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  1. Grant A

    Yes, First Day

    Thank you it really helps. I stocked up with frozen vegetables and switch proteins every day. The only thing I miss is Ice cream. Day 12 done and I now eat twice a day.
  2. Grant A

    Yes, First Day

    I am new to all this forum stuff and how to talk with others. I really appreciate the encouragement. I see lots of do the people that have already discovered how to do Whole30 or how to deal with the problems that not eating right causes. I am struggling with communication and there is so much information. Is there a guide to how to take baby steps, this is my first forum. Feeling sick has plagued me for the last 20 years so doing the Whole30 does not make me want to quit. The inability to use technology and remember how to do things. No one knows how sick I have been. I have learned to hide it very well. I was a Computer Consultant with my own company. Then I got a TBI from being without oxygen to long. I did not know I was married or my kids names, I had to relearn everything. I feel like Rip Van Winkle, I fell asleep and 20 years later, the world is so different, no one talks together, it's all in the TEXT. I love technology just have to get comfortable with it, I feel ancient in computer years. I feel like I am drowning in this ocean of information. The biggest problem is schedule and routines, and yes using technology. LOL. Anyone with suggestions, please reply.
  3. Grant A

    Yes, First Day

    My doctors suggested I try Whole30. Today is my first day. I am a lone wolf and have never used social media. I am all in. Thank you for sharing. I need some people to help me to be accountable. I don't think to eat, sometimes skip eating all day. When I am hunger, I just grab what is around. I have throw out all the garbage food. I am cooking food I love again, and making time for food. I ate once today and hope to be up to 3 meals a day soon. I am changing my entire life, going back to what works for me: Eating whole food; Exercising daily; and Sleeping correctly. No more skipping eating, and working out. No more 40 hour days.