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  1. @MadyVanillaHi there! You're not alone. I re-started on Oct 1 too, didn't even get through Day 1. Sugar is everywhere, as is bread and fast & easy dining options. I second @Rebecca001. It's tough though, to get into the mindset. Good luck, here's to your success.
  2. I had some insomnia last night, for approximately an hour some time long before dawn. I woke at 7:30, got up at 7:50 to walk. Day 5 Thursday June 3, 2021 M1: sweet potato with 1 slice prosciutto and 1 egg all pan fried in ghee, banana, 3 oz pineapple juice, vitamins, Omega 3's M2: BigAss green salad with chicken, avocado, grapes and walnuts Snack: Larabar M3: oven roasted potatoes, onion, carrots, celery, red pepper and cauliflower with bbq steak I was dragging my feet this morning with very low muscle energy. I recognize this feeling - my body is switching from
  3. I woke up with a small headache this morning, thinking it's a bit of carb flu. I had a fairly good sleep, woke at 5 for a bit, then woke again around 6:30. I got up at 7:30 to walk before breakfast. Day 4 Wednesday June 2, 2021 M1: salad - romaine, spinach, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, celery, tomato, grapes, blueberries, chicken, walnuts, PK gg dressing, vitamins, Omega 3's M2: l/o soup from yesterday (chicken & veg), celery, 2 boiled eggs, banana M3: shepherd's pie with ground beef, carrots, celery, onions, garlic, crushed tomatoes, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, ghe
  4. I'm feeling even better today. The sluggishness is gone. My energy is still not great, but without the heaviness I expect my energy can only increase now. My sleep wasn't bad but not good either. I woke at 5am and again at 6:30am and after reading and falling back asleep both times, I woke up at 7:45 but then stayed in bed reading until 9. Day 3 Tuesday June 1, 2021 M1: sweet potato-white potato-carrot root mash fried with ghee, 2 eggs, 1 slice prosciutto, 3 oz pineapple juice M2: soup with onion, celery, carrot, l/o chicken from last night, diced tomatoes Snack: pecans
  5. I'm already feeling better - less sluggish, less headache-y and less feeling of over-stuffed-ness in my belly. On waking up, I felt groggy despite a full sleep, about seven or eight hours. I read for an hour before getting out of bed. Monday May 31, 2021 M1: 1/2 sweet potato, 2 slices of prosciutto, 2 eggs, handful of strawberries M2: spinach salad with avocado, steak, 3 strawberries, balsamic dressing, water with a dash of pineapple juice for flavour M3: chicken thighs topped with mango salsa, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots Exercise: 2km walk before breakfa
  6. Time for a reset. I'm hoping to lose belly fat , mental fog and overall sluggishness. I'm also hoping to overcome emotional eating and eating out of boredom. I feel I've been poisoning myself with too much sugar. Sunday May 30, 2021 M1: fried egg with l/o green beans, potatoes & onion, steak, tomato, vitamins and Omega 3's M2: salad with romaine, avocado, chicken, green grapes, cucumber, strawberries, walnuts, PK gg dressing M3: small repeat of M2 with a few extra strawberries, 3 oz pineapple juice NSV: a successful day food-wise and I didn't snack between meal
  7. Day 30, Thursday February 4 2021 Sleep: 11:08pm to 7:15pm. 8 hours. Awake at 1:30 for 4 minutes, 5:00 for 4 minutes, 5:49 for 10 minutes. A good sleep. M1: banana, tomato-veg-hamburger soup M2: tomato-veg-hamburger soup M3: romaine salad with avocado, green grapes, chicken, PK gg dressing 30 days, done.
  8. Day 29, Wednesday February 3, 2021 Sleep: 10:30pm - 6:30am, 8 hours. Wasn't feeling completely refreshed when I woke up and I didn't get up right away either. I was awake twice for 5 minutes at 11:10 and 4 minutes at 3:38, slipped into the W/C both times. No insomnia. M1: l/o stamppot, prosciutto, 2 eggs, olive oil and ghee Snack: apple, Larabar M2: tomato-veg-chicken southwest soup M3: green beans, l/o stamppot met gehakt I seem to get sleepy shortly after 10pm, sometimes even before 10pm. I'll continue to track my bedtime and soon develop a regular routine t
  9. Day 28: Tuesday February 2, 2021 Sleep: 11:30pm - 7:00am, 7 1/2 hours. Toggled between awake and light sleep from 5:45 - 6:15. No insomnia. M1: shepherd's pie Snack: raisins and walnuts M2: romaine salad with green grapes, avocado, chicken, PK gg dressing Snack: dates and pecans M3: tomato-veg-chicken south-west soup, stamppot with ghee, small steak I feel much better than I did just four weeks ago. My clothes definitely fit better. I'm at a point where I can say I feel back to normal and I want to lose ten pounds of fat. All the bloating and inflammatio
  10. Day 27, Monday February 1, 2021 Sleep: 11pm - 7am, 8 hours. Awake 17min at 11, 9 min at 3:30, 4 min at 6. No insomnia. M1: sweet potato, kale, prosciutto, 2 eggs, ghee Snack: dates and pecans M2: shepherd's pie Snack: Blueberry Rx bar M3: tomato-vegetable-hamburger soup, white potatoes and onions fried in ghee I definitely feel that I'm sleeping better since I began this Whole30 but my sleep pattern is still not set. I think it's a good idea to make a sleep schedule for myself but will I set my bedtime at 10, 10:30 or 11? Sometimes I'm just too tired to wai
  11. Day 26, Sunday January 31, 2021 Sleep: 11pm - 6:30am, 7 1/2 hours, awake once at 3:30 for 11 minutes. M1: romaine salad wth avocado, green grapes, chicken, PK gg dressing M2: shepherd's pie Snack: banana, raisins, walnuts M3: tomato-vegetable-hamburger soup I'm planning to stop drinking water for an hour or two before bedtime so that at least I won't waken because I need to use the WC. This will be a challenge for me because I drink lots of water (up to 100 oz) throughout the day and through the night if I wake up. This has become a bad habit that I can try to
  12. Day 25, Saturday January 30, 2021 M1: shepherd's pie M2: romaine salad with avocado, green grapes and chicken, PK gg dressing Snack: banana and walnuts M3: peas and carrots, white potatoes, roast beef and gravy Tea with caffeine after dinner Sleep: 10:30 - 5:30 straight through, 7 hours of solid sleep and I felt well rested at 5:30. I got up at 6:00. Energy was high all day. Energy: I had lots of energy when I got up at 6am. It was too cold to walk so I did a bit of paper work and prepared a shepherd's pie for myself for breakfast and for the next three da
  13. Day 24, Friday January 29, 2021 M1: sweet potato, green beans, carrots, kale, prosciutto, 2 eggs, ghee M2: tomato veg chicken soup Snack: raisins M3: grilled sweet peppers, onions, chicken Sleep: 11:00 - 7:30, 8 1/2 hours with 6 periods of being awake, but only for approximately 5 minutes each time, no insomnia. My legs, hips and glutes ache from sitting around so much which I especially feel at night. Its extremely cold outside, too cold to walk much and with the Stay at Home order I can't hardly go anywhere other than to the grocery store. I believe I will sleep be
  14. Day 23, Thursday January 28, 2021 M1: romaine salad with green grapes, chicken, PK gg dressing Snack: banana M2: sweet potatoes, prosciutto, eggs, ghee Snack: nuts and fruit M3: green beans, potatoes, roast beef Sleep: 10:00 - 9:00, with 45 minutes of recurring insomnia at 1:30, 3 and 4. Feeling rested after this big sleep. Snacking: I just do it. I'm so bored, working from home with orders to stay home except for essentials. Ugggh. At least the snacks are compliant. I know I would feel better if I restrict snacking, but with coVid restrictions as they a
  15. Day 22, Wednesday January 27, 2021 M1: green beans, prosciutto, 2 eggs, ghee M2: l/o mixed stir fried veg in olive oil, chicken wings Snack: pork rinds, dates and cashews M3: romaine salad with grapes, chicken, green goddess dressing Sleep: midnight to 7:00am, 7 hours with 15 minutes awake 4:30 Energy: high in the morning, fairly high all day long