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    Lowered Cholesterol, Lost Weight, Improved Mental Health!

    Thank you
  2. I heard about Whole30 through my cousin, who sells essential oils and shared the basic rules and some recipes with me as part of a detox program. While the detox didn't work out for me, I was intrigued and did my own research, reading the 30-Day Guide and finishing my first Whole30/reintroduction March 5 and second one May 23; I didn't do well coming off my last one so I started another reset a few days ago, too. This forum has been really helpful to me so I thought I'd share some of my success! First, my cholesterol skyrocketed down after my first round and I'll be doing my lab work again soon to see if I won't need meds anymore (I'm prescribed a super low dose I don't actually take, but my doctor thinks it won't be needed if I continue my healthy habits, which we will assess at my upcoming appointment). The weight loss has definitely helped my self-esteem as well. I attached a photo that shows what I looked like pre-psychiatric meds, post-meds (probably close to my heaviest ever), right before my first Whole30 (I had already lost some weight through other means over the course of a few years), and the last one is from the end of my second round. I lost 22 pounds my first round and 12 my second. Most importantly, Whole30 has helped me combat my mental health struggles. For so long, I struggled with different diagnosis (Bipolar I/II, Borderline, anxiety, depression, etc.), a few involuntary hospitalizations, toxic relationships, and horrible nights I thought I'd never get through. I definitely still experience these things but I finally feel more in control, better equipped to deal with everything, greater clarity of mind, and can gracefully recover from bad episodes... and Whole30 has a LOT to do with all of that. I am incredibly grateful to Melissa, Dallas, and the entire Whole30 team for sharing this incredible gift with me.
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    My Dinner at Zoe's

    I went today and used their app, which has little Whole30 icons all over it now! Some things changed (like the salsa verde is not compliant anymore- yikes, but there is a new lemon herb tahini!) and you still have to be careful (the avocado smash, which had a $2 off promo, was listed as Whole30 if you replace the pita with cucumbers -- unfortunately, it also had feta cheese I had to scoop off )... still, very tasty!
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    Frustrated I Can't Have Food Freedom

    The book definitely talks about different strategies like waiting a set amount of time and then deciding if you still want it! My original plan was to continue eating Whole30 minus one thing each day since I know it's a slippery slope for me and I spiral, but I typically end up wanting everything I've been missing, not enjoying them, committing to another round, and then eating everything I want all at once in anticipation- ugh!
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    Frustrated I Can't Have Food Freedom

    Good luck! I've thankfully managed to keep about 50lbs off so far during my entire weight loss journey over the past couple of years, but it's not easy and I've definitely fluctuated! I started another reset on Wednesday with the intention of it at least being a Whole7 plus reintro and see how I feel, but I feel SO much better I may just go the whole 30 days again... three rounds in a row!
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    Frustrated I Can't Have Food Freedom

    Fair warning, the podcast is a bit at-odds with Whole30 (I've actually heard it mentioned by name a few times as another "fad diet" masked as a "lifestyle change"), but both have been helpful for me and it's been fun/challenging to make sense of the two together and what works for me. My username is a combo of Mazzy Star and a song I like called "Starslight" by At the Drive-In
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    Frustrated I Can't Have Food Freedom

    Thanks for your reply! Yesterday was rough, but today is a new day (I am starting my Whole7 plus reintroduction, and may extend it). My therapist/dietician recommended a podcast to me called Food Psych, which has also mentioned that weight cycling is more dangerous than maintaining a heavier weight too. I definitely recommend Food Freedom Forever, and I think it's only $6 right now (I just got It Starts With Food for that price on Amazon Kindle) -- it obviously hasn't helped me as much as I've hoped yet, but it's really insightful and I even took screenshots of a few pages I wanted to refer back to when making food decisions (clearly did not happen yesterday). Best of luck (and hard work!) to us both! I like your username
  8. YET I finished my second round of Whole30 on Friday -- it really should have ended this Thursday after I reintroduced gluten but I took an impromptu road trip and it was too hard to say no to my cousin's homemade pasta, bread, cocktails, etc., especially since I did no preparation besides bring a few emergency bars. I learned a lot from the experience and held it together okay until I got back today, when I went on an eating spree at my parent's house (where I got dropped off) and on my way back to my apartment. I just finished reading Food Freedom Forever, have read the 30-Day Guide, and recently started It Starts With Food. I get the science, psychology, and everything behind it all and read everything carefully, but get so nervous consuming things that are non-compliant that I decided to starting at least a Whole7 and maybe extend it when I got back (starting tomorrow) so I think I just kind of went nuts in anticipation and now I feel horrible. A few takeaways: Impromptu trips are hard during a reset/reintro -- I need to better prepare and communicate, and be more comfortable saying no and accommodating what I can eat I can't "go crazy" once I stop my reset/reintroduction, but I also can't guilt trip myself every time I eat something "off-plan" afterwards either I can't just keep going back to a reset after a few days/little bit (there was less than month between my first and second Whol30) and "go crazy" because I know that I'm about to reset again I need to find a dietician/health care provider that is supportive of my healthy lifestyle goals (I feel like my current one is very anti-diet culture and wary of any type of elimination thing like this, and I'm only proving her right) I need to learn how to trust myself around food/drink so that I'm not feeling like I'll go off the rails without Whole30 I have to stop obsessing over my weight (I lost 22 pounds my first Whole 30 and gained about 8 eight pounds in a month before I started my second, when I lost another 12 pounds -- too scared to check now after just a few days); I've lost over 50 pounds on my weight loss journey since about 2018 and hate fluctuating so much I'm basically just annoyed that I've done all of this reading and talking about it, invested in more expensive healthy foods, get into a healthy eating/exercise routine, and then totally blow it up. It's kind of what I do to everything -- relationships, work, etc. -- but I'm just so mentally fatigued and it's hard to trouble-shoot sometimes
  9. mazzystarslight

    My Dinner at Zoe's

    Nooooooooooooo, thanks for the info!
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    @kirbz Thank you so much for your kind reply - it means a lot. I read your message scarfing down an Rx bar a few days ago and it really cheered me up just knowing someone read and cared. It's been a crazy roller coaster since I've posted but I have stayed true to Whole30 and I'm proud to be on Day 29! I'm still reading about reintroduction in Food Freedom and trying to learn from my erratic mood swings (last night was an all time low, my poor boyfriend...) to try to avoid them/soften their blow in the future. Thanks so much again
  11. I'm all over this forum tonight, and I'm embarrassed to admit... but I still want cheese fries. I'm reading my way through Food Freedom right now and am going pretty strong on my second Whole30 (officially Day 26 with the #Whole30AtHome) -- my first Whole30 ended early March -- and despite all of Melissa's sage wisdom, I can't stop craving cheese fries. After my first Whole30 ended, I was pretty elated that I had lost 22 pounds but also knew that I probably under-ate (I'd rather not eat than not eat i.e. cheese fries). While I fluctuated after a little, and tried to restart with a few mini-Whole5s and scattered days of Whole30s in between, I don't think I ever gained more than 6-7 pounds before I started again April 13 -- over a whole month later, but still- pretty quick weight gain! Anyway, I know I shouldn't and would LOVE to get to the point that I don't, but I keep looking at pictures of food (like cheese fries) online, Instagram, etc. and can't wait to finally indulge a little. I know I can't go back to my old ways and was way more moderate coming off my last one, but I wish that I could get to the point where I'm just good walking away from and not waiting for the moment I can have it. I have found that I get extra anxious/restless/crave-y at night and try to eat an apple with some nuts instead but it is so bad lately!
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    If I knew how to perform a search on this forum I would, but I thought a new thread on this topic couldn't hurt either. I've been diagnosed with Bipolar (Type I) since I was a teenager scattered with some borderline personality disorder instead/in addition, have been (involuntarily) hospitalized a few times -- luckily, it's been years -- etc. I know it's controversial, but I "quit" meds in 2018 but try to work more closely with my doctor instead and (very) recently started therapy again, which is inconsistent. Whole30 has helped me a LOT to manage symptoms, but lately things have spiraled. I can't sleep (it's past midnight right now) and my mood has been fluctuating more; I used to brag that I "don't fight with people on Whole30," which pretty much was the case until tonight. I know Whole30 can't fix EVERYTHING, especially diagnoses as grand as mine (if accurate), but I was wondering if anyone might be struggling with similar issues/symptoms and might have any recommendations - beyond meds and professional help, which I'm managing. I'd like to get to a point where I don't feel like I need anything: a person, a dietary/lifestyle change, a substance, medication, etc. to feel stable but unfortunately I'm super reliant and have been grasping onto Whole30 for dear life and am feel myself drifting into a very strong current. (This is heavier and more desperate than I intended, I'm actually not doing that bad. For context, I'm technically on Day 26 of my #Whole30AtHome and my last one ended early March.)
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    I've tried a few different sugar free, compliant bacon brands but end up just deferring to Applegate now -- it's usually a little pricier, but always delicious; the other ones usually don't even look good in the packaging. I was never a "bacon" person but find myself eating a lot more bacon and hotdogs (also sugar-free, compliant... Applegate) way more on Whole30, which is weird. I guess they are satiating/tasty/convenient?
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    My Dinner at Zoe's

    Hm, they used to have a dedicated Whole30 menu that you can't access now on their site ( -- I heard that it was being updated by one of the managers from my local store, but I would be really sad if the chicken was actually marinated with dairy (beyond ghee) because I've had lots of kabob platters with chicken, salmon, and shrimp -- I don't like cauliflower rice, so I've never ordered it, but I've gotten both their grilled and cold potato salads, grilled veggies, and Greek salad without cheese or pita and a few of the sauces that used to be listed. I will be more careful when I order to clarify no butter/dairy/sugar but usually when I asked once I get sick of going through the whole run down every time... thanks for the post!
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    My best shepherd's pie yet!

    Pretty proud of this one I've made this recipe many times but tonight's was my favorite. I used a combination of ground beef & sausage for this one and always skip the green beans, otherwise it's pretty true to the recipe!