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  1. Sadly no, things fell apart on me when the home (and then appliance, no refrigerator for two weeks makes it hard) plans went sideways when in the middle of a food desert anyway. Got to day 28 before falling of the wagon. I've started doing a 90% W30 compliant plan for now, have needed too many pick-me-ups recently working 90ish hours a week, just not the right time to be slavish to it but I'm going through the physiological sugar withdrawal again now, had a major event cancelled this week so I'm taking the opportunity to catch up on my sleep and just marking time off on the other major g
  2. Nice Suzy! I actually fell down in the last few days of my first Whole30, all those working hours, an interruption to my meal plans, and my mortgage that literally went pear-shaped in the 11th hour and I just lost it. Another NSV that I had, the 28 days I made it I didn't have heartburn once, not one single time. I'm in the second day off and admittedly I haven't been eating well, and guess what, there's a little heartburn. Fortunately I got the meal service restarted this afternoon, so I will start eating somewhat better but I think I'm going to wait till I get this mortgage close
  3. So I blew it on Day 28. I was in transit yesterday moving to Houston and my meal service order went sideways and I wasn’t in a position to correct. Unfortunately I picked an Airbnb in what appears to be a food desert only a few miles from where the new place is because Internet service is being more challenging than it needs to be to establish and I can’t be without that as my paychecks are dependent on it. So fallback plan for my jobs, wasn’t really considering fallback plans for diet. I was planning to transition into Round 2 soonish anyway so it’s not like I have long term screwed u
  4. Day 26: literally no change from before. At this point not holding my breath to be experiencing TIGER BLOOD! but honestly I also don’t really care right now. I have had many NSVs through this expedition and while it has had it’s up’s and downs soldiering on. Packing up the month long Airbnb and headed for Houston tomorrow. Taking a cooler and plenty of snacks so I will make it through the last 3 days even if things are going to be awkward as hell this next week... so many things happening that it is going to be hard to keep things straight and then another busy weekend next wee
  5. Good to know, thanks! I am actually using Snap Kitchen currently on their W30 plan and it’s been very good overall. No mess no fuss, just easy, tasty and simple. I don’t see much reason to not continue using a meal service, especially when I am moving to a place that is not healthy food friendly yet in the local neighborhood.
  6. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this; I am not much of a cook so my culinary expedition during W30 has been zero, mostly it’s about getting restaurants to make slight changes to things to pull them into compliance. Between that and the meal service though doesn’t have your creativity and flair, and I really like the half and half option with HelloFresh that is a trick I am going to use whenever I do find time to experiment with cooking which it something I have been meaning to do for years. Anyway many congrats on the completion, I’ve already basically decided to take a slig
  7. Get it Suzy! There will likely be a few days in there where you feel utterly miserable: just don’t give up and keep to it as it will pass. Also try to do better than I am doing in my first W30, get out and walk more than I did haha. Day 25 for me now but think going to keep with it after maybe a half day off, hasn’t been the profound energetic miracle that others have experienced but working 80+ hours a week probably ain’t helping haha. Anyway keep checking in!
  8. I guess this is Day 25 now. I found the magic that is Lara Bars and various beef products for snacks. Beaten the hunger issues, been dragging but that’s because of working super hard through Wednesday (all three gigs wanted stuff Right Now! /sigh) and my sleep pattern has just been off. I don’t really see any reason to quit doing the Whole30 diet for now as I am getting enough variety of foods and the meal service keeps on rocking; I may take May 1 as half day off (I would still kill for a Starbucks mocha latte right now and honestly I was never a big coffee drinker) and the go anot
  9. Indeed! I am working multiple jobs racking up more billable hours than I know what to do with right now so the additional expense is trivial. In this case SnapKitchen has been so convenient I may just stick with it as it fits the current life style of trying to squirrel as many nuts away as possible while the money is running. Almost done with the first 30 days but think I am going to double up. No real burst of energy TBH but I was a physiological sugar junkie and while I went through the withdrawal symptoms before I just don’t feel great now but my sleep has been off. Stress probabl
  10. Yeah at times it’s been a slog and now working 2.5 jobs it’s even more awkward but I can’t imagine how I would be feeling if I were still eating the junk I was before. On the whole feeling pretty sane and still getting things done though been exhausted this week.
  11. Day 20. Dragging a little but nothing to do with the diet which I am still over the moon with. I’ve been logging wins and losses in here, far more NSV than not but today I possibly had one that dwarfs the others. I‘ve run off and on for a while, and nobody including physiologists were able to explain why I only had a very narrow aerobic band and then it just shutoff. I could be running a 10k or half marathon at a 170-180 HR and just be chatting away... total sugar junkie getting energy anaerobically. It was so consistent that I learned to pay attention to my breathing patterns and
  12. Hey Lauren, It’s actually going really well other than I can’t seem to retain water for enough hours to get me though the night. Something to trouble-shoot but next 10 days are going to be hell moving again and a bunch of work to get done between now and then. Day 20 is right, been hitting milestones on the 30 day calendar late, maybe I get that Tiger Blood surge around Day 24-25... I am dragging a little bit but not diet related, work, stress, blah. This forum is pretty slow, there are some boards which are busier but unfortunately isn’t much traffic in general. To
  13. Day 18: Totally off, read a book, watched a pair of Netflix movies, focused on restoring sleep pattern, eating and drinking water regularly. Feeling pretty good for as awkward as falling asleep at 5 pm was the other day. Did take two naps today. No surge of energy but I do seem to be concentrating somewhat better and that’s nothing but a positive. Next two weeks getting moved to Houston is going to be awkward. Figuring if I can hold it together maybe Day 24 will be the hotness.
  14. Smart! I'm in my first W30 and admittedly I'm outsourcing the meal prep (I'm probably not a lousy cook I just haven't much in a very long time) and I would've prepped more / better whenever I do it again. I apparently should've been putting my posts over here in a Log but whatever, forum haha. Anyway I'm interested to see how you progress with how detailed you are.