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  1. I finished whole30 round one plus the reintroduction. I am so disappointed by all the effort I put in and it did nothing to indicate any sensitivities to anything I reintroduced. My conclusion is, it does not work for everyone. I was so excited for the hope and possibilities of the "life changing results" so many talk about. It was a big let down for me. I would never consider doing a round 2 as the only difference I saw was a stabilization of blood sugar. This is because most of the food is low carb and so I was taking in less carbs. The stabilization of blood sugar did not change how I felt
  2. Thanks for the input. I occasionally add avocado to my chicken at lunch for chicken salad on lettuce. I was exercising, walking 2 miles on the treadmill between 3 and 3.5 mph about 3 days a week for the first two weeks then ended up with gout in my right ankle and could not walk without pain. I have used the treadmill 4-6 times per week over the last 1 1/2 years. I will try the suggestions and hope for the best. Thank you.
  3. Breakfast every day is 2 scrambled eggs with peppers and onions fried in coconut oil and black coffee. Some days also 1/2 grapefruit. Lunch is grilled chicken 3oz from dinner leftovers, carrot and celery sticks, hard boiled egg and apple. Dinner. 5 oz chicken breast, broccoli, 3/4 cup mashed potatoes with coconut milk and clarified butter. If I need a snack, a few nuts about 15 total; almonds and cashews. If my sugar is low I will have 5 grapes. This is my typical day. I may substitute roasted butternut squash for the potatoes or a baked potato with clarified butter. I also have salad every
  4. I was excited to start the whole 30 jan 1. Reading about all the benefits gave me hope that I too would experience something positive. I have been whole 30 compliant for 23 days. It takes a lot of time and effort at the store reading labels and in the kitchen prepping meals. I am a type one diabetic 23 years and have had Crohn's disease for 9 years. Except for some stabilization of my blood sugar as most of my meals have negligible carbs and I am taking significantly less insulin, I felt horrible before and still feel horrible. I am starting to feel that this will turn out to be a big waste of