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  1. Blueautumn

    Pants don't fit and I'm tired

    Well I will say chips and popcorn sound amazing. At least you know some of your triggers so you can avoid them later Today is nearing the end of day 2 for me so I'll be with ya when you start tomorrow!
  2. Blueautumn

    Ready for R1!! Start 5/24

    @hedegi I'm very not used to eating set meals either lol but we crushed day 1
  3. Blueautumn

    Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log

    [email protected] thank you so much for the kind words! I add salt to all of it. I love it about as much as I love sugar lmao. I have four pounds of butter left in my fridge that he will be simmering down today and if I have a chance I'll be looking for some ghee or lard today. Yes night shift well night shift rofl but someone's gotta do it Hugs and love
  4. Blueautumn

    Round 4 - FIGHT!

    Mine has felt like that on and off all week. It's awful. You can borrow my massage lady the weather changes have been wrecking my hhead. hope you feel better soon
  5. Blueautumn

    Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log

    AND I want milk and koolaid so bad
  6. Blueautumn

    A Very Hungry Mommy and Baby W30 R2.2

    So sorry about your husband sending good wishes that he recovers sooner than later. Good job on avoiding that taco bell. Stress can def be a downfall of trying to stay healthy. When my mom died my dad got me burgers and a frosty from Wendy's and when my dad died I got burgers and frosty from Wendy's lol essentially whenever I'm stressed now I look for delicious bad nom noms You did so awesome with dinner at your mom's as well. Them food navigation skills are A +
  7. Blueautumn

    Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log

    Day 1 finished. I havent felt so hot so I slept four hours woke up, ate, was up for a bit then woke up again so theres a good chance I'll be up for the next 20 hours or so. I'm gonna try to sleep at some point before then but it may or may not happen lol My meals today are quite sad but I feel fine and am not hungry. Need to make it back by the store to get some fresh veggies and my ghee seems to have gone missing lol - gotta ask my roommate M1 when I got home from work was tuna peas and broccoli M2 chicken and broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots -when I woke up in the middle of the afternoon with severe neck pain and a headache M3 chicken remaining peas - when I woke up again about half n hour ago lol didnt feel like steaming more veggies atm they are all frozen It's now been over 24 hours since I finished my last soda nom nom nom. Atm just drinking lots of water. And focusing on getting through each meal with compliance even if they arent the greatest balance. I did get some fruit last night. I learned I'm iffy on strawberries, not a fan of blackberries they are like weird seed gritty , and that I really enjoy cantaloupe especially with some salt. That shouldn't be all surprising since I love cucumber with salt. Used the instant pot to steam veggies earlier. Didnt realize there were three settings for the steam function soooo note to self normal setting at 6 mins is way to long. Finally found the spot in the manual that says light setting for veggies. It was so soft - I like my veggies with some crunch- I could mash them with my fork ick I ate them cause I didn't wanna waste them but will be trying again later today Starting weight 316 I did start craving pringles like a crazy person earlier which is new. But overall I think mentally I'm doing okay. I know its up to me to change and I'm very focused on making that happen. Read the miracle morning - will start implementing that this week as well
  8. Blueautumn

    Ready for R1!! Start 5/24

    Day 1 down! Bring on day 2
  9. Blueautumn

    Round 4 - FIGHT!

    I cant even remember the last time I actually felt motivated to get off the couch or out or bed. So glad you are happy and you have some motivation to get stuff done. Are you motivated for a walk? lol Heading over to the 40 aprons site right now maybe i will make something fancyish this week Keep it going
  10. Blueautumn

    Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log

    So its almost 1am into the 24th which means my Day 1 has just started! Because it started literally in the middle of my day and ill be going home to sleep then wake back up in the evening of day my meals will probably look super weird. Because i work nights and switch to a day schedule on my day off - because im a glutton for punishment - there will def be days where my meal count will be odd. As of right now I am focused on just avoiding what I need to avoid and making sure to eat enough that I dont feel like im starving. Optimization of the meal template probably wont be till later in the week when Ive been without my filler for a while. In the past whenever I have switched to any sort of healthier eating, my calorie count drops dramatically and I lose my appetite. I never eat as much good food as I do bad food so i imagine it will take a bit for my hungry queues to figure themselves out. Just going to tackle one meal at a time and listen to my body. I dont want to have to worry about the added stress of making sure im hitting all the template points right off the bat while also tryin to combat the cravings. As my eating becomes more normalized and I actually know when Im getting hungry ill focus on optimizing portions and fats etc. The first goal is just making sure there is some sort of veggie and protein with every meal. I LOVE BUTTER - I have some ghee on hand that I plan on throwing on everything so that makes me happy. I did get a soda tonight right when I got to work which means i went into it sugar loaded. My first compliant meal will be when I get off work to end my day (which I would imagine would be most ppls M1 if they were starting today so it balances out - kinda LOL) though I do have some fruit I grabbed to snack on tonight. I decided to do it that way instead of starting when I wake up on Sunday so that I dont go to bed loaded up on trash right before I start (which I would have done obviously since I still grabbed a sunkist at 11pm ON may 23 ROFL) My coworker brought me some la croiux to try. Ive never had it. My normal beverage consumption is water, milk, soda. I was fully prepared for water to be 100% my drinks throughout this process but I am sure it cant hurt to switch it up with some other things lol. If you have any suggestions on drinks please feel free to let me know!
  11. Blueautumn

    Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log

    ROLF not creepy at all - NEED ALL THEM VIBES. And I am at work <3 lol
  12. Blueautumn

    Ready for R1!! Start 5/24

    Tomorrow is day 1 - let's do this sugar and trash dragons are going down
  13. Blueautumn

    Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30

    One of my cats is named rhubarb! Lol Awesome job staying compliant. I have an instant pot and I never use the pressure cook function. Instead I always use the slow cook but I hear it's super good for cooking frozen meat in case I forget to plan so I'm planning to learn pressure cooking lol. And that right there is why its so good to have something always ready in the fridge like protein salad!
  14. Blueautumn

    Round 4 - FIGHT!

    Was it any good? I didnt even know coconut yogurt was a thing
  15. Blueautumn

    BED's Whole30 Log <3

    YAY I know its been almost 2 weeks but I really wanted to say CONGRATS to finishing. I miss sleep so much - you give me hope that one day I will have it back in my life lol.