers. Some ways are spiritual (I am a Christian) and some are dietary. I'm starting Whole30 to get back in the driver's seat with my diet. I've gained about 20 pounds just in the last six months and I can't let this get out