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  1. Hey, I posted to the "Troubleshooting" on my Day 28 and found it helpful... thought I'd take my chances here too. So I decided on the "fast track" reintro, which mine maps out to 15 days. I'm on day 5 and reintroduced alcohol day 1 and legumes yesterday. For alcohol, I had two strawberry margaritas and asked the bartender for little to no added sugar, and he was even afraid it was too tart... it was great and hit me hard, although my boyfriend probably drank about half. The next day, I was 5 pounds over my Day 31. I amounted it to bloating and vowed to basically never drink again. Yesterday I followed the book to a T: peanut butter with apples in the morning, miso soup & soy sauce on sashimi for lunch, and some black beans for dinner. I also made a chocolate mouse with some leftover coconut cream I probably shouldn't have, got "sugar free" vanilla in my unsweetened almond milk cappuccino, and an avocado salad with sesame dressing I'm not sure was compliant either.... during the first 30 days I was way stricter, but reintroduction has increased my appetite and now I feel awful. I'm craving a croissant really badly this morning and am frustrated this will never end and I can never sustain my weight loss. I lost 22 lbs in 30 days (probably undereating) and ended up 8 lbs away from my goal weight, it was the lowest I've weighed in years. Now I'm 5-6 pounds up day 5 and closer to what I've weighed before on this other afwful diet I tried when I lost 40+ pounds. I know I should put the scale away and it said I might feel bad on the fast track reintroducing all these foods so quickly but for me it's the weight and frustration of not being able to eat what I want, enjoy what I eat, and sustain the weight I want. I should also probably add I have diagnosed mental health conditions I decided not to take meds for when my weight loss journey began in 2018 (I gained 50+ lbs very quickly on meds), which adds another element I don't have much control of.
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    Day 28, Underfed, and Uninspired to Eat

    Thanks! If anyone wants to know just how little I ate I lost over 22 pounds...
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    Day 28, Underfed, and Uninspired to Eat

    I made the Spinach and Artichoke Twice Baked Potatoes... they are amazing!! Pic attached (went out on my Day 30 with a bang with these and a New York strip -- I shared with my boyfriend -- for dinner!). Thank you again!
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    Whole30 Valentine's Day

    This is my first Whole30 and one of my students bought me a box of chocolates, it was so sweet (literally!) and there was chocolate and candy everywhere that day/week. I wasn't super tempted but I even bought some Hershey kisses for my classes and I think the greatest temptation was buying/having it around myself vs. other people/places. My boyfriend is also super supportive and made dinner reservations at a restaurant he knew was accommodating but I ended up making a fancy meal for us instead. I am by no means an alcoholic and I probably don't drink more than 1-2 drinks a month when I am drinking but lately I've been craving a margarita, maybe from stress or just knowing I can't have one. Glad we both got through Valentine's Day compliant!
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    Day 28, Underfed, and Uninspired to Eat

    Thank you all, your replies are really helpful and mean a lot to me! I know that eating healthier, whole-foods is good for me and I honestly really enjoyed Whole30 up until recently when I posted. I probably need to re-evaluate the med thing since it's definitely mood related. I don't think food causes any physiological issues for me, but definitely psychological. I don't currently have a slow cooker or anything like that, but I may look into one. I actually took your advice and bought a bag of a gourmet frozen veggie mix from Costco (watercress, sugar snap peas, mushrooms, etc.) and frozen potato wedges I'm pretty sure are compliant ( from another grocery store, which I'm cooking up now. I went to Zoe's earlier today, which I found has it's own Whole30 menu ( and then unexpectedly back out for lunch again with family where I settled for some plain ahi tuna tacos without shells or sauce or anything (pic attached) -- they weren't super satisfying but I was still pretty full from my chicken kabob Greek salad from Zoe's. Like I said, my reintroduction is going to take about two weeks and I think I'd be frustrated if I stretched this out any longer -- I want to say that I saw it through and hopefully do it again. Thanks for all of the recipes and food tips, I will definitely be trying some of them this week! I actually like cooking but sometimes get tired/overwhelmed and want to not always think about what I am going to eat, so convenience is sometimes nice. I definitely have not been eating enough. Thank you all so much again!
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    Day 28, Underfed, and Uninspired to Eat

    I'm eating more bacon because I don't know what else to eat and I guess it's kind of tastier than everything else I know I can eat. I guess I don't know enough about carbs (that aren't bread/pasta) and starchy vegetables (just Googled). I'm diagnosed as biplar too (and borderline) but am currently off of meds... the foods I'm craving (cheese fries, pizza, dessert) are not workable around Whole30 at all. I can't think of any sauces I'd want to eat Whole30 either. All of your Asian ingredients seem to require work (I've used coconut stuff for sauces) and in this day in age, I don't see why anyone should settle for bland, boring, unsatisfying foods -- it's costly, inconvenient, and doesn't taste good to me. I ended up eating some raw almonds and compliant sausage in a compliant marinara sauce last night. Another day of food drudgery and 15 more before "food freedom" when I know I'm going to lose it and go crazy...
  7. Hey, so it's day 28 and I've been pretty much totally compliant -- once, early on, my mom realized she had marinated chicken in yogurt after I had already asked and recently I ate hot sauce and brunch potatoes I'm not sure were compliant despite my efforts as well. Anyway, I read the whole book, my body has pretty significantly morphed (thinner, probably because I'm not eating enough) and I am so, incredibly sick of everything I have been eating/can eat. I get the emails and read a similar forum topic on one recently where Melissa was like, "change up what you're eating etc." I have never eaten so much bacon in my life, I am not a bacon person and eat two slices (Applegate no sugar added) almost daily. I'm not a huge vegetable person (but have been trying!) so it's been a lot of eggs and meats, occasionally some potatoes if I feel like cooking them or find some I can eat. I think I've eaten 5 bars total (3 sea salt chocolate RX and a couple Larabars); I know they are emergency only and not recommended so I tried not relying on them too much. I mapped out my reintroduction and it's going to take like another 15 days. I already know I'm going to feel sick with the day one alcohol thing since I've been depriving my body of sugar and carbs to absorb it so it feels like a trick -- "eat super clean then see how you feel after you consume these things that are definitely going to make you make you never want it again." I'm just so, totally sick of it. Hotdogs and bacon and sausage and smoked salmon and eggs and eating out but not enjoying it. Also combatting mental health and boyfriend issues, which aren't helping but definitely all related... I'm not sure what to do at this point. Trying to keep a positive outlook and rereading parts of the book but I just don't feel good