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  1. Reintro went well...left out legumes and gluten contains grains because of known intolerances. Reintroduced sugar in a very small piece of chocolate and it was way too sweet! I don’t crave it anymore! One area I had hoped to improve on was my Hashimotos thyroid but that didn’t happen. My latest test showed my numbers fell into hyper range for the umpteenth time in 4 years. Oh well, working the meds. During this strange and scary time in our world with this virus keeping us homebound, I have managed to keep up my good W30 habits. I know that eating well will help with the stress of all of this.
  2. I did it! I completed the Whole30 with no slip ups! Today is Day 35 and I’ve reintroduced gluten free grains and dairy only in the form of plain Greek yogurt. I had many NSVs such as less headaches and better sleep! A bonus is that I did lose 12 lbs and I really wasn’t overweight to start with. I had a big sugar addiction and an unexpected thing I noticed when I had my plain Greek yogurt was it did not need the half teaspoon of honey I used to add!! And I used to use half a packet of Stevia in the Raw in my coffee, but since discovering Nutpods creamer, I don’t think I will need that either! A
  3. JCar

    Day 28

    Yes I do! As I am already gluten free and recently found out how bad legumes are for a UC patient, I won’t reintroduce those two categories. I will follow the basic guidelines from Whole30 in the order it is written. I will post progress then too!
  4. JCar

    Day 28

    I’m on Day 28...reintroduction is within reach! I had a stressful couple of days and usually would cope with chocolate or a glass of wine. I stuck to the program! As well as I’m doing on this, I admit I am ready to have the hardest part behind me. I still plan to stay away from added sugars, legumes(I have UC) and gluten containing grains as I already know gluten to be a major problem for me. I hope everyone is doing well!!! We are ALL worth it!
  5. JCar

    Mood swings

    Thank you! The feelings aren’t overwhelming just came out of nowhere and I wondered if it was a common W30 thing. I eat a lot of salmon and sweet potatoes! I’ll see if it continues and look at my food journal to see if anything jumps out at me!
  6. Hi! I am on Day 24 and the last few days I’ve been quick to get angry or cry over little things. I have stuck to the program 100%. Has anyone else experienced this at this late stage of Whole30? Oh and I’m 58 so it isn’t PMS, lol!
  7. I have tried many diets in my life and failed and felt terrible about myself for it. Something about this challenge spoke to me. Like you, I have surprised myself with my discipline! I’m on Day 23 now and yes only 7 more to go! While I’m looking at reintroduction tips, I’m fairly confident that I won’t be going back to my old habits. Will I ever eat sugar? Yes but not all day every day. Will I have pizza? Gluten free but yes I will. You got this!
  8. Ah yes, the mindless habit of grabbing a salty or sweet snack! I know it too well! I’m also using mindfulness and doing something experts suggest to do before reaching for food, drink water! You could really be thirsty, not hungry. And it kind of snaps you out of thinking about the food! I’m on Day 21 now and there’s no stopping me! Keep up the good work! We are worth it!!!
  9. i think it takes a good two weeks for the body to get used to the program. If someone was eating a lot of the foods we eliminate, it might take longer. I don’t know if the word detox is correct, but it stands to reason your blood and gut have to adapt to less inflammatory and more beneficial foods. I’m not saying any of you were junk food junkies, but even going from gluten free grains and hidden additives and sugars to super clean is probably a shock to our systems!
  10. I can honestly say I was sluggish until around day 13. There are a lot of phases that make people give up, so stick with it! I’ve battled my thyroid for almost 4 years now with constant rollercoaster labs and many med tweaks and never felt well. That and breaking up with my sugar dragon are what drove me to Whole30! Keep up the good work!
  11. Hi I’m Jeri, this is my first post. I’m on Day 17! I’m starting to notice the NSV...less sinus congestion, better sleep, easier falling asleep, less brain fog. No Tiger Blood but I don’t feel droopy in the afternoon and that’s totally new! I have UC and Hashimotos and had eliminated gluten years ago but I wanted to see if this challenge would help identify other triggers and help me slay my very big sugar dragon! I also had a dental emergency my first week on W30 requiring an extraction! But I stuck to the plan! I just want people to know that they CAN do this!