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  1. Reintro went well...left out legumes and gluten contains grains because of known intolerances. Reintroduced sugar in a very small piece of chocolate and it was way too sweet! I don’t crave it anymore! One area I had hoped to improve on was my Hashimotos thyroid but that didn’t happen. My latest test showed my numbers fell into hyper range for the umpteenth time in 4 years. Oh well, working the meds. During this strange and scary time in our world with this virus keeping us homebound, I have managed to keep up my good W30 habits. I know that eating well will help with the stress of all of this.
  2. I did it! I completed the Whole30 with no slip ups! Today is Day 35 and I’ve reintroduced gluten free grains and dairy only in the form of plain Greek yogurt. I had many NSVs such as less headaches and better sleep! A bonus is that I did lose 12 lbs and I really wasn’t overweight to start with. I had a big sugar addiction and an unexpected thing I noticed when I had my plain Greek yogurt was it did not need the half teaspoon of honey I used to add!! And I used to use half a packet of Stevia in the Raw in my coffee, but since discovering Nutpods creamer, I don’t think I will need that either! A