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  1. DAY 20 coffee; leek soup; 2-egg omelette w/ mushrooms + sauerkraut tomato-cabbage soup w/ ground beef grapes + watermelon seeds roasted root vegetables w/ chestnuts; tin of mussels
  2. DAY 19 coffee; leek soup; roasted root vegetables w/ tahini; sausage almonds; banana; tomato-cabbage soup w/ ground beef apple w/ tahini 2-egg omelette w/ mushrooms + sauerkraut; green olives; apple w/ tahini My eczema has improved quite a bit - not as inflamed/painful as it was before I started this program. Life has been really busy and emotionally intense lately and I've really been struggling with wanting to go back to old habits (comfort eating). I've been taking naps and baths instead. On the weekend I want to plan out some more interesting meals for next week
  3. DAY 18 coffee; tomato-cabbage soup w/ ground beef roasted root vegetables w/ tahini; 1 sausage small handful of almonds; banana spiced potato wedges + tinned mussels leek soup; 5 jumbo green olives; cut up apple w/ sunflower seeds, ground flax seeds + almond milk Weird day of eating - felt hungry all day long. Briefly considered ditching this diet and grabbing a bag of bridge mix but I refrained. I am, for the most part, sleeping a little bit better - 6 or even 7 hours instead of the usual 4 or 5 - so that's something!
  4. DAY 17 coffee; leek soup; roast chicken; mandarin orange small handful of almonds roasted root vegetables w/ tahini, pomegranate seeds + shiso; 1 sausage tomato-cabbage soup w/ ground beef; grapes
  5. DAY 16 coffee; leek soup; 2-egg omelette w/ sauerkraut boiled potatoes + green beans w/ tahini; 1 chicken thigh; apple 2 mandarin oranges; 1 chicken thigh sautéed bok choy + beef w/ chestnuts, pomegranate seeds, pea shoots + shiso kombucha
  6. DAY 15 coffee; carrot soup; 2 scrambled eggs; 1/2 avocado boiled potatoes + green beans w/ tahini; 2 chicken thighs handful of trail mix stir fried bok choy, mushrooms + beef; olives; grapes Is it my imagination or is there a slight improvement with my eczema?
  7. DAY 14 coffee; 2-egg omelette w/ zucchini + mushrooms; 1/2 avocado apple; small handful of almonds zucchini noodles w/ tomato sauce + black olives; 2 chicken thighs tomato-cabbage soup w/ tuna; trail mix*; grapes *sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, raisins
  8. DAY 13 coffee; carrot soup; roasted butternut squash; 1 italian sausage; sugar snap peas apple; small handful of almonds zucchini noodles w/ compliant tomato sauce, black olives + tuna; tomato-cabbage soup 2-egg omelette w/ sauerkraut; grapes; trail mix
  9. DAY 12 coffee; roast vegetables + tahini; 1 tandoori chicken thigh apple; small handful of almonds roast vegetables; tuna w/ olive oil carrot soup; tomato-cabbage soup; 1 Italian sausage
  10. DAY 11 coffee; 2-egg omelette w/ sauerkraut; black olives; tomato-cabbage soup roast vegetables*; tuna + olive oil; sugar snap peas 2 mandarin oranges tomato-cabbage soup; 2 tandoori chicken thighs; grapes; small handful of almonds *butternut squash, green beans, red pepper, red onion, broccoli
  11. DAY 10 coffee; leftover chicken-vegetable stir fry herbed-lemon potatoes; tin of smoked mussels; sauerkraut kombucha tomato-cabbage soup; grapes + tahini; 1 tandoori chicken thigh
  12. DAY 9 coffee; garlic-sautéed gai lan w/ sesame seeds; pastrami; 1/2 avocado salad (lettuce, carrot, pickles, olives, tahini-lemon dressing, nut'l yeast); salmon; baked yam; carrot soup grapes stir fried vegetables + chicken
  13. @peacefullyfierce Thank you! I try to keep it simple
  14. DAY 8 coffee; 3-egg omelette w/ roasted vegetables + sauerkraut; 1/2 avocado salad (lettuce, carrot, red cabbage, pickles, tahini-lemon dressing + nutritional yeast); pastrami; baked yam garlic-sautéed gai lan; salmon w/ mustard; handful of black olives; apple; small handful of almonds I'd forgotten how much I love a big plate of garlic-sautéed greens! First week done and one of the main things I've noticed is how much water weight I've lost. I feel lighter. I have more energy and, as a result, want to move more. I haven't had any negative side effects yet, which is
  15. DAY 7 coffee; chicken-vegetable soup; 2-egg omelette w/ sauerkraut roasted vegetables w/ tahini-lemon dressing; bison jerky; last of the chicken-vegetable soup (yay!) coffee; apple; small handful of almonds banana; herb-lemon potato wedges; tin of smoked mussels A weird day of eating. I ended up staying at work 4 hours later than I'd anticipated, necessitating an emergency grocery store dinner.