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  1. I just decided that I would be starting over but im not really counting it as starting over. My body has so much work to do and i still have some general habits and mindsets i fall into when i eat certain foods that would ultimately lead me to fail if i tried to do any food freedom after only 30 days. I made it through 25 but have always known no matter what I would probably need a W60 -W90 to even start to feel like really confident in my ability to eat day to day. So that fact that ill be doing another 30 days isnt that big an issue - i just "started over" so i could keep track of the days e
  2. Thinking very hard about my food freedom i was able to successfully convince myself that I deserved nachos so ill be going on another 30 days! Let me know if you like the cookbook! I found that i need to have a variety of stuff ready to go in case something just isnt sitting with me well which can happen especially during my flares and i just wont eat anything for days at a time...which is kinda how i got to nachos! SO i have to prepare against that this next month. Ive had that canned salmon recipe bookmarked for like 5 weeks lol. I even have canned salmon! and i havent gotten a c
  3. So i tried to give a few updates this week but my password wasnt working and I kept locking myself out. To sum it up, on Day 25 i ate nachos. Going so many days without eating and then Im pmsing, I was like you know what, 25 days is basically 30 days and I got nachos. Literally right at the end and I talked myself right into those nachos. How strange and annoying but I told myself i was going to complete a whole30 and complete it I shall (so ill be starting again naturally) Fun fact, im a self saboteur. Dont be like me people. I have an innate dread of success that basically causes m
  4. Day 22 sun june 14 Some peas and a banana That's it all day. I slept a lot. I need to come up with some sort of eating plan when this happens. I'm gonna schedule an appt with my dr and get some ideas Day 23 June 15th So far I've eaten some roasted seaweed which is yummy. Making a casserole right now. Fingers crossed that I feel like eating it
  5. I think the chips are fine if you make them yourself. Just avoid the commercial ones as they tend to not be just one portion size and lots of ppl go all binge-y with it! You are doing great - ive eaten more potatoes in the last month than i probably have in ages (though....maybe not if i count the bacon cheesy cheesy cheesy potato wedges i loved to order all the time) I just learned almond butter and i are not friends - im glad youre finding things that work for you.
  6. My biggest issue with that is alot of the time i realize the food isnt worth it and yet i feel the need to finish it - like since ive already started it might as well not let it go to waste so i feel bad and arent even happy with the food! what a waste So glad things are comin together and you are getting everything settled. It can be so freeing to get past those big stress obstacles...granted not to say things are easy now
  7. HAHAHAHA thats how i felt about the beef stew i made but my hubby loved it - gross. like who am i even married to. Id have to go back through my log to see when exactly but i now fall asleep so quickly im in love. I used to toss and turn for hours to even start sleeping now its like 15 min max which is such an improvement and i imagine will only get better. You have such a variety going on! keep it up <3 happy thoughts
  8. Saturday June 13th - Day 21 So im at work right now and its actually 0030 on 6/14 but as yall have noticed i like to grab this night and the meal in the morning as the previous day due to the night shift schedule. M1 - about 2 inches of a sausage link and three bites of a baked potato. I was really hoping i would sleep off whatever had been making me feel so bad friday but it wasnt really until today when i woke up still not hungry that i realized i was in a flare and it wasnt just some stomach thing. And of course my realization that i probably needed some sort of blended soup
  9. So i didnt end up making that casserole yet so my last meal on day 19 was actually some eggs and bacon - fun times Day 20 June 12 Woke up feelin super super off. I hurt, i was super tired and didnt wanna get out of bed. It was like it was last month just hit by a truck. Im thinking I have a flare going on and its such a bummer because i was feelin so good. Then I thought about how silly it was that i thought 20 days of eating better would undo a decade of damage. tsk tsk tsk. LOL but anywho still felt like crapperjacks. I didnt eat anything when i woke up and started to fee
  10. hi everyone! so sorry i dont get notifications over here been keeping my log updated in that area! Day 19 is almost to an end. How is everyone doing
  11. So awesome for all of it! Ive been trying to figure out what i want to do after the thirty days and I think there is a very high chance i continue it out to at least 60 days. Though i really want cheese back in my life. Like cheese will have to be the first intro at some point no matter what but i dont want to fall right back into eating all these things all day every day so Ive been trying to come up with a long term plan after the reintros and everything. Plus my dr hasnt seen the results yet but i imagine after the 30 days shes gonna be super pushy about me sticking with for a while LOL my
  12. I think its making a positive change for like health reasons but not in the long run for our relationship with food. In other words i think it would be very easy to fall back into the exact same old habits with the old food if given the choice because we didnt actually change the habit. I try to do no snacking any more in front of the tv at all because the tv is my binge and sit place for hours and hours. I actually try not to snack at all if its not at work because i know sitting at home and grazing is a problem for me. But as i just mentioned i ate fish and potatoes all day long an
  13. June 10 day 18 So i freakin ate tilapia and roasted red potatoes for like every meal. No joke. Im so sick of red potoates now LOL But i had pulled out fish to thaw and didnt realize there were four fillets so we made it all at once and it was just easier to pull them out and heat them up all day and take it to work and now im just sick of tilapia and roasted potatoes This was different than the casserole because i enjoyed eating that and just actively planned to eat it for every meal (which i think is actually an unhealthy tendency so i told myself i wouldnt eat the same thing t
  14. Day 17 june 9 M1 eggs bacon and fresh made hashbrowns M2 tuna with celery red onion and dill radish M3 four hamburger patties with lettuce Bed early Not a very eventful day except I did spent some time daydreaming about different meals. My thoughts are still very food centric and food centric and food centric on a positive note thiugh I am getting some time to reflect on my eating habits as a whole. Besides the fact that I very much use food as a filler in my activities I tend to over indulge over and over until I no longer enjoy what I'm indulging in in the fir
  15. Fats are still weird iffy for me to get in but I'm trying. One of the reasons I kept eating that chicken casserole was because it kept me full. No cravings no headaches no nausea and that made me happy. I like easy lol You doing great! My stiffness is so much better and I'm glad you are already seeing an improvement.
  16. Day 15 june 7 I woke up ate some chicken pot pie casserole Then was up for a bit Feeling a lil run down Ate the last of the chicken pot pie casserole This turned into the morning of june 8th Day 16 june 8th Feeling super cravy for all the things Hot outside. Quiet inside. Perfect weather for delivery ppl Went to bed to out sleep thinking about my food. Was going to do some stuff on my computer but the wifi card died - wooot - cheese pizza would make that less annoying Wait I lied there was some casserole left - haha! So that was eaten as M?
  17. @ShadowInTheKitchen totally slept through it.
  18. Today sucks. I feel off and I want to eat alot. Its super hot outside and kinda lazy day that screams for all fast food and cheese and maybe some icecream Gonna try to sleep through it
  19. Wooot ! We got this **highfive** CASSEROLES!!!!!! NOM NOM NOM
  20. Day 13 June 5 and might as well put Day 14 June 6 even though that day is technically not over till i get home from this night shift lol But i already have my meals ready so odds are they will get eaten Day 13 - My double shift is every friday and i go right back into work at 3pm after getting off at 730am to work a 17 hr shift this makes food a lil weird M1/snack when i woke up - some tuna salad with red onion pickle and cucumber M1 at work - chicken pot pie casserole (its gonna keep coming what can i say - this was actually the last of it) i had 2 snapkitchen meals d
  21. Or you know for fun drugs that make me not care the apocalypse is happening lol.
  22. HAHAHAHAHAH that sounds like a normal day for me last month!
  23. Ha I dont know what half of that is hehehe Glad it was delicious though!
  24. Consistency is def super important. I'd say more important than most aspects in most things. You are learning new things about how foods affect you already and that's great!