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  1. Day 17, Friday January 22, 2021 M1: l/o potato-carrot stamppot; prosciutto and 2 large eggs, fried M2: carrot sticks; potato-egg salad Snack: nuts and raisins M3: tomato-veg-hamburger soup , 3 chicken wings 6 1/2 hours sleep last night: 11:30pm - 6:00am
  2. Day 16, Thursday January 21, 2021 M1: shepherd's pie M2: sauteed sweet pepper, l/o stamppot reheated with l/o steak bites Snack: carrot M3: l/o onion-beef soup, potato-egg salad NSV: 6 1/2 hours of solid sleep, 11pm - 5:30 am straight, no insomnia. Placed my order for a new kitchen fridge today, ETD is March or April but at least I'm getting the fridge I want. I won't settle with a cheaper fridge just because it's available now. Feeling grateful this happened in the winter, we have a few options available to keep our food chilled in addition to using the basemen
  3. Day 15, Wednesday January 20, 2021 M1: 1/2 cup onion beef soup while breakfast was cooking; sweet potato, kale, prosciutto, eggs, 4 oz OJ M2: carrot, onion-beef soup Snack: cashews and dates M3: stamppot with potatoes, carrots and ghee; tenderloin steak My sleep was solid from midnight until 6am. The problem is that I went to bed at 11 and got up at 9. From 6 - 9am I slept lightly, about 1/2 of the time. I just wasn't rested enough to get up at 6, and I was falling asleep on the couch last night at 10:15. I'm beginning to realize that my sleep patterns reflect othe
  4. I'm sorry @stealthstitcher you had such a crappy day. I smiled when I read how you cooked that lovely dinner and your healthy NSV's sound perfect. Wishing you a much better day today, and another delicious dinner this evening. @Contessa I love your reply to the calcium snip. Let's all keep that in our back pockets for when such a comment surfaces again.
  5. Day 14, Tuesday January 19, 2021 M1: shepherd's pie Snack: walnuts and raisins M2: Big Ass Salad following MU's template in the email this week: Romaine & massaged kale, cucumber and grated carrot; blistered orange pepper; warm chicken pieces; pineapple; walnuts; lemon zest, avo oil, balsamic vinegar and herbs M3: shepherd's pie Both fridges need repair, a technician is coming tomorrow. That's the thing with doing a thorough cleaning, you find problems that you didn't know about. I'm so thankful that I didn't get too much fresh produce last week, everything is st
  6. Day 13, Monday January 18, 2021 M1: shepherd's pie 11:00am snack: pecans and dates M2: tomato veg hamburger soup from the freezer 3pm snack: pineapple, dates, pecans 5:30pm snack: Larabar M3: marinara sauced ground beef on top of spaghetti squash I had insomnia again last night. Sigh. NSV: My belly is less fat than it was two weeks ago and I feel like I've lost a bit of weight. I was hungry at 11:00am, so I had a snack. I was super hungry at 5:30 so snacked again. The 3pm snack was just habit. I spent time today moving much of the excess and
  7. Sweet orange peppers then! I buy the orange/brown skinned sweet potatoes, but will be trying the pink fleshed ones soon... I'm curious if they'll be orange inside and taste the same or not. Carrots are so versatile, I hope you enjoy them, and cantaloupe... yum! Try it with a sprinkle of salt for a change. I'm with you on wanting orange on my plate. Way to go getting the first week done.
  8. Poor Lorelai. :-) I love Gilmour Girls! Grats on sticking with the plan.
  9. Day 12, Sunday January 17, 2021 M1: l/o spaghetti squash; kale; onion; l/o south-west pork; egg; salsa M2: l/o potatoes & onions fried in ghee, green beans, 1/4 bratwurst, walnuts and raisins M3: veggie confetti cauli-rice with sauteed chicken strips M1 was uninteresting except that I felt pleased to be using up healthy leftovers rather than throwing them out. I took solace in knowing that my next meal was not far off and would taste better. I'm wondering how I ever came to think that every meal must be a gastronomical feast fit for royalty. My stomach was feel
  10. Day 11, Saturday January 16, 2021 M1: roasted sweet pepper, roast beef strips, fried egg, olive oil M2: romaine salad with avocado, green grapes, chicken, PK gg dressing 5pm snack: cashews and dates M3: mashed skin-on potatoes, carrots, green beans, gehaktballen My energy was low today, same as yesterday and I had insomnia last night. Hoping for better sleep and increased energy soon. I made it through most of the afternoon without having to snack. I did grab a snack at 5pm as I was wondering what I was going to cook for dinner. I think that if I'd had a pla
  11. Day 10, Friday January 15, 2021 M1: l/o stamppot; l/o bratwurst; 1 xlg egg fried in ghee, 1/2 c. raspberries M2: tomato vegetable soup with hamburger bits Snack: walnuts and raisins Snack: pineapple spear as I was preparing dinner M3: pasta primavera modified from this recipe using a spaghetti squash bed and topped with carrots, broccoli, sweet peppers, julienne sun dried tomatoes, chicken, garlic, lemon zest and dried basil My stomach was upset immediately after I finished my breakfast. Perhaps the raspberr
  12. Day 9, Thursday January 14, 2021 M1: pineapple & strawberries cup; sweet potato roasted in olive oil; kale; Mexican spiced pork bites; 1 xlg egg pan fried in ghee M2: salad w/ 2 c. chopped romaine; 2 c. green grapes, avocado, chicken and walnuts, lemon juice & PK GG dressing Snack: cashews and dates Snack: walnuts and raisins M3: l/o stamppot refried in ghee; green beans, roast beef NSV: I woke up this morning feeling totally refreshed. Slept 11:30 - 7:30 straight through, 8 hours of solid sleep. This is just the beginning of improved sleep quality - yay
  13. Your meals do not sound boring at all! Wishing you continued W30 success.
  14. Day 8, Wednesday January 13, 2021 M1: 1/2 portion of shepherd's pie, l/o veggies from last night's supper 11:30am snack: banana, walnuts M2: romaine salad with 2 cups chopped lettuce and 2 cups of chopped grapes, avocado and chicken, tossed in Primal Kitchen Green Goddess dressing. Snack: dates and pecans M3: stamppot including turnips, carrots, white potatoes and sweet potatoes topped with browned bratwurst finished in the oven No headache this morning. My sleep is still not great, I had insomnia last night but only for 1/2 hour. I look forward to the restful