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  1. Wooohoooo!!! Getting out of bed AND no snacking?! You getting it done. So happy those extra days are paying off for you. I've noticed I'm not tired at the end of my work shifts now which has been so useful to not feeling just bleh by the time I get home. Hopefully your stomach is nothing problematic Happy thoughts!
  2. This right here ^^^ Hmmm i want something to do...yum lets eat something just cause its like something to do and delicious! lol congrats on getting closer to the 7am get up!
  3. @ShadowInTheKitchen Ive noticed that even if im not tired ill stay in bed when i wake up unless i have a good reason to try and leave it lol. Day 30 done! grats. Are you considering past 40 if you dont quite hit what you want? Does cilantro have that soapy taste for you or you just arent an overall fan of it? because if you have that genetic thing its probably not even worth trying to eat it. I honestly cant recall eating it (though im sure i have) and i have no idea what it tastes like lol. I really need to get out more. Keep up the good work - another weekend gone! happy tho
  4. mmm pizza - this is not the time for me to be reading ppls logs ROFL all the food is just making me crave other food right blah I bet its comforting to know that just listening to your body is getting you in where you need to be without you actively doing any counting/restrictions. That sleep must also be amazing <3 im jealous.
  5. One of my cats is named rhubarb! Lol Awesome job staying compliant. I have an instant pot and I never use the pressure cook function. Instead I always use the slow cook but I hear it's super good for cooking frozen meat in case I forget to plan so I'm planning to learn pressure cooking lol. And that right there is why its so good to have something always ready in the fridge like protein salad!
  6. YAY I know its been almost 2 weeks but I really wanted to say CONGRATS to finishing. I miss sleep so much - you give me hope that one day I will have it back in my life lol.
  7. This is why I think the forums are a such great thing to try and keep up with during the process- at least thats my plan rofl <3 you can make those cravings your biatch .
  8. AWESOME SAUCE!!! 2/3 done you got this *high five* I am so glad you mentioned shepherds pie! I literally hadnt even considered it and my hubby loves making it. Just gotta make sure he doesnt add any nono ingredients to the mashed taters. Just added it to my go to list Every time you mention meatballs i want them so bad. Do you follow a recipe or is it your own?
  9. Oooooo that fridge!! Wanna come organize mine <3 Great job on throwing out all that trash
  10. Hi @kirbz I read your entire log and the ups and downs are def something that I am trying to prepare for. I found lots of information in them and basically just read your thoughts and feelings as that was so much more helpful to me than the actual food. And THANK YOU so much for the links that have been appearing from different blogs on good food lol. I do see that you are almost to the end of the 30 days again so YAY! for that Can't wait to keep following your journey if you continue to post of course Sending happy thoughts your way
  11. Time to just grab it and stuff it down a family members throat so they can eat it for you LOL I have huge cravings and know this will be a problem for me when I start so im doing everything I can to make sure that nothing too tempting makes its way into the house. Luckily I only have my hubby and then 8 animals (the furries dont grocery shop which is probably for the best) I have been following your posts and I love the NSV items that you add everyday. Do you find that they help to keep you motivated along the process? And thank you @kirbz for the recipes you suggested to shadow lol.